More jihadist comics


The theological braintrust of budding mujahideen-wannabe artists has done it yet again, creating more jihad-themed comics geared at recruiting youngsters to the cause. From a release by SITE Intelligence group:

Jihadists produced a comic strip called “Son of the Martyr,” and presented the first issue, showing three brothers using an explosives-laden toy car to blow up a tank of enemy soldiers. The comic was posted on the Shumukh al-Islam forum on September 30, 2011.

The first issue focuses on three sons of a slain fighter, the youngest of which, Qassim, is approached by soldiers and given a toy Hummer in return for acting as a spy. His brothers Abdul Qadir and Saif decide to use the toy against the soldiers. As Qassim controls the explosives-laden toy towards the target, he says: “Now, I will avenge and retaliate for my religion, my honor, and my land.”

In a message introducing the comic strip, the jihadist indicated that he and the others who worked on it are seeking a media group to publish the series.

SITE provides a translation of the message board post:

Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings.

My noble brothers, we send you a good greetings… and thereafter: With permission from Allah, we will start the first part of the series of stories, Son of the Martyr, and we present to you the first issue. We hope from Allah that you like it.

With permission from Allah, this part will be the launch of other parts that are more interesting. We leave with the illustrated story…. do not forget us in your supplications, my noble brothers.

Apparently the creators are angling for a publishing deal, which is a revealing anecdote about how they perceive the odds of getting publicly funded by a “media foundation” for a comic depicting the killing of Western soldiers. But above all, something bears repeating to these and other devout individuals intent on glorifying jihad through art: according to the strictest tenets of Islam, they’ve just drawn themselves straight into Hell. Merely one of the relevant hadith:

1682. Ibn Mas`ud (May Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) saying, “Those who will receive the most severe punishment from Allah on the Day of Resurrection will be painters (of living objects).”

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

A page of the comic is below. I remain unconvinced that forsaking eternal paradise is worth the creation of cut-rate Japanese anime.


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  • Neil Dunwald says:

    Religious people generally believe that only God can take a life and not mortals. Those that advocate killing are accordingly competitors of God and religion, not servants of the same.
    It always astounds me that politicians and religious leaders fail to communicate this very simple message.

  • mike merlo says:

    So how does Dunwald explain the nihilists & atheists that blessed the world with communism?

  • Neil Dunwald says:

    By definition, nihilists & atheists do not justify their actions as being God’s will nor do they claim to have the sanction of a God to chose who lives and who dies.

  • mike merlo says:

    Another words ‘at the end of the day’ there is no difference between the 2? I fail to see whats so “astounding.”

  • villiger says:

    In other words, such as ‘another words’, be it at the end of the day, or the beginning of it, i spot the difference immediately.

  • Neil Dunwald says:

    By developing this comic strip for young people, the jihadists demonstrate an understanding of the competition of ideas. On the other hand, trillions of dollars have been spent on the war on terror; yet, there has been almost no effort put forth on effective communication strategies that would compete for mindshare of these religious people in their formative years.
    That sir, is astounding.

  • James says:

    Bill, you might also want to compare the historical account of the Battle of Badr, in sharp contrast to the tactics these jihadist thugs are now using.
    No where does Muhammad order his followers to dress up like women (by wearing a burkah).
    It appears to me to have been a battle of soldier versus soldier on a battlefield. And, no where does he order his followers to slaughter innocent civilians.

  • Neonmeat says:

    Once again the idiot Jihadists do not fully understand their own religion and condemn themselves to heretical status. The Mujahideen actually fighting in Afghanistan must see this rubbish and despair.
    Plus they ripped off the ancient Kung Fu Monkey! (see second panel top left)

  • gsw says:

    @Neil Dunwald: Religious people generally believe that only God can take a life and not mortals.
    All generalisations are false – even this one, When in the history of any religion, have religious people refrained from killing those who offended their religious beliefs?
    Witch burning, torture and hanging (C), burning widows(B) and stoning(I), etc.
    Although I am told that the Jains disapprove of harm, all other religious people make exceptions to the not killing rule, particularly when the person being killed is of a different religion.
    It has always been open season on atheists.

