Dagestani jihadist group issues statement on Boston bombings

Vilayat Dagestan, a jihadist group that is part of the Caucasus Emirate, an al Qaeda-linked group operating in the North Caucasus, has issued a statement on the Boston Marathon bombings.

The group released the statement on its main website earlier today, citing “speculation” in the press that one of the bombers “could be affiliated with the mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate, in particular, the mujahideen of Dagestan.” The statement has been translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

The organization’s statement references Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of two brothers responsible for the bombings, who reportedly traveled to Dagestan and Chechnya last year.

Vilayat Dagestan does not deny any connection to Tsarnaev, nor does it say that he was known to them prior to the bombings. Instead, the group says that it is “at war with Russia” and “not fighting against the United States of America.”

Moreover, Vilayat Dagestan says that if the US government is “really interested in discovering the true organizers of the explosions in Boston, without being complicit in a Russian show, they should focus on the involvement of the Russian special services in the event.”

US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal say that a number of jihadist groups based in the Caucasus and Chechnya are being investigated. However, the investigation is still in its earliest stages and it is not yet known whether any of them played a role, directly or indirectly, in the Boston bombings.

It is far too early to draw any firm conclusions one way or the other, these officials say.

According to NBC 4 New York, Tamerlan Tsarnaev left New York for Russia on Jan. 12, 2012 and returned on July 17.

Subsequent reports indicate that Tsarnaev traveled to Dagestan and Chechnya during those months and it is this trip that has drawn suspicion.

In August 2012, one month after returning to the United States, Tsarnaev posted a page on YouTube. Videos disseminated by Vilayat Dagestan were among the jihadist propaganda and messages posted by Tsarnaev.

By itself, of course, this does not mean that Tsarnaev became associated with the group during his 2012 trip to Dagestan. US intelligence and counterterrorism officials are currently attempting to build a dossier of Tsarnaev’s overseas connections, including any possible ties to Vilayat Dagestan, according to authorities contacted by The Long War Journal.

Warning from Russian government

Vilayat Dagestan’s attempt to blame the “Russian special services” for the Boston bombings is inconsistent with the available evidence on Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s sympathies and ideology.

In early 2011, the Russian government warned the FBI about Tsarnaev’s suspected ties to Chechen terrorists. The FBI issued a statement concerning this warning late last week.

The FBI said it was informed by a “foreign government” that Tsarnaev “was a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer, and that he had changed drastically since 2010 as he prepared to leave the United States for travel to the country’s region to join unspecified underground groups.” This government requested additional information from the FBI on Tsarnaev.

The FBI added that its review of the available evidence at the time “did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign, and those results were provided to the foreign government in the summer of 2011.” The statement concludes: “The FBI requested but did not receive more specific or additional information from the foreign government.”

The Washington Post and other press outlets have reported that the warning “came from the Russian government,” which was “concerned about Tsarnaev’s potential ties to Chechen terrorists.”

It is not known if the Russian government had any specific information tying Tsarnaev to terrorists.

The evidence that has come to light since the Boston bombings shows that Tsarnaev was at least sympathetic to the jihadists’ anti-Russian cause. It is not known if there was more to the sympathies.

In its statement on the Boston bombings, Vilayat Dagestan says that “by the order Doku Umarov, the Emir of the Caucasus, it is prohibited to carry out strikes on civilian targets.” But terrorists acting under Umarov’s orders have struck civilian targets repeatedly in the past.

The United Nations reports, for instance, that Umarov was one of the “main organizers” of the deadly Beslan school siege in early September 2004 and the attacks on Moscow metro stations in March 2010.

At this point, the inquiry into Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s background and activities is wide open. The possibility that he made contact with any one of several groups remains under investigation. It is also possible that he had no substantive ties to these jihadist organizations.

Thomas Joscelyn is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Senior Editor for FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • Nic says:

    ” Instead, the group says that it is “at war with Russia” and “not fighting against the United States of America. ” And am I to believe this statement because terrorists have such great track records in the credibility department?

  • DonM says:

    A key question about Tamerlan Tsarnaev is; where did he get the money to travel to Moscow and then on to Dagestan and then come back? Perhaps his father sustained him while there, but he was not in great financial shape either. The family in the earlier years were on public assistance. He dropped out of community college for lack of funds, was subsequently unemployed, and had a wife and 2 year old daughter to support.

