Monthly Archives: March 2013


Officials said more than 50 people have been killed near the central city of Jos over the past week in clashes between Muslims and Christians. Last night, gunmen armed with assault rifles attacked the village of Ratas for two hours before fleeing.


A large number of gunmen attacked the Tamahind military base near Sabha, about 500 miles south of Tripoli. A military spokesman said the assailants, who were Libyan, killed two officers and injured three more. Security forces have cleared 36 buildings in Tripoli that were used by illegal battalions.


The Foreign and Interior ministers have indicated that they would support a European Union ban on the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah if its role in the 2012 suicide attack in Burgas, Bulgaria is confirmed. France remains opposed to such a ban.


‘Legal help to Hafiz Saeed will strengthen Indian allegations’

United States

Authorities say cyberattacks against US financial targets are increasingly bent on destruction rather than espionage. A New York court convicted Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, a 23-year-old Palestinian, of lying to FBI agents about his plans to travel to Pakistan to join the Taliban. An al Qaeda admirer, Shehadeh also ran several jihadist websites.


Details emerge as Jordan charges students with ‘devil worship’


Al Qaeda in Iraq killed at least 23 people in a string of five bombings at Shia mosques in Baghdad and Kirkuk. Police arrested four “gunmen” south of Kirkuk.


At least 20 people in the northern town of Hretaan were killed by what opposition activists claimed was a Scud missile. The Syrian Military Council claimed that a number of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commanders were killed yesterday when Free Syrian Army forces attacked a plane allegedly carrying arms from Iran as it landed at Damascus […]

Palestinian Territories

Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces near Hebron. Islamic Jihad held a rally in Gaza in which members warned that Israel will not have security as long as it occupies Palestinian land. Palestinian Authority President Abbas pardoned a journalist who had been sentenced to a year in jail for “insulting” him. A Hamas official said […]


Authorities thwarted 10 plots targeting vital sites in the Sinai this week. In a protest near Cairo, Islamists demanded the “purging of biased Egyptian media.” Jama’a al-Islamiya called for the creation of Islamist media outlets. At least 30 people were injured in clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and protesters in Alexandria. Salafists protested the visit […]


An IDF commander said that the situation in the West Bank is not yet an intifada, but is certainly an escalation. An IDF general said Israel would be able to withstand a chemical weapons strike from Syria. The Head of the Home Front Command said Hezbollah is capable of launching 5,000 missiles at Tel Aviv […]


A court sentenced Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, 24, a Swedish-Lebanese citizen, to four years in prison for helping Hezbollah plot attacks against Israelis. Because of his age and lack of prior convictions, he received less than the maximum sentence of 10 years.


Israel’s enemies have put the entire civilian population on the frontline


A military court convicted a Shabaab operative of executing a Somalia journalist who worked for Radio Maanta in Mogadishu. Shabaab welcomed “our brothers” from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb who recently opened a Twitter account.


Turkey and Israel Feel the Effect as Syria’s Civil War Fuels Tensions at Borders


NSC urged Obama to give body armor to Syrian rebels


Bulgaria Bus Attack: Berlin Wants Hezbollah On EU Terrorist Group List


Ten years after Iraq war began, Iran reaps the gains


Somalian Minister on Domestic Security, War on Terrorism, Piracy, and Al-Qaeda


Protesters demanded the resignation of the minister of women’s affairs for allegedly failing to stand up for women’s rights against Islamists and the ruling Ennahda party. Some 50 ministers have signed a no-confidence vote against her. Counter-demonstrators chanted that “Tunisia is Islamic and not secular.”


French and African forces are conducting operations to rid Timbuktu, Gao, and Kidal of remaining Islamist fighters. The Malian army reported two days ago that 63 Malian troops, five French troops, one Togolese soldier, one Burkinabe soldier, and 600 Islamist militants have been killed since the French-led intervention began in January. A confidential UN report […]


French authorities released three people, including a soldier, who were arrested earlier this week for suspected links to Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah. So far only his brother Abdelkader has been charged as an accomplice.