  • mike merlo says:

    Murder is murder? Whether one does it for ideology or religion where’s the difference. Besides before religion showed up en masse humans were killing & slaughtering each other with yawning regularity. If anything religion has helped tamp ‘that’ down.
    There is nothing astounding about the US being sloppy with propaganda. We’ve always been like that. When have we not been sloppy.
    Why the animus towards religion? Even Islam in its early conquests was circumspect & benevolent to those it subjugated. We’ve seen the atheists in action when in charge. Its called communism.

  • Soccer says:

    I disagree with everybody here. Humans tend to be naturally violent, regardless of religion. They are violent when religion is a motivator, and when, say, tribalism or something non-religious is a motivator.
    Only a secular system which is egalitarian and fair to all can succeed in making humans cooperate and live in peace. Anything else has been tried, and consequently, has failed.
    And of course, this system MUST value human intellect and innovation, and respect the free market and freedom of expression.

  • mike merlo says:

    Speaking to everything having been tried so has secularism & it failed miserably & it is still failing. Its called communism.

  • Soccer says:

    Oh WOW Mike, no it’s not, where did you get that idea Mike? Because it’s not true. Secularism does not = communism. A secular system can also produce a liberal society, which is definitely not communist.
    And Mike, I wonder why you are arguing about this all over LWJ. You give mixed answers to questions, in another thread I could swear the way you were bashing capitalism made me think you were a socialist.
    When you say secularism is “still failing”, what do you mean, Mike? Because the west for the most part is a largely secular system so are you saying we are failing Mike?

  • Joel says:

    violence is inherent in nature. Since humans are natural beings, it will always be part of our existence.

  • Clarence Darby the Villain says:

    Joel is correct. However, most individuals have evolved to achieve goals and monetary success through legitimate means in a lawful, ethical, and/or moral process which would not inhibit opportunities to reproduce.
    The “matyrs” killing themselves (and consequently other innocent civilians) are ugly, poor, unintelligent, and lack direct access to women (reproduction opportunities) in their Arab society.
    Empirical evidence out there suggests that “family-men” with an income structure are not the ones engaging in armed, suicide assaults.

  • mike merlo says:

    Hi soccer you should take some time to ‘reacquaint’ yourself with secularism. It is just one of many ‘tools’ employed by ‘social engineers’ to manufacture ‘environments’ conducive to manipulation.
    I was not the one to initiate this ‘thread’ so why single me out.
    To suggest I was ‘bashing’ capitalism indicates you really didn’t take the time to fully appreciate what I wrote & that you don’t really know/understand what a capitalist or capitalism is.
    “Still failing,” = a long list. How detailed would like me to get?

  • Soccer says:

    I understand what capitalism and a capitalist is. You’re not inside my head. You are bashing capitalism and secularism, it made me think you must be some sort of socialist based on the information I was given. This is the Internet, Mike. I can’t read your mind, I can only read what you type.
    The question is, Mike, why do you single me out?

  • mike merlo says:

    “why single me out,” because you singled me out by name if not for that then why would I bother. As far as ‘bashing’ goes I can’t think of one thing on this planet that doesn’t deserve as bashing of sorts.

  • Soccer says:

    I bother because you are a socialist, Mike.
    And THAT, my friend, deserves bashing. So I will bash.

  • yunus says:

