Only in Pakistan…

Pakistan has moved swiftly against the doctor who helped the CIA find Osama bin Laden. Just over one year after Osama bin Laden was killed, Pakistan has convicted Dr. Shakil Afridi for “anti-state activities” for aiding in the death of the terror leader. From Dawn:

A Pakistani physician accused of assisting the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in obtaining DNA samples of Osama Bin Laden through a fake vaccination campaign was, on Wednesday, convicted for involvement in anti-state activities by a tribal court, a senior government official said.

“Dr Shakil Afridi was produced before a four-member tribal court Wednesday morning and was sentenced to 33 years in prison and also given a 3,20,000-rupee fine,” Political Agent, Khyber tribal region, Mutahir Zeb Khan told Dawn.

Soon after his conviction, Afridi was sent to the Central Prison in Peshawar.

The court was headed by a deputy administrator responsible for Bara region.

Afridi was charged under the British-time Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) that unlike the Pakistan Criminal Code (CPRC), does not carry death penalty for high treason.

Meanwhile, four years after the terror assault on Mumbai that killed 165 people, which was launched from Pakistani soil by the Lashkar-e-Taiba, and despite ample evidence handed over by the Indian government, not a single person has been convicted for the terror attack. Hafiz Saeed, the emir of the Lashkar-e-Taiba who has been implicated in the Mumbai attack and other terror assaults, not only walks free, but is a celebrity in Pakistan. He is feted by politicians, generals, and the media, despite a $10 million reward offered by the US government for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

And only in Pakistan can the men who were responsible for the Lal Masjid insurrection in the heart of Islamabad, in which more than 100 people were killed, walk free. And to add insult to injury, the Pakistani Supreme Court is demanding that the government move quickly to rebuild the Jamia Hafsa, the adjoining madrassa that was illegally built on government land and torn down in 2007. Read this article by Pervez Hoodbhoy at The Express Tribune for more information.

I could go on and explore the irony of Pakistan’s closing the NATO supply routes after Pakistani troops initiated the firefight in November 2011 that resulted in the deaths of 24 of its troops, or Pakistan’s demands that the US continue to fund Pakistani military operations while its military and intelligence service continue to support the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as various jihadist groups, etc., but won’t.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • Vyom says:

    The title couldn’t be less perfect. Queer things happen now and then, people protest killing of x by y but will not protest killing of x by z. Committees are created to review a relationship, turned blind eye to ones own institutions and so called non state actors. Defense of Paqistan is there but no one thinks of defending Pakistan. I doubt latter existence now.

  • Villiger says:

    Well done, Bill, for highlighting this atrocity and another vicious side of Paqistan’s hypocrisy.
    Guys this is one more grave piece of support to spelling it as Paqistan. With the imprisonment of Dr Afridi (who was helping identify OBL, leader of AQ, the world’s most wanted man) it is now crystal-clear that the Paqis were on his side, and it was totally against Paqistan’s STATE interest for OBL to be found.
    Please think again before referring to them as Pakistan. They need to be re-named Paqistan, and shamed. In the democratic world we believe in, this is just one small way of expressing what we think of this sorry country and also expressing support to Dr Afridi, whom i hope the Administration will find a way of extricating.
    Paqistan needs to be seriously isolated in the world arena. No cricket, no Olympics, no flights, and boycott all Paqistani exports (incl rice, mangos, sports goods, clothing, terror–that is all this perverse country can manage).
    ISAF should find a way around the re-opening of supply-lines through Paq. Hold as much equipment as possible within Afghanistan even beyond 2014. One day it will be required if not in Af, then in Balochistan or even the rest of Paq’s wild western border.
    Having turned down Paq’s demands for an apology and end to drones (well done Obama!), the US needs to keep the pressure on this wayward rogue. Yes, enough is bloody enough.

  • Birbal Dhar says:

    Pakistan is basically a terrorist state, where its army and its intelligence wing waste money on murder and bombs against neighbouring countries such as India and Afghanistan. This so called ‘Land of the Pure’ or its acronym of Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir and BaluchISTAN, will suffer economic deprivation and lack of investment, because of its stupidity and clumsiness in terms of its relationship with the international world, by training islamic terrorists. Pakistanis should not accept their country to prosper. In fact it’s best for them to have their country have sanctions put on them, which would make their army and it’s intelligence wing behave like a decent member of the international community.

