Monthly Archives: March 2013


Israel won’t succeed in confronting Mideast threats without revolutionizing the IDF


The Ras Kamboni militia arrested the senior security chief in Kismayo. The African Union Mission in Somalia denied that it will replace Kenyan troops with soldiers from Sierra Leone.


Security forces killed 14 suspected members of Boko Haram during a raid on a house in Kano; a woman and child were said to be among the dead. Gunmen killed a policeman in Borno state, and a telecommunications mast was burned down near Damboa.


A suicide car bomber detonated at a Timbuktu checkpoint, killing himself and wounding at least one soldier. Militants and Malian forces are fighting in the streets of Timbuktu. Outside the northern city of Asongo, two people were killed when an army vehicle drove over a roadside bomb.


Muslims vanish as Buddhist attacks approach Myanmar’s biggest city


Al Qaeda in Iraq fighters gunned down the deputy director of the counterterrorism agency in Tikrit. Police dismantled two car bombs in Mosul. China will soon be drilling one-third of Iraq’s oil.