Monthly Archives: February 2014


Seven rockets fired from Syria hit the Hezbollah-dominated town of Bital; the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham claimed to have fired three of them. Syrian military rockets hit near Arsal, killing a boy and a young woman and wounding five others. Salafist leaders in Tripoli are fearing a crackdown by Lebanese authorities after […]


Shaken Kenya Aims to Rebuild Mall and Its Confidence


A senior Shin Bet official said Hamas is trying to stir up violence on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said the IAEA should release its shelved report detailing potential military components of Iran’s nuclear program. The IDF’s Northern Command remained in a heightened state of alert over a potential attack by […]


Unidentified gunmen killed a policeman who was part of the security team guarding the judge in one of Mohammed Morsi’s trials. Security forces reportedly closed all roads leading to Rafah as Palestinians protested on the Gaza side of the Rafah border crossing. At least one person was killed and two injured during clashes in Alexandria.


UK leaves its Helmand project – like its roads, clinics and bridges – unfinished


A state of alert was declared in Benghazi after the storming of the Defence Ministry building in the city two nights ago and protests over deteriorating security. The head of the Benghazi local council threatened to withhold city revenues unless the federal government addresses security concerns. A Misratan militia plans to impose a curfew in […]