  • Farooq says:

    yes this doctor should be hanged to death. If some one works against Pakistan he should be puinished

  • Paul D says:

    Iran,Pakistan and Saudi are new Axis of evil/Islamism.

  • Neonmeat says:

    Convicted for ‘anti-state activities’, so killing Bin Laden somehow damaged the Pakistani State?
    This man is a scapegoat, I feel sorry for him, the guy should be lauded as a hero not a criminal. This verdict serves only to keep the mad mullahs and the thousands that loved Bin Laden off the streets for a while longer. Of course in Pakistan everything is backwards, this is a society in crisis and it doesn’t even seem to notice.
    This is essentially the Pakistani State going: You made us look bad, you helped the americans make fools of our sovereignty so for this you will go to jail for the rest of your life.
    It seems like the petty act of a child when it has not gotten its own way.

  • Villiger says:

    ” We should immediately announce that we are suspending all foreign aid to Pakistan for 33 years. Period.”
    This is a comment i picked up from the Times story:
    The common consensus is that the US should suspend aid. Given the incremental costs to ISAF on the Northern supply lines, mainly funded by the US taxpayer, it really is time for the US to now sever economic ties with Paqistan and move towards a global sanction of it being a pariah state.

  • A wonderful post, Bill.
    Well, all of this is evidence that the religion through sharia and jihad dictates Pakistan’s politics, and now, the judiciary.
    And yet, almost all academic scholarships on Pakistan look elsewhere for fixing Pakistan’s problems and the threat posed by the nuclear-armed state.
    As I have written for a couple of years now, if you would like to find out what can happen to a country that decides to get serious with Islam, just study the contrasting evolution of Pakistan and India – two nations, created just 65 years from the same landmass that so shared so much, but differ in the majority religions.
    If this is not convincing enough, look at the Muslims of Pakistani origin and Hindus of Indian origin in Britain. They, too, have evolved, just like Pakistan and India. This is the power of one religion, no matter where the communities lived, be it in a developing or a developed nation…
    And yet, despite the compelling data, the establishment in Washington chooses to form policies based upon wishful thinking (that all religions, on the average, are necessarily constructive entities) by letting the religion off the hook.

  • Tony Buzan says:

    In addition to Saeed, we have AQ Khan, described by our “ally” Musharraf as a “national hero”.
    AQ Khan was and is the largest proliferation of nuclear secrets to rogue states…. and our “allies” in Pakistan still will not let the FBI question him about his catastrophically criminal network at the heart of nuclear weapons proliferation to terror states.

  • donowen says:

    This is on of the most shameful situations. The Commander-in-Chief takes full the credit for the actions of the brave Americans and at least one Brave Pakistani without removing that individual from harms way. They are either totally selfish arrogant politicians or simply stupid to have included his story in the press releases without knowing the obvious results.
    This single act will do more to benefit our enemies than accidently killing a 1000 Pakistani troops.
    The Pakistani government, military and most of the people are certainly not our allies- most are our enemy- we should never leave a friend and warrior (no matter how silent) in the enemies grasp.
    Obama would have know this if he had ever served in anything more than a boy scout troop. SEMPER FI

  • Nic says:

    Saving Dr. Shakil Afridi should become the new national cause, the new Saving Private Ryan. The federal government could start the process by awarding Dr. Afridi with United States citizenship and a United States passport. As a U.S. citizen the State Department could insist upon occasional visits to Dr. Afridi and therefore be able to monitor his health and treatment. Secondly, a national movement to boycott Pakistani goods should be enacted. Obtaining the support of a national celebrity would be useful. Source: // . “U.S. goods imports from Pakistan totaled $3.5 billion in 2010, a 11.0% increase ($346 million) from 2009, and up 247% over the last 16 years.
    The five largest import categories in 2010 were: Miscellaneous Textile Products ($1.3 billion), Knit Apparel ($1.1 billion), Woven Apparel ($429 million), Cotton and Yarn and Fabric ($127 million), and Furniture and Bedding ($85 million).” Thus boycott Pakistani textiles. Nothing is more convincing than the complete absence of sales. I recently discovered that the Meijer store near my home was selling Pakistani textiles. Using Meijer’s web site //, I sent a complaint to Meijer. The response that I got was a statement that Meijer was in compliance with all the laws of the United States. Perhaps a few thousand letters on the same subject would convince Meijer to use India or some other partner in the War on Terror as a source of their textiles. Third, the next hurdle would be to find a way to give Pakistan a face saving way to release Dr. Afridi. BTW, here is another possible source of assistance : // .

