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October 31, 2007:

Fighting, peace talks resume in Swat; military demoralized

Taliban surrounded in Afghanistan's Kandahar and Helmand provinces

October 30, 2007:

Suicide bomber kills seven outside military headquarters in Rawalpindi

Iraqi police kill al Qaeda commander of western Iraq

October 29, 2007:

Iraqi troops free tribal leaders kidnapped by Mahdi Army commander

October 28, 2007:

US targets al Qaeda's al Furqan media wing in Iraq

Beheadings, cease-fire, fighting in Swat

October 26, 2007:

Pakistan launches operation in Swat

October 25, 2007:

Taliban suicide bomber targets police in Swat; kills 30

Pakistani military deploys in Swat

October 24, 2007:

"The darkness has become pitch black" - Osama bin Laden on Iraq situation

October 23, 2007:

Crunch Time in Pakistan

October 22, 2007:

Osama bin Laden on the state of Iraq

Al Qaeda, Islamic Army clash south of Baghdad

October 21, 2007:

Raid in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 49 Special Groups operatives

October 20, 2007:

Targeting Taliban commander Siraj Haqqani

To raise them up. Part 3: Investing in people

October 19, 2007:

Sophisticated attack targeted Bhutto in Pakistan

October 18, 2007:

Bombings in Karachi target former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto

October 17, 2007:

To raise them up. Part 2: The role of the Philippines in the Long War

October 16, 2007:

Yemeni al Qaeda leader Jamal Badawi surrenders

October 15, 2007:

Iranian involvement in Iraq: an old or a new case?

To raise them up. Part 1: The lesser and greater insurgencies of the Philippines

October 14, 2007:

Violence in Iraq drops dramatically

October 12, 2007:

Consolidating Talibanistan

October 11, 2007:

Taliban parade captured Pakistani soldiers in South Waziristan

Al Qaeda killed in North Waziristan attacks

October 10, 2007:

Pushing for peace in North Waziristan

October 9, 2007:

Taliban, Pakistani Army battle in North Waziristan

Al Qaeda suicide bombers target the Salahadin Awakening

October 8, 2007:

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: October 2007 Update

October 7, 2007:

General Petraeus: Iran's ambassador to Iraq "is a Qods force member"

October 6, 2007:

Al Qaeda's Ramadan assassination campaign

October 5, 2007:

Shuffling paperwork to victory: The Evolution of the Fallujah Police Department

US kills 25 Special Groups fighters in Diyala

October 4, 2007:

Al Douri forms nationalist Sunni coalition; 1920s Revolution Brigades denounces al Qaeda

Al Qaeda financier and foreign facilitator captured in Baghdad

October 3, 2007:

Captured Iranian Qods Force officer a regional commander in Iraq

Al Qaeda in Iraq operative killed near Syrian border sheds light on foreign influence

Confidence is key: The evolution of the Fallujah Police Department, Part One

October 1, 2007:

Al Qaeda and the Taliban's Pakistani insurgency


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