Zarqawi: All's Well in Qaim and Elsewhere

Al Qaeda's Commander in Iraq weighs in the events of the past several days, including the operations in Western Iraq, the arrest of his lieutenant and the reports of the influx of foreign fighters into Iraq. Evan Kohlmann provides translations for the communiqués on these and other events at The Counterterrorism Blog.

On May 10, Zarqawi responds to reports that al Qaeda is being uprooted in Al-Qaim, and denies anything amiss is occurring to his organization. In perfect Orwellian fashion, defeat is victory for al Qaeda. Lies!, all Lies!, I tells ya:

The news that has been repeated over and over by the cross worshippers that they have killed 75 Muslims in Al-Qaim is all lies. Remember the Al-Hilwa attack in the area of Al-Tharthar when the Americans were killed but they stated that they had killed the mujahideen. They may have lied about it but none of their convoys or aircraft survived that attack. Now they are repeating again the same lie because lying is their religion. We inform you, O' brothers of al-Tawheed, that our mujahideen in Al-Qaim are in the best condition and will either be victorious or achieve martyrdom in the cause of Allah, praise be to Allah for his blessing. Victory has appeared on the horizon in Al-Qaim and has shed light on the righteous path. We promise you that the Americans have no idea about where they are being attack from, and they cannot even count their losses, praise be to Allah for his blessing.

No doubt the Marines involved with Matador are doing all they can to help the jihadis "achieve martyrdom" .

Also on May 9, Zarqawi responds to reports one of his trusted lieutenants has been captured. Just more crusader lies, reports Zarqawi:

The media has published reports that the enemies of Allah have arrested an aide to al-Zarqawi. We are already familiar with the lies spread by the crusader media, which is dictated by the crusaders and the leaders of the Jews. We, Al-Qaida's Committee in Mesopotamia, deny that the alleged arrest took place.

No word on if the lie he refers to is related to the arrest of trusted aide Al-Zubaydi or his financier, Abu Fateh.

On May 10, Zarqawi states the Americans, and not al Qaeda, use human shields, and claims al Qaeda's jihad in Iraq is being fought by locals, and not foreign fighters. The Iraqi people disagree and have repeatedly stated al Qaeda fights from hospitals, mosques, homes and schools, and terrorizes the local population. The high number of foreign fighters killed or captured in the Qaim sector also belies Zarqawi's assertion of a domestic base of fighters.

Who were the people who used human, iron, and concrete armor? Was it not the Americans who used women and children as their armor in Fallujah and other cities? The hospitals in Mosul and Ramadi bear witness to the American fear and cowardice, and how they hid behind the weak and dared to accuse our mujahideen of using human shields. Our mujahideen are in a race towards death and love to kill the same way that you preserve life.

The infidels once again are claiming that foreign fighters are responsible for initiating the attacks and an increase [in their numbers] is the true danger. However, we inform you, O' enemies of Allah, that the real danger is the increase [in numbers] of the followers of al-Tawheed, who love martyrdom and who stride towards paradise in order to meet again their beloved al-Tawheed brothers, while avoiding the hellfire. Who is the foreigner, O' cross worshippers? You are the ones who came to the land of the Muslims from your distant corrupt land. However, do not worry because the swords of the muwahideen and the spears of the martyrs will be waiting for you. Allah is our guide, and you do not have a guide. We inform everyone that the martyrs brigade will continue to deliver its heroes and will fiercely fight against the oppressing infidels. We inform you, O' brothers of al-Tawheed, that the martyrs of the coming days will be from Iraq. The fighters from Iraq and those from outside of Iraq are children of the same religion who are united in the cause of Allah, praise be to Allah for his blessing.

Zarqawi touchingly concludes his statement by warning the virtuous ladies of heaven about the arrival of his cannon fodder fighters; "O' let paradise approach, let the virgins prepare themselves, and let the martyrs brigade say, 'Allahu Akhbar!'"

Perhaps Zarqawi should head the advice of Abu Asim al-Yemeni al-Qusaymi, a representative of Al-Qaida's Committee in Iraq who wrote a letter decrying the advice and information Zarqawi is receiving from his trusted lieutenants. Things are not going as well as Zarqawi thinks.

Al Qaeda members who used to report to Al-Zubaydi or Abu Fateh will wonder where their bosses are; al Qaeda members who used to rely on the flow of material from Qaim will wonder what happened to this stronghold. Those in the know of al Qaeda's organization will recognize Zarqawi's words for what they are - propaganda designed to bolster al Qaeda's supporters overseas. Zarqawi's words will do little to prop up the morale of the jihadis in Iraq who are witnessing reality.


READER COMMENTS: "Zarqawi: All's Well in Qaim and Elsewhere"

Posted by The Redhunter at May 12, 2005 3:41 PM ET:

This insurgency is killing itself. Zarqawi sounds more like Baghdad Bob every day.

Posted by ricksamerican at May 12, 2005 3:59 PM ET:

Zarqawi states. . . al Qaeda's jihad in Iraq is being fought by locals, and not foreign fighters.

My local paper ran a story this morning on a car bomb attack on civilians in Tikrit. This sounds to me like warning and reprisal against actual and prospective Sunni cooperation with the coalition and the new government. It doesn't seem likely to me that such an attack would be made by Sunnis on Sunnis. Any thoughts on this?

Posted by Jim Freemon at May 13, 2005 4:47 PM ET:

>>the swords of the muwahideen and the spears of the martyrs will be waiting for you.

Anybody ever tell these guys about bringing swords and spears to a gun fight?