  • Jim says:

    It is time to declare war on Pakistan.

  • jayc says:

    Bill, I sense a note of frustration in your writings. Quite frankly, I am “shocked, shocked” at the Pakistanis (yeah, right).
    When the Pak PM visited Chicago the other day, the two faced mendicant asked Hillary Clinton for more access to American markets. I felt like, OK, you don’t want to help us, but you don’t mind flooding the Kmarts with your cheap textiles. Beggars with daggers, indeed.

  • Neo says:

    The day I first heard about him is assumed the Pakistanis would be try for treason. I couldn’t understand why we had left him.
    It won’t stop Pakistani’s from collaborating with the U.S. Too many of them hate the Islamists and their own government. They will have to be more circumspect.

  • TaterSalad says:

    Seal Team Six – Adam Brown:
    Mixing highly trained Seals with Afghan troops is asinine!

  • Tm-Joe says:

    The good news is that at least Pakistan has finally admitted that Bin Laden was in fact a guest of the state of Pakistan.

  • Matt says:

    I would just like to say I believe the Americans who died on 9/11/01 would be very proud of your efforts. You by far and away do a better job of following this war than the mainstream media and by far and away what any White House adminstration during this period ever did. This is truly shameful but never the less I pray as you stand witness in the flame of eternal truth this country and the lost souls of 9/11 and of so many Patriots after them who have sacrificed so much stand behind you in heaven and on Earth. Hope springs eternal and your truthful words are so very important for that spring.
    Your site is the only source I trust for a truthful accounting of this war. God bless you Bill Roggio.

  • Tom Kinton says:

    In a related story, the driver of the bus who ran over the doctor has parked it back at Langley.

  • Paul D says:

    treason tells u wat side pakistan is on in WOT

  • Dave says:

    As long as he’s visiting, maybe trade the Pak President for the doctor?
    Give the doctor the full reward of $50 million for information leading to the demise of bin Laden?
    Medal of Freedom bestowed by the President?

  • Dave says:

    Farooq. Help me out here. Please explain your comment to me, please explain exactly how Dr. Afridi was “working against Pakistan.”
    Or how a Pakistani court cound find the Dr. Afridi had committed “anti-state activities.” Because the only way those charges could be true would be if bin Laden was “working for Pakistan,” and performing some service for the Pak state.
    Or is the anti-American Paki mob unable to keep up with 3-year-old logic. Do you agree with the comments of others here that the US should halt the $3.5 billion US annual trade or the $1.6 billion aid to Pakistan? Please, please help me understand. Help me feel better that a considerable chunk of the taxes I just paid will be used to help you and your country.

  • Devin Leonard says:

    Quite frankly what do you expect from the dirtbag Pakis…This is how they treat us and anyone who supports the US. This is why I hated them during every tour I served in Afghanistan and any time we had to deal with the ISI in particular I wanted to puke.

  • Khushal Khattak says:

    Dr. Shakil Afridi did a great service to Pashtun on both sides of Durand line & the world at large. He exposed the two tonge in one mouth of Pakistani Millitary. We Pashtun, Baloch & Sindi people expect the world to help us dismantle this infrastructure of terror called Pakistan & its army. It is very sad that US Government, British, Australian are still supporting this factory of terror called Pakistan Army. There are million of Afridis who need help in bringing change & want to dismantle this factory of terror called Pakistan.

  • gabriel says:

    Wow. This shows the stupidity of the Pakistanit government.

  • Vyom says:

    In another development BBC says US has cut $33m aid to Paqistan…A slow but good start I guess…

  • Vyom says:

    This is outrageous…
    “Islamabad is demanding more than $5,000 (£3,200) per lorry in transit fees, up from its previous rate of $250, to let supplies flow again.”

  • ahmed41 says:

    Dr. Afridi did the right thing.

  • Lewaney says:

    Dave, yes the US should stop all aid to Pakistan. Majority of Pakistanis are for this except for the leaders who are directly benefiting from the money and of course the US contractors who eat up the money.
    Shakeel Afridi’s case is a simple one. He worked for a foreign intelligence agency while holding a position as a government worker and violated his oath as a citizen, medical professional and government employee. His actions will have long lasting negative impact on vaccination programs. He’s not a hero, but a greedy traitor and has bought shame to Afridis.