  • David says:

    I think they are trying to say that the Russians recruited him using a false flag approach. It sounds like a difficult thing to do, and risky, and I don’t know how much help the Russians could hope for if it goes as the Russians had (presumably) planned, which I guess it did, if you believe this idea. They would have had to bring him to a fake training camp, etc. It sounds like a “Mission Impossible” episode.

  • Mike says:

    One thing that doesn’t add up: if the FBI had information that this guy might have been a terrorist, and they went as far as to interview him and his family before his trip to Russia, why then did they need the public’s help to identify him and his brother?

  • blert says:

    I’d be more skeptical if the KGB (nee FSB) didn’t have a decades long reputation for employing Chechens for ‘wet work’ and all-round criminality.
    In America, it’s unthinkable for FBI agents to run their own criminal gangs. No so in the Soviet Union. In today’s Russia mobsters talk about having political/ FSB protection in their own phrase: “having a roof.”
    Three decades ago, Brezhnev’s son-in-law, Yuri Churbanov ran the biggest organized crime ring in the USSR. He was made a Major General — by the big man, himself, of course.
    For reasons obscure to me, the KGB took a liking to Chechen ‘contract hires’ — for wet work.
    Certainly the Chechens already had a nasty reputation in the USSR — still left over from the Czars. Further, it was a rare Chechen who could pass as a White Russian — if they could speak Russian at all. So, when shuttled around for a KGB hit, the stooge would be a man alone — map-less and dependent.
    Should anything go amiss — then the KGB could scrape the ‘help’ up off the pavement — and fob off the event as just another instance of rogue Chechen insanity.
    For KGB/ Communist Party mobsters, the Chechens made for very pliant muscle. They’d be given the grunt work, of which there was much. Under the Communists, the big money was in contraband — such as strawberries, bananas, oranges — imported at state expense from overseas — and then converted to Soviet Mafia profits by way of paperwork mix-ups — such as ‘losing’ entire train loads of fruit.
    None of the above should lead you to believe that the Soviet Mafia was above merchandising hash, opium, heroin, etc. — with particular emphasis on getting such goods to Holland. (Sort of a ‘drug Casablanca’ in the heyday of the USSR)
    All of which means that Alice might find it very deep at the bottom of that particular rabbit hole.
    The KGB has been caught out using ‘right-wing’ Grey Wolves in Turkey to assassinate the Pope. It almost worked. They ran the op by way of Bulgaria (a cut-out) … working hand in glove with Moscow at all times, of course.
    The West, generally, missed that particular scam — for years — until all of the tumblers fell in to place. Those first making the connection were, naturally, labeled kooks and paranoid.
    When you’re talking about the KGB/ SVR/ FSB you can’t get too paranoid. At no time in history has this crowd ever done anything straight. Even when the NKVD was running around the Soviet Union murdering by the million — they had their propaganda arms blaming the hapless victims.
    Russians assume that the rest of the planet operates this way. Hence the screwy paranoia of Putin. Like Stalin before him, every time he receives a concession he’s thinking, “It must be a trick.”
    The KGB always used ‘sincere’ perpetrators when pulling their ops. Mehmet Ali Ağca only realized that his string was being pulled by Moscow y e a r s after the event.
    Like their use of Chechens, the KGB inserted an assassin who didn’t speak ANY of the local languages — into Rome — making him utterly dependent upon KGB assets at every turn.
    Had he not been caught, the KGB would’ve liquidated him for sure. (See “Godfather II”)
    Notably, in the Boston marathon op, the perps were psyched into suicide — lest they fall into the hands of the FBI.
    In sum: Dzhokar Tsarnev has followed the NKVD/KGB/FSB script (for Chechen assassins) right down to the letter.
    The local crazies can’t seem to place them within their ‘training operations.’ They smell a rat — and the very likely gambit of having these two suck America into Moscow’s world view — particularly WRT Chechens.
    As for Chechen jihadis — this marathon op is the worst imaginable for their cause. It means that Western funding will utterly dry up. It means that jihadis in Syria will be de-funded. It means that the FBI will be compelled to assess FSB files with more credibility. It means that the US President ‘owes’ Putin a favor. It also means that any Iranian pressure goes to the back burner.
    What a bunch of coincidences.