    Why all this talk about religion being violent? It’s simple, its called a natural reaction, if somebody tries to attack, or kill you or your family, what do you do sit down and become a pacifist?
    Instead of looking at events in the Islamic world in isolation we need to look at the cause. Bin Laden justified 9/11 not because he tried to force his religion on America but he stated it was due to events such as the Iraq sanctions which left millions of iraqi children dead, (while madeline albright licked her lips and said the price was worth it), and the funding of Israel which inflicts mass genocide on the palestinians while driving them out of their homes, Bin Laden has also mentioned the Sudan pharmaceutical bombings which only inflicted death, destruction, economic and healthcare deterioration on an already economically unstable country.
    Yes We (Muslims), say it is Allah that tells us to fight, thats because we live under his laws and do everything for his sake, even when we sleep we say we sleep for his cause in order to restore our energy and provide for our community.
    Self-defence is a natural instinct in order to protect the greater good, which is survival of a people and their way of life. Even an atheist will say he has the right to defend himself through arms, but instead of stating religion or Allah as a reason he states the geneva convention or likewise, Because this is the law (or religion) he follows. So does this mean we can label these secularist democratic followers as violent?
    What also surprises me is the issue of martyrdom operations. In American culture, such as hollywood, and act like this,etc, for the sake of America is celebrated. It is considered the greatest most heroic selfless action possible. Just look to hollywood and films like ‘Indepence day’ and ‘The Mummy’ to name a few. Giving ones life for the sake of a greater cause is the greatest sacrifice anyone can make. But now when the tables turn and it is afghans or iraqis who carry this act they are labelled as cowardly, terrorist,etc.
    And I’m not talking about 9/11 or 7/7, which are very minuscule in terms of their occurrence anyway. What I mean by this is, their defending of their land and people. Infact in a recent poll in the 10 year 9/11 anniversary, due to the severe poverty and illiteracy in Afghanistan when media reporters showed pictures of the twin towers, their collapsing and Bin Laden, 99% didn’t have a clue what it was, some of them even said it was from a hollywood movie, others said (once they were told what 9/11 was) ‘it is not possible for a desert dweller to inflict such an operation on the most powerful country.’ (Russia today)
    Why is it though, that despite, other military campaigns in a world view perspective We seem to be the most violent and destructive? e.g the IRA, they bombed London 100’s of times, the Muslims did so once, the hate towards Muslims seems to be off the scale compared to the Irish. This can only be because the west feels threatened by Islam not on a military level but on an ideological level. Communism has failed and the people are beginning to see the true face of democracy.
    Humanity seems like its never been so low in its life, not because of the danger of complete annihilation which is hanging over its head-this being just a symptom and not the real disease -but because humanity is devoid of those vital values which are necessary not only for its healthy development but also for its real progress.
    This I believe can only be found through Islam, yet many people fail to see past the cutting off the hand of the thief or stoning the adulterer. Through their arrogance, animosity and lack of understanding they in turn neglect everything else Islam has to offer in terms of a belief an economic system, a welfare system, a domestic system, an inheritance system, etc. Many of the biggest problems the west faces including financial recessions, the hoarding of wealth of a few elite, (while the majority of the world’s population remains below the poverty line), drugs, teenage pregnancies, sexual diseases, gang violence, rape and theft.
    And above all the belief system which is to believe in Allah, the Creator of the Universe and the Creator of that which we dont know, Who has no partner, who is alone without sharing his dominion. The knower of the seen and unseen. Not a leaf falls in the wilderness but he is aware of it.
    Pure monotheism, as described in the scriptures before, of Abraham and Moses, a continuation of the same message, to worship Allah alone, without associating partners, without following man-made systems, where some men are lords over others, and the rich capitalise at the expense of the poor, no priesthood, no classes but instead to declare equality and to ascribe our reverence to Him, whom in his hands is our very existence.
    This is the system, and this is what we are yet to see implemented in any Muslim country until America and her allies let us be, if they get off our lands and stop their mass murdering, raping, pillaging and constant effort to force their way of life down our throats, we will incline to peace.
    “But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace” (The Quran 8:61)

  • photochor says:

    An ironic , but funny video made in 2005 but predicts events far into the future.Dont miss the occupants of ISI safehouse in the end.

  • Soccer says:

    I say it’s violent because it’s been used a rationale for slaughtering hordes of people since the beginning of it’s existence. You can try to sugar coat your religion all you want but you can’t deny that historical reality.
    When you say the West is shoving their way of life down your throat, Muslims do the same. They just do it in different ways. The difference here is that you think it’s justified for your side to force religion on people; tenets that the West value include personal freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Islam, however, values subjugation by way of the sword, and making everyone who does not convert pay the Jizya. That’s just the way it’s been for the past 1400 years.


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