  • Paul D says:

    OBL was a cash cow for Pakistan so is AlQ/Taliban/Saeed and Mullah Omar.Now they are scared the Afghan war is coming to an end because OBL is killed and the US/western aid will dry up hence they are trying their best to kill peace wanting Taliban and supporting the hardliners to continue the war indefitnely.
    Bottom line they will be skint without the Afghan war/terrorism and western funds flying in.
    They are getting paid to fund/fight terrorism at the same time.

  • villiger says:

    I really agree with your summation 100%. You hit the nail absolutely on the head It IS the Paqistani Army that is at the root of all the problems in the region. And the Punjabi mafia a.k.a. The Establishment, is stifling millions upon millions of Paq’s own citizens. It is downright shameful and untenable.
    Sometimes it really feels like for the US to change policy is like turning a supertanker around painfully slowly. But it is encouraging that we are seeing the early signs of a new firmness by the US.
    I hope you can see why i call it Paqistan. I’m all for freeing up the Pashtun, Baloch and Sindhi people. A last observation: boy, there’s a real difference between the Indian Punjabi’s and the Paqistani Punjabis–the former can fight just as well but they’re not rabid, corrupt drunks who’ve lost their way.

  • g says:

    What would happen if the US immediately stopped all aid to Pakistan and provided half of it to India in military assets? 33 million sounds like a lot in a headline but we need to curtail this aid by 10 times that amount before the Pakis stop laughing.
    How can we provide any aid to a state that admits to (and seems proud of) a pro-state policy to keep bin Laden hidden (..if it is anti-state to assist in exposing him, it must be pro-state to hide him)?
    How can any contention by Paqistan of being a partner on the war on terror be taken seriously if they don’t acknowledge the completion of one of the main objectives of the mission of that war?

  • Villiger says:

    Ravi Rikhye’s blog on the subject, of today’s date, is well worth a read.

  • Villiger says:

    Sorry here’s the link to my above comment

  • mike merlo says:

    re: villiger
    I like your choice of moniker for Pakistan although I find Patheticstan appro also. I suggest one minor adjustment when spelling it. In the future maybe try pAQistan.

  • Ken North says:

    I take singular exception to the slur against the Boy Scouts of America, irrespective of whether or not the President was ever an active Scout.
    Scouting teaches and ingrains LOYALTY – the second virtue enshrined only after TRUSTWORTHY.
    If there was any “loyalty” extended to Dr. Afridi, I’m at a loss to see it. This was an entirely foreseeable outcome, and clearly reflects a compelling failure of foresight on the part of the operation’s planners and the WH policy makers.
    A few Eagle Scouts in the White House in the right places and the outcome might have been entirely different.

  • Paul D says:

    I read the following three years ago by a Pakistani on You Tube so cant work out how the US Govt didnt know and kept on paying them aid?
    taliban was made by pakistani army
    the army can destroy it in a second
    but they dont want to
    cuz if they do ,…. AMERICAN WONT PAY THEM MONEY anymore!!
    pakibizzle2813308 3 years ago

  • Stu says:

    It is absolutely mind boggling how we keep hearing from our government that Pakistan is an “ally.” What a schizophrenic perspective! Nic’s comment that we should shift support to India and leave Pakistan is so right on!
    If you read the New York Times and Washington Post, this news is portrayed as a diplomatic problem where the Harvard and Yale wiz kids in the government will pull rabbits out of hats, and other acts of magic.
    Thanks, Mr. Roggio, for your continued work!

  • Villiger says:

    Lewaney, they are YOUR ‘leaders’. What are you doing about it other than coming here expounding your fake morality? You are being taken by your pAQ army, and oh so smoothly, that you can’t even squeak. You are powerless. Tens of millions of you pAQis are living in dirt, physically and mentally. Of course you could care less about US aid because none of it is going to trickle down to your pathetic little patch. But the fact is, if it weren’t for international aid, your fake state would crumble. Proud paqistani you are, under oath indeed, citizen not of a failed state, but a fake state. Get yourself a life. The bulk of your brethren would jump at dropping their ‘oath’ and grabbing a Western passport as millions already have, so don’t give us your bs about oaths.
    As for ‘shame to Afridis’, i see you have a sense of humour, or don’t you realise the irony and shamelessness of taking the US’s money and working against their interests? Sorry its not possible to shame you guys for you are an utterly shameless people.

