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The Tripoli-based Islamist faction rejected the UN’s peace proposal that included recognizing the rival internationally-recognized parliament as “the only legislative authority in the country.” The bodies of five Libyan journalists kidnapped eight months ago have been found near the city of Al Bayda, close to the site of their disappearance.


The Defense Ministry announced that the Army killed six armed jihadists belonging to the Katibat Ennour group in the Hendu area 120 km east of the capital. Separately, “ten smugglers and four drug traffickers were arrested” on Apr. 27.


Islamic State propoaganda infers that Tunisia is a new target for the expansion of the group’s ‘Caliphate.’ Tunisia will soon be taking delivery of 12 US Blackhawk helicopters to assist in counterterrorism operations.


Gunmen killed two soldiers and a child when they opened fire on a national guard camp in the town of Goundam in northern Mali. Tuareg rebels attacked UN peacekeepers outside of Timbuktu and fighting broke out in the town of Menaka, casting doubt on a UN-brokered peace process.


The Nigerian Army claimed that it rescued hundreds of kidnapped women and girls in the Sambisa Forest, a known Boko Haram stronghold. According to a spokesman, none of the girls were those kidnapped from Chibok over a year ago.


The US-led coalition conducted seven airstrikes in Syria between Apr. 21-22, one near Hasakah and six near Kobani. SOHR estimates that the US-led air campaign has killed 2,079 people, including 66 civilians, since its inception in September. A report claims that Al Nusrah’s Khorasan Group has regenerated after taking significant losses early in the Western air […]


Shabaab claimed credit for gunning down a senior military officer in Mogadishu. The  jihadist group has promised to continue recent attacks against UN targets. A Kenyan administrative chief was abducted by Shabaab in north Kenya and is now believed to be in Somalia.


A shell killed one person and wounded four after hitting a house in Sheikh Zuweid city in North Sinai; the source of the artillery is unknown. Egypt and Bahrain will conduct joint military exercises aimed at influencing the political process in Yemen.