  • mike merlo says:

    Hoover had a history of employing subcontractors & those ‘other than’ FBI to ‘perform’ or undertake tasks on behalf of the FBI. The Feds even to day use those that are not Federal Agents or Employees. They are often characterized under the ‘rubric’ of ‘informer/informant.’

  • kit says:

    You make me feel really dumb. However I just think it was really simplistic what these kids did…don’t over think it. I think they had feeling of; I can’t understand the American way of life, I don’t fit in & so on with a little radical islam mixed in=lets show these people what it’s really like where we are from. It’s just my opinion nothing more.

  • JT says:

    Mike – It appears that the FBI asked for public help to FIND these guys. Nothing shows that they didn’t already know who they were. The car jacking appears to have found them, using the car owner’s cell phone that was in the car.
    i.e.,putting out the photos pushed the bombers into action and “stupid” act of letting the car owner go.

  • Paul T says:

    Boston FBI agents did not “run” Whitey Bulgar, but it certainly aided the gangster & some even went to jail for complicity
    Thanks for Informative post

  • CN says:

    we absolutely have to go after the ideology of koranic jihad more than after individual groups or perpetrators.
    love muslims, expose islam.
    being PC is costing lives.

  • blert says:

    Darth Tamerlan is now being fingered as the murderer of his ‘best American friend’ — his buddies.
    His ‘hobbies’ and lifestyle fit the drug trade, retail and transshipment.
    It’s as common as dust for such players to practice martial arts — with a passion. Both perps did so. In an area of no firearms, the guy with the fists is king.
    Their lifestyles can’t be sustained by honest money. Coming out of poverty, how in the world can these fellows afford high end German iron?
    They style as drug distributors.
    BTW, that would qualify as jihad, too; just ask the Taliban.
    A ‘trip to the ‘stans’ for even a kilo of heroin would sustain them. It’s not as if they’d have to stay at it night and day. And, they are well positioned to have the connections.
    Which brings us to the FSB. Moscow is irate to see Afghan opiates flooding Russia. Hence, it’s entirely appropriate for the FSB to keep a watchful eye on the Tsarnaev clan.
    They also can reasonably assume that opium/ heroin profits are sustaining the Chechens at war.
    Hence, their warning to the FBI may have been on the level.
    None of these possibilities is politically correct in Washington.
    As each day advances, more and more flamingly obvious evidence is coming forth against the duo.
    Survivor testimony alone had fingered Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as perp #2 within the first two days. He’d been ‘made’ putting the backpack-bomb down. The ‘video hunt games’ were stalling tactics. These were only dropped when it became obvious that the public was going to find perps on its own.
    A big media splash was made about Miranda rights. It’s a non-issue. The government is not going to need or use ANY of Dzhokhar’s testimony or admissions. Hence, it doesn’t matter.
    Miranda turns on self-incrimination. With eye witnesses and the video footage, the prosecution can proceed without Dzhokar’s words.
    Yet, entire TV shows have been dedicated to this non-issue.

  • Blert: Not that it obviates your point, but this statement jumped out at me: “In America, it’s unthinkable for FBI agents to run their own criminal gangs.”
    Refer to Boston’s own Whitey Bulger case… They weren’t running a crimnal gang, exactly, but they gave that brutal psychopath a lot of manuevering room…

  • Kent Gatewood says:

    One small step toward retaking Hagia Sophia.

  • Knighthawk says:

    “It means that jihadis in Syria will be de-funded.”

    Yet quite the opposite just happened, Kerry just announced he’s handing them another 300m.

  • DonM says:

    It may turn out to be true that the Vilayat Dagestan, themselves, did not provide direct support to Tamerlan Tsarvaev’s quest for bloody Jihad. But that doesn’t preclude them passing off the proto-terrorist to a Chechen al Qaeda operative who would.

  • patricko says:

    Does anybody else detect a chink in the jihadist armor? I the past when a bomb went off and killed people, groups would quickly claim credit, or at least not deny it. But I noticed that the Pakistani Taliban couldn’t disown it quick enough and now this group is just pointing the finger at their enemies, the Russians. You can almost hear them. Instead of saying they welcome martyrdom they’re saying “The last thing we need right now is a bunch of drones overhead looking for revenge.”

