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Terror Leader Suspected of Recruiting White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite to Al Qaeda Shot Dead

Zawahiri’s man in Shabaab’s ‘secret service’

In a July report warning of “new and more complex operations in Kenya,” the UN also identified an al Qaeda operative who has been entrusted by Ayman al Zawahiri to train Somalis and other African recruits. The operative, known as “Hassan,” has also reportedly trained Boko Haram fighters.

UN warned of Shabaab ally’s ‘new and more complex operations’ in Kenya

A report published by a UN Monitoring Group in July warned that Al Hijra, Shabaab’s affiliate in Kenya, was planning more complicated attacks utilizing fighters who had returned from Somalia. The report also revealed that the US has been funding the “Al-Shabaab/East Africa Al-Qaida Disruption Initiative,” which has targeted Al Hijra’s leaders.