  • Villiger says:

    Mike, yes i’ve used Pathetikstan before and it is indeed appropriate.
    And yes pAQistan is of course the inspiration but i choose Paqistan (also over pathetik…), because i want to go beyond the mocking. Mike, I want to convey the seriousness of this Pakistan-AQ/Taliban combine.The fact that this combine exists because it is State policy of a country that is a member of the ‘United’ Nations. And that this country, as Khushal put it eloquently, is a ‘factory of terror’ and is not acting responsibly and needs to be brought in line.
    If enough of us start addressing them as Paqistan, I guarantee you we will, quickly enough, reach a critical mass of a tipping point where our Governments are going to have to sit-up and take notice and move faster at the combined global level to dismantle this terror-State. This is democracy in action, not just casting a vote every 4 or 5 years. We may not embarass Paqistan, they may be beyond it, but we can in effect express a vote to leaders worldwide, and strengthen their hands by letting them know that they need to get together and sort this out. The lack of discussion about Paqistan, especially given its nukes, at the UN level is conspicuous by its void and is irresponsible.
    Paqistan is not just the US’s problem even if she has been Uncle Sam’s concubine for decades. She is now old, wrinkled and ugly, as in dangerous, even to herself because she has totally lost the plot. But she is also Europe’s problem, Afghanistan’s, India’s, Russia’s, Iran’s in due course, China’s if she’s willing to admit it; indeed in FACT she is the World’s problem (just like she is the World Bank’s problem), excepting perhaps Saudi Arabia who likely holds some of her nuclear jewels.
    Let’s build some pressure, bottom-up.

  • bard207 says:

    and has bought shame to Afridis.
    You think that the Doctor has tarnished the good name of Afridi?
    This Afridi has done damage to the Afridi name, not the Doctor.

    Shahid Afridi ball tampering biting the ball

  • Villiger says:

    Please also read May 26 update at Ravi’s //
    Some new info from what i’ve seen above and also interesting quick analysis on Paq’s tribal ‘law’.

  • Steven Hughes says:

    Please post a story detailing all Pakistani companies and brands so we can boycott all things Pakistani.
    Pakistan is a terrorist state.

  • Villiger says:

    Mike, see what you get when you go to //
    Maybe they should post a picture of OBL also, as the Founder of the New Paqistan!

  • Lewaney says:

    Viliger, as an indic you should know better than to complain about others living conditions and leadership.
    It’s funny to see the fake moral outrage over this criminal who did not even properly vaccinate children as there was no follow up visit by his team to finish the doses be declared a hero by US congressmen.
    Equally telling is that this can generate 40+ breathless comments, mostly by Indics, but the death of a NATO soldier barely generates 2 comments, if that. Where is all the moral outrage when a member of ANA kills a US soldier because of American flawed policies? Does the American public not even care about their young men?

  • Nic says:

    @Steven Hughes : Start here: // . Keep up the pressure on Pakistan.

  • Charu says:

    Nice post, Bill. The good doctor was convicted for helping to kill their goose that laid the golden eggs. And to send a message to anyone there who might think to help us get Zawahiri, Mullah Omar and the Haqqanis. By leaving the doctor to the tender mercies of the ISI, we gave the few remaining sensible Pakistanis there second thought to risking their lives to help us. Having been so willingly fooled this many times by our major non-NATO ally, shame on us!

  • bard207 says:


    Please post a story detailing all Pakistani
    companies and brands so we can boycott all things Pakistani.
    Pakistan is a terrorist state.
    Pakistan depends heavily on textiles, leather goods, fruits and some raw materials such as cement for most of their export income. There are also some surgical supplies made for the export market.
    Interruptions in power supplies have been a problem for the textile industry.
    Pakistan really doesn’t have much in the way of Company Branding, so identifying Pakistani made goods to boycott is fairly simple.
    Look closely in stores at the tags on clothing, towels. bed linens and similar for the Made in Pakistan label.
    Though it hasn’t really lifted off yet, some people are attempting to suggest to the purchasing departments of retailers to source inventory from places other than Pakistan.