  • SlayerMill says:

    @ blert.
    Could you list some of the sources you used for your examples? I don’t doubt the truth of what you wrote by any means, I’d just like to check out some of those sources as well. Russia’s paranoid style of running government and intel services will never change, it’s always been that way. Stalin probably killed more of his own officers than Germany did during WW2. Just recently Russia arrested that crappy all-female band, Pussy Riot, for singing anti-Putin songs for crying out loud. It was deemed “Hooliganism” apparently, whatever that means? For those who believe these brothers were just proxies for the Russians, why would Russia have previously warned the U.S. about them well in advance?; as it’s presumed the Russians were the ones who warned the U.S. about Tamerlan’s travels? As for those who think these guys must’ve been formerly trained to build the explosives used, think again. This information can be found on the internet unfortunately, and being college educated, these guys could’ve figured out how to build explosives without blowing their arms off in the process. That brings up another point the general public needs to get over. This paradigm about jihadists being a bunch of un-evolved cave dwellers, like the mainstream media leads us to believe, needs to be discarded like yesterday’s trash. These guys come from every background imaginable. Unfortunately they’re increasingly from the ranks of Western universities too. If you’re a university student, like myself, you’re probably going to school with aspiring jihadists and don’t even know it.

  • blert says:

    Kerry is kicking the $300,000,000 loose ASAP BECAUSE the window of opportunity is closing fast.
    Such large amounts normally require a line-item in the Federal budget — tucked into the foreign aid / humanitarian aid slot.
    Don’ be surprised if, in the fullness of time, the big money gets tied up in knots… directly as a result of the AQ nexus.
    Look what’s happening with the immigration legislation.
    From now on, Immigration is not going to accept Chechens. They’re not numerous to start with. Instead, the administration will vector them towards other liberal countries. Buraq just can’t have this happen twice.
    The Chechen track record is baleful — going back 200 years.

  • blert says:

    The best, single, synopsis on the Soviet Mafia is:
    The Soviet Mafia
    ISBN 0-312-07135-3
    Arkady Vaksberg
    St. Martins Press
    In his tome, Arkady goes over old ground, if you’re a Soviet citizen.
    In the West, a corrupt politician accepts payoffs from criminals — for consideration. Jon Corzine’s free ride and patronage of the President is public record.
    In the USSR, the politicians, themselves, DIRECTLY ran the mob — which had many factions/ families/ territories. The Chairman of the Communist Party was, of course, the biggest criminal of all.
    In a manner replicated by Castro and Chavez, these big men talked Socialism/ Communism/ Marxism — whatever — and then proceeded to stuff their own bank accounts silly with banknotes — never Soviet monies, of course — just dollars, pounds, francs, yen… etc.
    This last aspect is still raging on today. Both corrupt Chinese and Russian politicians are smuggling their graft overseas as fast as they possibly can. Until it blew up, Cyprus was an absolute favorite of the Russian mobsters/ and all dark money. (Untaxed cash income)
    The raw, naked, dirty deed of burning ones own loyal agents seems to have been invented by the Okhrana — the Tsar’s secret police well over a century ago. Stalin, himself, was an Okhrana double agent. Hence, his lifelong paranoia.
    Lenin’s syphlitic rantings didn’t help, either. (Only in the last fifteen years have the Russians admitted that he died of fourth stage (end game) syphilis. This stage is known to cause paranoia and rantings.
    [Other famous syphlitics: Hitler, Churchill’s father — and Napoleon. (The French Army was paralyzed June 17, 1815 because Bonaparte’s organ was on fire due to a fresh contraction. This little detail was only discovered in his personal physicians most secret diary — kept undiscovered until the 21 Century. Until that moment, EVERY historian speculated as to why Napoleon had a ‘stomach illness’ that prevented him from striking his tent — virtually all day. It cost him, and his empire, everything.)]
    Burning ones agents to advance yet others was well portrayed in the WWII film: “13 Rue Madeleine” — with Cagney as Bob Sharkey.
    While aimed at the Nazis, the film perfectly describes Okhrana/Chekist/NKVD/KGB/SVR/FSB gambits — gambits that the Nazis/ Gestapo/ SS picked up from — were trained by — the NKVD during ‘happier times.’
    The film was written with massive input from the FBI and the OSS for the American audience so that they’d know what a bunch of devious skunks they’re dealing with.
    The film, naturally, didn’t mention that ALL of the ‘sins’ that the film Nazis were committing were absolute trademarks of the Soviet Communists.
    So, in answer to your query: the Russians have a history of burning their own agents to advance yet other going back at least 130 years. They have no qualms about doing it.
    It’s also a component of “The Fourth Protocol.” In this film KGB agents are liquidating each other — per orders — from beginning to end.
    These plot notions are not creatures of the author’s imaginations. They stem from Cold War experiences.
    Hence, it would be standard operating procedure for Moscow to train and equip the two boys — even be their drug connection — and then burn them down to the ground so as to influence national policy — like getting the US President beholden to them. (That’d be an apex achievement.)
    Famously, Britain turned Nazi spies. To do so, she constantly spilled the beans to Berlin — but always just too late for the Germans to quite act on the intel. Such antics even made it into film, too.
    Triple Cross

