February 2007 Archives

February 27, 2007:

Dividing the Mahdi Army

February 26, 2007:

Pakistan: A Debate at the Council on Foreign Relations

The Baghdad Order of Battle: February 26, 2007

Bombing targets Adel Abdul Mahdi, Iraq's Vice President

February 25, 2007:

al Qaeda on Sunni violence in Anbar

February 24, 2007:

Pakistan: A Bajaur 'peace deal' is coming

February 23, 2007:

Talibanistan expands beyond the tribal areas

February 22, 2007:

Outside Baghdad and the Iraq Security Plan

February 21, 2007:

Oil, Anbar and the Insurgency

February 20, 2007:

al-Zawraa vs al Qaeda

The TarmiyahSuicide Attack

February 19, 2007:

al Qaeda regroups in Pakistan

The Baghdad Order of Battle: February 19, 2007

Bombs detonated on the Samjhauta Express

February 17, 2007:

More bombings in Talibanistan

February 16, 2007:

al Qaeda in Iraq leader al-Masri capture reports incorrect

February 15, 2007:

al Qaeda in Iraq Leader al-Masri reported wounded; aide killed

February 14, 2007:

The NATO Winter Offensive in Afghanistan

The war in the shadows against Iran & Sadr

February 13, 2007:

Muqtada al-Sadr left Iraq, in Iran

Iranian sniper rifles in the hands of Iraqi insurgents

February 12, 2007:

Radio Schedule

Baghdad bombings, al Qaeda and the insurgency

February 11, 2007:

Pakistan: Peace in our time

Evidence of Iran supplying weapons, expertise to Iraqi insurgents

February 10, 2007:

The Baghdad Order Of Battle

February 9, 2007:

Hunting al-Masri; al Qaeda's Strelas (updated with video)

February 8, 2007:

Deploying the The Snake Eater in Khalidaya

al Qaeda's anti-aircraft squads

February 7, 2007:

The Surge and the Baghdad Security Operation

February 6, 2007:

Iran's Nuclear Festival

Suicide bombing at Islamabad airport

February 5, 2007:

Pakistani Army to conduct offensive in Waziristan?

February 4, 2007:

Iraqi Security Forces Order Of Battle

February 3, 2007:

Somalia's Islamist Courts regroup

February 2, 2007:

Musa Qala and the NATO offensive

February 1, 2007:

Taliban linked to string of suicide attacks in Pakistan


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Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia attacks medical students

AFP quotes Lashkar-e-Taiba on Swiss minaret ban and "inter-faith harmony"

WSJ: Obama to oppose expansion of Afghan security forces

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