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Coalition and Afghan forces cleared the last pocket of Taliban resistance in Marja. Afghan forces captured two Taliban leaders in Helmand. The Taliban have been using infants as human shields.


Insurgents killed the imam of a mosque in Baghdad. Gunmen attacked the headquarters of the Change Party in Irbil. Security forces detained four wanted men in Anbar, and a member of an assassination cell responsible for more than 50 murders southwest of Baghdad.


Iran is ruled by a “cult,” opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi said. “This is the rule of a cult that has hijacked the concept of Iranianism and nationalism,” he said in an interview on his website. Iranian intelligence broke up a Wahabi terrorist group in the province of West Azarbaijan. Jundallah has named Muhammad Dhahir […]

Jundallah appoints new leader

In the wake of the capture of Jundallah leader Abdul Malik Rigi earlier this week, the terror group has appointed a new leader. From Alarab Online: Muhammad Dhahir Baluch has been appointed as “the new leader of the group,” Jundallah, the People’s Resistance Movement in Iran, said in a statement posted on its website, SITE […]

Al Qaeda

Freed French hostage speaks of al-Qaeda ordeal in Mali


A group of Abu Sayyaf fighters stormed the village of Tubigan in Basilan at night, killed 11 villagers as they slept, and torched several homes. The local militia backed by Philippine troops drove off the Abu Sayyaf force, estimated at 70 men.

Iran contradicts itself over claims of US support for Jundallah

Jundallah leader Abdul Malik Rigi, after his capture by Iranian intelligence. Just three days after Iran captured Abdul Malik Rigi, the government is claiming that the US supports Jundallah, Rigi’s terror group, which conducts suicide and other attacks in southeastern Iran. Here is what Rigi said during an interrogation, according to the Iranian-government owned and […]


General Sir David Richards: Forces reach ‘turning point’ in Afghanistan


The Danish newspaper, Politiken, apologized for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. “We apologize to anyone who was offended by our decision to reprint the cartoon drawing,” the editor-in-chief said. “We apologize for the offense which the reprint has caused.”


Security forces detained three Lashkar-e-Jhangvi operatives in Karachi and four Taliban fighters, including Mullah Fazlullah’s nephew, in Nowshera. The military said most of Swat has been cleared of the Taliban. The Taliban bombed a school in Mohmand; it was the 16th school bombed in the tribal areas in February.

The Taliban

The Lahore High Court in Pakistan blocked the extradition of Mullah Baradar and four senior members of the Quetta Shura to Afghanistan or the US. The ruling came just one day after Afghanistan demanded their extradition.


A Taliban suicide assault team attacked foreign guesthouses in Kabul; 22 people were killed. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in Marja in Helmand province. Germany will send an additional 850 troops and extend its mission by one year.

Khawaja’s petition blocks extradition of Mullah Baradar, Quetta Shura leaders

Today, the Lahore High Court has blocked the extradition of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban’s second in command; Maulvi Abdul Kabir, the leader of the Peshawar Regional Military Shura; Mullah Abdul Salam, the shadow governor of Kunduz; Mullah Mir Mohammed, the shadow governor of Baghlan province; and Mohammed Younis, the former shadow governor […]


The US will provide $150 million in helicopters, transports, and training to the Yemeni Air Force. The US warned its citizens of the high security threat in traveling to Yemen. Unknown gunmen killed a policeman in Abyan province.


The Sunni National Dialogue Front ended its election boycott. Prime Minister Maliki approved the rehire of 20,000 Saddam-era military officers. Two civilians were killed in a bombing in Mosul. Security forces detained 16 wanted men during raids in Basrah and a candidate from the Iraqi Accord Front in Babil.


Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei dismissed cooperation with opposition groups. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah met with President Ahmadinejad in Syria. Jundallah leader Rigi claimed that US offered him military aid to work with the West.

(Tiny) crack in Taliban messaging?

It’s not much, but it jumped out at me. Usually, Taliban propaganda references to Afghan troops or government officials use the term “puppet”. For example, from today: …. In another news, the NATO and U.S invading terrorists backed by their Afghan puppet terrorists, after having faced ten days of hardship and hunger in Marjah …. […]