  • SlayerMill says:

    @ blert.
    Thanks for the sources I appreciate it. As for Hitler having syphilis as you wrote, that’s never been proven. There’ve been a few dozen theories about why he was crazy. Everything from sexual repression to syphilis contracted from a Jewish prostitute early in his life. I’ve never read Mein Kampf but from what I understand, he goes into a lot of detail about syphilis which is why some believe he caught it. I just put that out there for the reader’s to note.
    I also wanted to note that @ CN is absolutely right. If we want to keep jihadists from breeding in plain sight, at home or abroad, we have to attack the ideology. Drone strikes are good and all but for every one jihadist we kill, there are ten to fill his shoes. If civilians are killed by accident, you can double that number too. With our media talking about these brothers non-stop just feeds into the problem also. Just because jihadists want to act like pious Muslims, doesn’t make them immune to vanity by any stretch of the imagination. These guys want to belong to something and feel important just like people in Western nations. These guys want to be glorified in life and death for being jihadists, and our non-stop media coverage only encourages others to follow in their footsteps. American “justice” or revenge via drone strike, doesn’t discourage anyone from wanting to attack us. Jihadists don’t fear us and will never stop. We have to make them irrelevant to their constituents, and that’s where battling them ideologically comes in. This is much easier said than done unfortunately.

  • Matt says:

    Well if the FBI spoke to him so did the FSB when he was in Russia. So the attacker may not have known the FBI were acting on behalf of the FSB. So when the FSB interrogated him the attacker may have thought it was on behalf of the FBI. I would say it takes 8 to 12 months to get a msg to Umaraov. And around that time to get a reply. Anyway of course if the FSB had concerns they would watch him and interrogate him if on their soil. The FSB are more harsh than the FBI. So he returns wanting to kill Americans, thinking they were responsible for his treatment.

  • Moose says:

    You have a tendency to jump to wild conclusions. Read the article you linked to about the triple homicide and you’ll see that the weed (not heroin) and $5,000 in cash were left at the scene. Whoever killed those guys (it’s not clear it was Tamerlan Tsarnaev), it was personal. I’m not saying that Tsarnaev wasn’t involved with drugs at some level, but this was clearly a crime of passion, not money.
    I live in the Los Angeles area where we have way too many Armenians and others from that part of the world and you can’t imagine how violent they can be when they feel disrespected. Since you obviously like citing movies as fact, you should watch Training Day. The LAPD Rampart scandal was very real. Using your logic, that means our entire country is run by mobsters.
    What happened in the Soviet Union was due to Stalin’s insanity. The Russian Tsars weren’t psychopathic murderers as you would have us believe.
    Stop using a handful of incidents to jump to wild conclusions. It’s not systematic, or else the Russian oligarchs would’ve never acquired so much wealth without Moscow’s blessing, among other obvious counter-arguments to your conspiracy theories. Btw, I’m still waiting for the collapse of the Syrian regime which you’ve been saying is weeks away for the last year or so.
    Al-Qaeda is a joke. They haven’t mounted a successful attack in the States for well over a decade (I don’t consider what the Tsarnaev’s did a successful attack – we’re lucky these guys were morons). If we were at war with Hezbollah, I’m sure it would be a different story. This war is being lost on a demographic front as we let more of these people in. Just look at Europe.
    The Long War will not be televised.

