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Iranian-backed militias rampaged in central Iraq after freeing town: HRW

A Human Rights Watch report says that the militias looted, burned thousands of buildings, and abducted at least 11 people during the Amerli offensive last summer. “The widespread burning of civilian homes by the militia groups in areas under their control appeared to have had no clear military objective and to represent collective punishment against residents of local Sunni villages,” HRW stated.

Iranian general at the forefront of the Tikrit offensive

Several photos have been released by the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars showing Qassem Soleimani on the battlefield near Tikrit. Other photos circulating on social media show the leader of the Qods Force with various Shiite militias taking part in the current offensive in central Iraq.

Hezbollah Brigades

The Hezbollah Brigades threatened to continue attacks on US forces in Iraq unless the US fully withdraws from the country by the end of 2011, and called for the release of all captive fighters. The Hezbollah Brigades is supported by Iran’s Qods Force.