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Generation Jihad Ep. 164 — Hezbollah Hold ‘Em

Bill is joined again by his FDD colleague and show regular David Daoud to unpack issues raised in David’s latest piece for The Wall Street Journal, “Hezbollah Stumbles Into a War of Attrition.” They also catch up on adjacent matters concerning Israel’s ground war in Gaza and the dumpster fire engulfing American “institutions of higher education.”

Generation Jihad Ep. 137 — Lebanese Hezbollah 101

Bill is joined again by his FDD colleague and expert on all things Lebanon and Hezbollah, David Daoud. They discuss the latest Israeli strikes against Iranian assets in Lebanon, the status of fighting in northern Israel and southern Lebanon, the pervasiveness of the IRGC in Lebanon, why Iran’s master proxy strategy is so successful — and why it’s so difficult for Washington to understand.