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Four African Union soldiers and six civilians were killed in Shabaab mortar attacks in Mogadishu. Food supplies to the capital have been curtailed due to the fighting. President Ahmed called for international support to battle “the evil al Qaeda-al Shabab alliance.”


An Iranian official said Tehran will strike Israel’s Dimona reactor if attacked. The Iranian state media called Mrs. Sarkozy “first prostitute.” Tehran unveiled 4,000 new telecom projects.


Two soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Khyber. Two Taliban commanders were killed in fighting in Swat and another was detained in Karachi. The Taliban kidnapped 10 workers in Chitral.


A suicide bomber killed a district governor in Jalalabad. Five ISAF soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Kandahar. Coalition and Afghan forces killed and captured scores of Taliban commanders and fighters in Wardak, Zabul, Khost, Paktia, Helmand, and Kandahar. Two suicide bombers in Farah died in a premature detonation.


Islamists supporters of the radical al-Qaeda-linked cleric Abu Bakar Bashir have launched an extensive online campaign to clear his name and free him. Radical supporters have launched a website and a Facebook page, and hacked private companies that have accompanied protests in Jakarta. Bashir could face the death penalty if convicted for setting up a […]

Pakistan – No proper mechanism for relief items™ distribution: DTCE


India to route aid for Pak flood victims through UN agencies


Algeria killings cast light on Qaeda extortion racket


Muslim insurgents killed a couple in a drive-by Pattani™s Panare district. A Thai ranger was injured and his 2-year-old son was killed in an attack by insurgents in Narathiwat™s Rangae district. Insurgents killed a defense volunteer in an ambush in Narathiwat™s Rueso district; three more defense volunteers were seriously wounded in an IED attack.

Pentagon considers preemptive strikes as part of cyber-defense strategy


Algerian troops have killed 7-10 Islamists during clashes in the Berrekmouche valley, southeast of Tizi Ouzou in the Kayblie region; one soldier was killed. The Islamists were ambushed by security forces in extensive anti-terror operations which included helicopter strikes between Larbaa Nath Irathen and Ait Yanni. Armed civilians assisted the Algerian forces.


Punjabi Taliban leader Usman Punjabi and six other terrorists were killed in a clash with a rival faction of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in North Waziristan. Police detained 17 “wanted terrorists” and recovered a large cache of weapons and explosives during sweeps in Mardan.


Fifteen people were killed in the latest round of fighting between Shabaab and government and African Union forces in Mogadishu. Shabaab is believed to have the upper hand in the fighting in Mogadishu.


ISAF stated that 30 Haqqani Network fighters including 13 wearing suicide vests, were killed during the Aug. 28 assault on two US bases in Khost. Afghan and Coalition forces killed the military commander in Logar, and killed and captured several Taliban, Haqqani Network, and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leaders and fighters in Helmand, Kandahar, Kunduz, […]

Top Taliban leader captured in Logar province

Zia Ul Haq was the Taliban’s military commander for Logar province. He was “responsible for the facilitation of foreign fighters and suicide bombers into Kabul City” and was closely linked to the Kabul Attack Network.