Podcast: Hezbollah’s Narco-Terror Nexus in Latin America

The under-researched and under-reported partnership between Middle East terror groups and Latin American drug cartels is fast developing. Iranian-backed Hezbollah is leveraging its growing global network to launder huge amounts of money, traffic weapons, and engage in a long list of illicit activities that are increasingly overlapping with the work of Latin American narcos.

In Episode 3 of FDD’s podcast Foreign Podicy, host Cliff May talks with Latin America expert, Emanuele Ottolenghi, to discuss how Hezbollah is using its global terror network to connect the gap between Latin American drug cartels and the international markets of the Far East, the Middle East and Europe. Ottolenghi investigates and breaks down the illicit tactics used by the groups, and what the US should be doing to combat the convergence of narco-trafficking and jihadi-terrorism.

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  • jls says:

    Does this tie in with the Politico article regarding Obama and the Iran nuclear agreement?

    Also, are the cartels being paid and used to potential terrorist across the border – is this confirmation ?

    We’re going to wake up one day very soon and it will be too late. We have learn nothing and our elected officials have shown a total disregard for borders and our nation. This is not going to end well.

    When we ignore our southern America’s, its a mistake but now the stakes are much higher with Iran’s proxy at our door.

  • psmith says:

    Some investigation of Hezbo and IRGC GUN RUNNING VIA Sudan to both Gaza and Yemen should be conducted as well.

  • Stephen Hughes says:

    A transcript for this pod- cast is needed. Great pod-cast


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