Lax security at Amsterdam airport?

A trusted colleague who lives in Europe sent me the following report yesterday about his experiences flying into Amsterdam:

I just flew into Amsterdam airport yesterday and was shocked by the laxity of the passport check. The officer did not even look at me. Just grabbed my passport, quickly flipped to a page, not looking at the picture or scanning it, and stamped it. And for the record, the stamp is so faint that you cannot tell when and where I entered Europe. You would think that after the terrorist flew through their airport, they might tighten things up a bit. Guess not.

This is, of course, just one data point. And often there is more to aviation security and security at ports of entry than meets the eye (although there is no conceivable reasonable explanation for the practices described herein). Overall, this is anecdotal evidence that I take seriously, and find disturbing.

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  • David says:

    Thats great my daughter is flying out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport today…they are so liberal in Amsterdam and afraid to profile,or screen middle eastern people for fear of reprisal or an attack..Just stay neutral and all is well is the liberal mind set..


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