Monthly Archives: January 2013


France said Islamist forces are “in disarray” as some had returned home and others had made a “tactical withdrawal” to a mountainous 96,000-square mile area east of Kidal. President Traore ruled out talks with Islamist groups but is willing to negotiate with the Tuareg MNLA if it gives up territorial demands and agrees to reintegrate […]


The UN envoy warned that the conflict in Mali may spill over to Libya, and said 200,000 fighters remain in “revolutionary brigades” in Libya. More than 20,000 former revolutionary fighters are training for the police force. An estimated 15,000 to 20,000 personnel are needed to secure Benghazi. Two IEDs were thrown at an unused UN […]


IDF & ISA Uncover Hamas Terrorist Assets in Hebron


Israeli PM says only U.S. military strike can halt Iran’s nuke program


NATO said the four Patriot missile batteries supplied by Germany and the Netherlands for the protection of Turkey along its Syrian border are operational, and that the two remaining batteries will come under NATO control within days. Turkey’s opposition parties have claimed the missiles are intended to defend a NATO radar base in Turkey.


Chinese Hackers Infiltrate New York Times Computers