  • Max Brando says:

    I agree with the person above who suggested that we look at this attack rather simplistically. It sounds like these were two amateurs who wanted to attack “the infidels”. Tamerlan probably did get training in Dagestan when he went back to visit his parents. He brought back his knowledge of building pressure cooker bombs along with anti-American sentiments. He was further radicalized by his Armenian friend in Massachusets and by watching Jihadi videos. His brother, a teenager who apparently idolized him, was “brain-washed” by him (remember the parents had left Tamerlan in charge of Jahar and their was no family support system). The only thing I can’t find a simple explanation for is Jahar’s behavior after the attack and before the police showdowns. He apparently was back at school and behaving like nothing had ever happened. This type of dissociation is very unusual.

  • blert says:

    ONLY two physicians had total access to Hitler’s living body. Both wrote that he had fourth stage syphilis in their most private diaries.
    The allegation that Adolf had syphilis was floating around for decades. It was only in recent times that a research team went back to the original sources — and found that the guys alleging that he had late stage syphilis were his own physicians!
    Dr. Theodor Morell was actually sought out by Adolf to become his personal physician. Before that moment, Morell had a national reputation as Germany’s foremost expert in syphilis.
    Knowing that he was a carrier certainly affected his personal sex life. Hence his oft made claim the he didn’t want any children — sons in particular.
    Bing “High Hitler” for a video account. It’s on YouTube — and the syphilis issue is addressed towards the end.
    It is now beyond doubt.
    BTW, in its late stage, syphilis destroys the nervous system. Such effects can be easily mistaken for other degenerative diseases.
    Lenin’s last attending physician was brought in because — he was Russia’s leading expert in syphilis! Tongues began to wag in the medical profession — immediately. Anybody reaching the correct conclusion was shot, of course.
    IIRC, the truth was withheld until the 21st Century. Then it was published as a throw-away article — only one column long.
    While alive, Lenin’s medical troubles were ascribed to having a ‘stroke.’ It’s now admitted that was pure spin. He started raving — and the players bundled him off — away from the public eye. His medical status would’ve impeached all of the Communist Party’s policies — the product of a madman.

  • Mr T says:

    A couple of things I found interesting.
    Tamerlan moved to US 10 years ago at age 15
    It was 2011 when Russia asked the US to investigate him
    Tamerlan went to Russia for 6 month Jan 2012-July 2012.
    Tamerlans Aunt in Russia said he stayed with his father and other family during the 6 months
    Records shows his father was not in Russia/Dagestan during at least the initial time Tamerlan was there
    His Aunt stated Tamerlan told her he wanted to spend some time in the mountians alone.
    His Youtube jihad site went online 1 month after he returned.
    6 months later, he is a cool hard killer making bombs to kill and maim many, calmly shooting policemen dead, engaging in shootouts with police and throwing bombs, charging the police almost looking for death. HIs brother even apparently ran him over killing him.
    So this doesn’t add up. The Russians knew about him BEFORE he went to Russia. How did they make a connection to someone who moved away 10 years earlier as a child so as to actually tell us about him?
    Who in their right mind can travel to Chechnya/Dagestan and go off into the mountains by himself? I would think those mountains are full of armed terrorists who don’t want people they don’t know just hanging out there. They may be Russian spies trying to find the rebels. I would think he would be killed for trying unless he knew someone.
    The father wasn’t there so who did he go to see? His mother? She appears to be a raving jihadist as well.
    Who can leave their wife and child on welfare and go on a family vacation alone for 6 whole months? A month or two is one thing. 6 months?
    I would bet he reached out to Chechyen Islamists in 2010 when he was down on his luck and living with a woman he doesn’t like and being on welfare. His mother was kicked off welfare & out of the country for shoplifting. An Islamist found him in online circles, and saw his usefulness as an American jihadist. The Russians monitor those sites and saw him reaching out to their enemies so wanted us to check him out. Maybe even found something on his family there which may be why he came here. We found nothing much on him.
    The jihaist arranged to have him come to Chechnya under guise of familiy trip. He used a common alibi statement about wanting to go alone to the mountains to reflect. That way, his family would not suspect him. Some thought he was living with others and others thought he was living with someone else so he mixes all that together and disappears into the mountains for a few months. In actuality, the jihadist connection took him to some rebel camp where he received explosives, firearms, and mind training.
    He returned to US in full jihadist fervor and started work on either his plan or the Chechnyan plan. He probably received some funding or logistical support from them. Along the way, he recruited the only one he was close too, his brother. They had bigger plans but were too stupid to disguise themselves properly leading to their easy identification. They had vowed not to be taken alive. The younger one ran out of bullets and bombs and couldn’t off himself.
    Just a thought as some of these general facts don’t add up logically.

