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The special envoy of the President declared the Malian government “optimistic” about the recent agreement of a peace deal with Tuareg rebels. Despite the agreement, insurgents continued their attack, leading to “30 dead in recent days.”


US Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced visit to Mogadishu on May 5. The Somali government has “banned” the use of Shabaab’s name by the country’s media, though no punishment was outlined for outlets that continue to use the term.


Egypt proposed blocking extremist media during an anti-Islamic State conference in Cairo. One policeman was killed and five injured in clashes with Morsi supporters in Nile Delta city.


A new round of UN-backed peace talks has started in Geneva. The French president admitted to supplying Syrian rebels with weapons in 2012. At least two civilians were killed and dozens wounded when mortar rounds were fired into a neighborhood by “foreign-sponsored militants” in Aleppo. The Islamic State assaulted Kurdish forces in Hasakeh, killing at least […]


The Islamic State crucified three brothers in Derna after accusing them of supporting the Libyan government. Three people were killed when a rocket hit a medical center in Benghazi.


The National Defense Ministry announced that three terrorists were killed by troops in Ain Defla and Bouira in the past 24 hours. The Algerian Premier froze a document “liberaliz[ing] alcoholic beverages” after protests from salafists.


Tuareg rebels attacked the Malian army in the town of Dire in northern Mali. The President of the High Islamic Council of Mali called on rebels to lay down their arms and sign a peace agreement. A French ex-pat captured in Mali went on trial in Paris for collaborating with al Qaeda.


Some of the women and girls recently rescued from Boko Haram by the Nigerian military say the jihadist group began brutally murdering captives as rescue forces neared. Local leaders in Plateau state accused the Nigerian military of murdering civilians and torching homes in revenge for the deaths of six soldiers killed by tribesmen. The military arrested […]