  • bard207 says:


    Equally telling is that this can generate 40+ breathless comments, mostly by Indics,

    How are you able to identify the country of origin of those who Comment at the LWJ?

    but the death of a NATO soldier barely generates 2 comments,
    if that. Where is all the moral outrage when a member of ANA kills a US soldier

    You are equating the actions of individual soldiers in the ANA with the policies – actions of the Pakistani Army – ISI, judiciary and civilian government.
    Granteed, the civilian government might have thought about taking Pakistan in a positive direction, but internal forces within the country have applied enough pressure that the civilians know the limits of what they are allowed to do.
    Pakistan continues to cry about getting CSF money, but the harboring of bin Laden and the Pakistani actions since May 2011 (Post bin Laden death) illustrate that Pakistan wasn’t – isn’t acting as part of the Coalition.
    Are parts of the ANA rogue?
    Yes, but the country of Pakistan is rogue and you are unable to recognize the distinctions and implications of that.
    If Pakistanis were Honorable, they would declare that they are at war with the U.S.and the rest of the Free World instead of continuing to
    hold out the Begging Bowl while not keeping their part of the deal.
    Countries such as North Korea and Iran are not in harmony with most of the other countries in the world, but they are able to accept that they are on
    the outside looking in while Pakistan is scared to take the step of joining those countries on the outside.
    because of American flawed policies?
    Doing something about the radicals in Pakistan and Afghanistan is flawed?
    Pakistan complains about Indian influence in Afghanistan, yet India is doing things that are favorable to the civilian population while the Pakistan Army – ISI pursues policies that are harmful to civilians in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    Taliban are Pak Army proxies, not Pashtun nationalists – VI

    Does the American public not even care about their young men?

    Of course it does, that is why Pakistan gets bashed as much as it does here at the LWJ.

  • Villiger says:

    Lewaney, i’m not surprised that you should return shamelessly, and riding your favourite “indic (sic) hobby horse”.
    Btw, one wasn’t complaining “about others living conditions and leadership.” One was observing how you follow and support your pAQ army like lemmings (Courtesy thefreedictionary: 2. a member of any large group following an unthinking course towards mass destruction).
    Nevertheless, it is comforting to read that the HRCP is alive and kicking:
    On the completion of the vaccination programme, if the “court” had any sense, they would’ve dismissed the case and asked the doctor to return immediately and complete the vaccinations. Just a glimpse of how civilised countries operate.
    At any rate you should stop cribbing about a few booster-doses and worry more for the survival of your “Land of the Pure”. Pure perversity.

  • Charu says:

    I wonder how long before Dr. Afridi is offered in exchange for Aafia Siddiqui, the daughter of pAQistan? They are dishonorable and shameless hucksters!

  • Sanjit Bal says:

    This is a real interesting development. Let’s get this right, Pakistan jails the Doctor for “treason” for his role helping the Agency last year in confirming the presence of UBL. So on one side they jail the guy calling it “treason” and on the other side they claim to be friends of the US and the civilized world, that they are committed in fighting terrorism in all its forms. Wow… I mean, is this the height of hypocrisy or what!!!! Look at it another way, by framing charges and convicting the good Doctor on charges of treason, the Pakistan government has indirectly acknowledged that it “supports & nurtures” AQT, Taliban, LeT, etc. I don’t see them arresting anyone who attacked coalition troops, who attacked Mumbai, attacked our embassy in Kabul. Wonder how much more proof the UN and nations need before we call a spade a spade, declare Pakistan into a terrorist state and do some surgery!!!!

  • Villiger says:

    It is the total lack of discussion on pAQistan at the UN level that i find really disturbing as a world citizen. It seems that the UN only gets in the act these days when they’re in an uncontrollable crisis, at which point they throw their hands up in the air and for the most part do little about it.
    This is one organization grossly under-delivering its potential, with too many employees, mostly on fat-cat tax-free salaries.
    Lastly, i’m sure Charu you will agree, the Indians top it all on the wimps table for not building adequate pressure in that direction. Instead they are now planning a cricket series at the year-end with pAQistan. Of course, the word on the street is that New Delhi has lost the plot.

  • Villiger says:

    Meanwhile back at the ISI Ranch in the Wild West of pAQistan: pAqistan CONtends that Doc’s arrest not related to OBL!
    I’ll end my comment where Bill began his: Only in pAQistan…is the State a con artist.

  • Nic says:

    The situation just got worse. ” Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — The Pakistani Taliban vowed on Thursday to kill Shakeel Afridi, the jailed Pakistani doctor accused of helping the CIA in the search for Osama bin Laden, a spokesman for the militant group told CNN.” SOURCE: //


Islamic state



Al shabaab

Boko Haram