October 2006 Archives

October 31, 2006:

Aftermath of the Bajaur Airstrike

October 30, 2006:

A Closer Look at the Chingai Airstrike in Bajaur, Pakistan

Airstrikes on Bajaur Training Camps

October 29, 2006:

The Pro-Osama Meeting in Bajaur

Iraq Army Operations in Suwayra

October 28, 2006:

Bajaur: An al Qaeda Command Center

October 27, 2006:

U.S., Mahdi Army Skirmish in Sadr City

October 26, 2006:

Mahdi Army, Iraqi Police Battle in Baquba

The Sadr City Raids

October 25, 2006:

Back to Sadr City

October 24, 2006:

The Impending Baidoa Showdown

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Raids on Mahdi Army, Amara flares

NATO Talks with the Taliban?

October 23, 2006:

Coming Soon: The Bajaur Accord

The Taliban Tax

October 21, 2006:

Mahdi Army, Iraqi Police Clash in Suwayra

A New Terrorist Haven

October 20, 2006:

Iraqi Army, Sadr's Mahdi Army Battle in Amara

October 18, 2006:

Afghan Battles and Pakistani Plots

October 17, 2006:

Sadr lieutenant arrested in Baghdad

October 16, 2006:

The Rump Islamic Emirate of Iraq

The Myth of Delusion

October 15, 2006:

Global Crisis Watch Broadcast

October 14, 2006:

The Taliban's Waziristan Accord

Somalia's Islamic Courts Defends Kismayo

October 13, 2006:

Divisions in al Qaeda in Iraq

Podcast with The Adventures of Chester

October 12, 2006:

al Qaeda's Grand Coalition in Anbar

The Global Taliban

October 11, 2006:

Assassinations in Talibanistan; Taliban in Quetta

October 10, 2006:

North Korea: Special Edition of Global Crisis Watch

Iraqi, U.S. Army engage Sadr's Mahdi Army in Diwaniyah

October 9, 2006:

The Advance of Somalia's Islamic Courts

North Korea Tests Nuclear Weapon

October 8, 2006:

Operations in Kirkuk, Diyala and Diwaniyah

Global Crisis Watch Broadcast

October 6, 2006:

Pakistan Under Pressure

Choosing Sides in the Sunni Insurgency

October 5, 2006:

The Hunt for Abu Ayyub al-Masri

October 4, 2006:

Afghan Suicide Bombers Directly Linked to Pakistani Camps

October 3, 2006:

"Negotiating" with Sadr in Diwaniyah

October 2, 2006:

Pakistan's Problems in Waziristan and Beyond

October 1, 2006:

Podcast with Global Crisis Watch

Al-Masri on Video, and the Second Anbar Campaign


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