  • blert says:

    Staying with films…
    “Midnight Express” featured Billy Hayes (Brad Davis) hustling some hash out of Turkey — at the wrong time and place.
    He was doing it for the money — and figured that a SINGLE run would set him up for life. (After a fashion, it did.)
    Tamerlan is exactly the right person to mule opiates out of the ‘Stans. For obvious reasons, such transporters can’t be addicted.
    Like the real life Hayes, Tamerlan — if he did so — he could’ve figured that he’d be set for life. (He would.)
    The crime scene mentioned in the above link says drug trade all over it.
    It looks like Tamerlan took his script from “Pulp Fiction.” However, instead of quoting from the Old Testament, he’d be using the Koran.
    Like the film, something went sour. Not being armed, Tamerlan was allowed in, the crew not realizing that he was a lethal weapon, just with his fists.
    The $5,000 may have not been visible — or Tamerlan may have concluded that he was being slipped marked bills.
    (It’s not given any publicity, but banks are encouraged to issue marked money to even legitimate account holders IF they have reason to suspect that a criminal act is going to be committed with the boodle. The UV ink will not have any impact on regular dealing — and most of the time nothing comes of it.
    The policy is helpful in fighting extortion, kidnapping, fraud upon the elderly, and the drug trade. In such cases, a money trail becomes important at trial — as the receiver has a very hard time explaining how a slug of marked money ended up in their hands.
    The victim is usually the one tapping the bank account — and for obvious reasons is not going to notify the teller that he’s being cleaned out.
    AFTER the criminal spends the money, it provides a beeline back to him — after the victim has finally run to the cops.
    If the magic $5,000 was marked its status will never be made public.
    BTW, in this day and age, tellers can go years at a stretch without having currency requests of such a size from non-merchants. Most branches require even a weeks notice before loading the vault.
    [Some European nations have gone so far as to make it illegal to even deal in that much currency — large deals have to be plastic or check, period!] )
    Playing Sherlock Holmes:
    Tamerlan sells $5,000 worth of quality weed to spoilt college students. They’re getting the ‘bulk price’ — and a lot of weed for their money. However, they withdrew the cash in big bills from the main branch — and they fit the profile for marking the bills. It was absolutely no trouble to hand them over — withdrawing them from the master vault. (No teller ever has that kind of money at the window.)
    Tamerlan takes the banknotes — and has suspicions. As soon as he hits them with a black light (UV source) he blows his stack. He promptly returns — by which time the buyers have already lit up a doobie — and are in fine fettle.
    He concludes his ‘business’ in very, very, short order; consecrating their bodies in the cannabis and leaving the hot money, too. The product is pungent, so he brushes off all that he can before quietly pulling away. Absolutely nothing is outwardly suspicious — even his car has been there many times before. Tamerlan avoids the funeral on the small chance that he might trigger memories in the nearby neighbors — just the kind of people that might attend.
    It’s a nice tidy theory. If the boys were dealing in cannabis, we’ll be seeing a lot in print pretty soon.
    As for conflating the KGB and FBI. I don’t see where that cross-wire got started. It wasn’t in my post — quite the opposite, in fact.

