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More than 10 top Shabaab officials, including among others Sheikh Hassan Abdullahi al Turki, who recently joined, and Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur, held a closed-door meeting in Kismayo. Shabaab has announced it will ban World Food Programme (WFP) operations in Somalia, “generally starting from today,” a statement read. Pirates have freed a Greek-owned cargo […]

Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda released a new videotape of Hammam Khalil al Balawi, the Jordanian double agent who carried out the attack on a US combat outpost and killed seven CIA officials and a Jordanian intelligence officer. Balawi said that he wanted to kill the Jordanian agent for involvement in the deaths of Abu Musab al Zarqawi […]

Al Qaeda

Taliban militants find breathing room in slums of Karachi, Pakistan


Security forces detained five members of Jaish-e-Mohammad, including a Pakistani and four Bangladeshis, during a raid in a market in the capital of Dhaka. The five admitted to plotting attacks in the capital.