  • ben says:

    These two were apparently very disturbed and cowardice as well. Anyone who bombs civilians in a war are cowardice. The people of Boston were not on a battle field. These extremest groups that bomb the innocent in the name.of their supposed casues. Perhaps i am just angry and venting this out because i feel the people of Boston (or anywhere for that matter) wouldnt have stood by if thwy knew that there was a possible threat near them. I am sure i would have and they would have taken action. The authorities responsible for our “security ” can not say the same. US authorities knew of these individuals and did not prevent anything. Why was the Russian reports ignored? Why were these cowards able to walk the streets? This question seems to reappear too many times.

  • SlayerMill says:

    @ blert.
    That was precisely my point. Hitler ALLEGEDLY had syphilis. All the evidence points to it but it’s not, and never will be, set in stone. I’ve seen High Hitler before and a dozen other show’s speculating about diseases and mental disorders he may have had, but none are absolutely conclusive or harmonize with one another.

  • blert says:

    When the persons alleging the syphilis are his private personal physicians — it’s no longer considered an allegation.
    Such testimony is considered decisive in court.
    Such truths get confined to diaries — because otherwise the good doctor gets shot.
    Stalin submitted to a psychiatric examination — by the foremost doctor in Russia. When this very same doctor told his closest buddy what he thought — in absolute privacy — his revelation made its way to the NKVD. The good doctor was dead by torture within two weeks.
    Dr. Morell’s detection method was — and still is — considered absolute. It’s based upon the heart — the heartbeat.
    And, of course, there’s Adolf’s private personal medical history — which would’ve absolutely sealed the deal. As Napoleon showed, when you first get syphilis — you know it. It’s an event not ever forgotten.

  • SlayerMill says:

    @ blert.
    Again you’re making assumptions. Morell had no reason to fear Hitler like Stalin’s physician did. Morell was a close friend of his. Hitler’s closest friends all hated Morell because he was a nasty pig who didn’t shower. Regardless, Hitler had him attached at the hip because of his heavy opiate addiction which means he never would’ve had Morell killed. This is why I don’t buy your assumption he feared being killed by Hitler. Again, there’s no absolute consensus he had syphilis. Morell was injecting him with so much bizarre and random stuff, there’s no telling what could’ve caused his irregular heartbeat. Maybe it was the cocaine or the bizarre mix which included human feces from Yiddish peasants for instance. I know it was feces from human peasants living a particular area for sure, though I could be wrong about them being Yiddish. I could go on for days about this subject, which I sort of have, so I’m going to conclude we won’t agree on this. Our back and forth personifies the lack of harmonization amongst historians in regards to Hitler having syphilis. It’s been fun though.

  • David says:

    I think they are trying to say that the Russians recruited him using a false flag approach. It sounds like a difficult thing to do, and risky, and I don’t know how much help the Russians could hope for if it goes as the Russians had (presumably) planned, which I guess it did, if you believe this idea. They would have had to bring him to a fake training camp, etc. It sounds like a “Mission Impossible” episode.

  • mike says:

    Check out Sibel Edmund’s take on how all this ties in with Syria. Very interesting and informative. She is a wealth of insight and information, no wonder she is the most gagged woman in America!

  • blert says:

    Please provide a link.
    Slayer… you’re overlooking:
    Adolf shot his brother-in-law over protests all around…
    sentenced Goering and Himmler — both — to death — in abstentia.
    And, of course, shot Rohm, and hanged many, many, many, generals.
    So, I guess you’re right. A mortal threat to his regime would be blown off for old times sake.
    Stalin’s physician DID think he was safe; he was wrong.

  • blert says:

    More details are spilling in on the Tsarnaev duo’s drug income.
    Naturally, officialdom does not want any further exposure WRT how much state aid they were getting — as their true income was unreported.

  • Mr T says:

    Slayer, if you hang around a guy who ordered the killing of 6 million people, you should fear him possibly killing you.

  • blert says:

    More clarity is starting to occur at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole.
    The FSB is on record as having been all over Tamerlan….
    Review the link.
    In the world of agents, double agents, and triple agents… just who is who?
    Zany Debka may be closer to the truth — pure blind luck, I’d say — by estimating that NOTHING is as it appears on the surface.
    More and more evidence is pulling in to view on the Tsarnaev clan.
    All in all… it still doesn’t add up.
    Like a weak Charlie Chan plot — moldering some eighty-years — there are TOO many suspects.
    “Cui bono?” Strangely… Moscow, Damascus and Tehran.
    How odd.


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