Mullah Omar rejects negotiations


Yesterday, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar issued an Eid message, which addressed his followers, the wider Muslim world, the Afghan, government, the US, Europe, neighboring countries, and “the Islamic Conference and the So-called Human Rights Organizations.” In the statement, Omar again rejects negotiations with the West, and instead insists foreign troops withdraw:

However, the people of Afghanistan will not agree to negotiation which prolongs and legitimatizes the invaders military presence in our beloved country. Afghanistan is our home. No one will ever be ready to negotiate with any one else about ownership of one’s home –still more to give share in administration and control of the home and himself ends up becoming homeless, powerless and servant in his own home.

The foreigners have occupied the land of the Afghans by dent of (military) might and savagery. If they want solution of the issue, they should put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. The invading Americans want Mujahideen to surrender under the pretext of the negotiation. This is some thing impossible.

There are other interesting items in the speech. While Omar blusters about the failure of the tribal militias (the arbakai) that are being formed, the mention indicates there is concern over this movement. Omar also continues to promote the idea that the Taliban are only concerned about regaining power within Afghanistan, and he appeals to neighboring countries to oust the “occupiers” and fight “colonialism.”

Yet in other sections, Omar refers to “the turbulent river of the Jihadic movement.” While addressing “the Islamic Ummah,” Omar specifically calls on “the chiefs of the Jihadic movements” to “avoid disunity and splintering among your ranks and be heedful to the conspiracies being engineered to malign Mujahideen.” He refers to the Mujahideen as “the protectors of Islam and Islamic Ummah,” and asks all Muslims to “extend them moral and Islamic support and should defend their cause as a legitimate Islamic cause.”

The full text of the statement, minus the opening and closing prayers, is below.

1. To The Mujahid Nation:

I thank my Muslim people for their positive response to the Call of the Islamic Emirate ( of Afghanistan) and for their foiling the American melodrama by avoiding participation in the American process under the name of elections. I firmly believe, if the Mujahid people remain constant in their multi-sided and honest help (with Mujahideen), the Almighty Allah will expose and thwart all conspiracies of the enemy one after another. It is due to your selfless sacrifices that the arrogant enemy is facing both defeat, jittery and disgrace. I hope you will continue your legitimate Jihad and struggle in the way of realizing your Islamic aspirations; help the sacrificing Mujahideen of the path of freedom and strengthen their ranks with your persons and wealth, particularly, show your protection and empathy with the blessed families of the martyrs and prisoners on the basis of your Islamic responsibility and break off all relations with the stooge Kabul Administration.

Those who have occupied our country and taken our people as hostage, want to use the stratagem of negotiation like they used the drama of elections for some time in order to achieve their colonialist objectives. The invaders do not want negotiation aimed at granting independence to Afghanistan and ending their invasion but they want negotiation which will prolong their evil process of colonization and occupation. However, the people of Afghanistan will not agree to negotiation which prolongs and legitimatizes the invaders military presence in our beloved country. Afghanistan is our home. No one will ever be ready to negotiate with any one else about ownership of one’s home –still more to give share in administration and control of the home and himself ends up becoming homeless, powerless and servant in his own home.

The foreigners have occupied the land of the Afghans by dent of (military) might and savagery. If they want solution of the issue, they should put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. The invading Americans want Mujahideen to surrender under the pretext of the negotiation. This is some thing impossible. Otherwise, we have noble principles and vast experiences for solution of our internal differences and commencement of good conduct with the people of the world. Therefore, the stand of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as regards the negotiation emanates from our Islamic and national interests and is based on strong grounds.

2.To the Gallant and Honor-loving Mujahideen of the Front lines!

Your victory over the invading disbelievers is the result of the Divine help. If you seek His pleasure, as a gratitude to the blessing of Allah (SwT), and make the service of common people your objective, Allah ( Swt) will bestow on you His ever growing blessing. The enemy will lose their hearts and you will have the honor to defeat the greatest colonialist power of this century. The signs ( of this victory) have been appearing, if God willing.

Implement the injunctions of Allah practically and fully; constantly strive for unity among your ranks and keep away from discord and friction. Obey your chiefs in all affairs of Jihad; pay heed to the protection of public and national properties during the conduct of military operations, particularly during martyrdom-seeking operations, focus on the invaders and their lackeys and other important targets. It is the Islamic responsibility of every believing man to avoid causing casualty to common people. There is no justification in Sharia for murder and injury of common people, nor is there any room for such deed in our sacred religion.

The cunning enemy wants to attack people’s congestion places like religious centers, mosques and other similar places in order to malign Mujahideen. They also launch sanguinary attacks under the name of martyrdom-seeking operations to mar the good name of Mujahiden. The Mujahideen should be on guard against these activities of the enemy and fully avoid from carrying out any analogous activity. Well-being and prosperity of people should make your priority. Pay respect to elders and influential among the people and have compassion over the youngsters. Observe true justice when you are authorized to dispense to a deserving person his due right. Implement the Regulation of the Code of Conduct of the Islamic Emirate and observe other principles in order to ensure achievement of ever-increasing advancement in the affairs of Jihad. Make the most of experience, consultation and proven tactics in the military operations and other affairs of Jihad so that you will block the door of differences, complaints and losses. Similarly, take every precaution for the protection of your persons and make efforts in this way. Take care of the rights of those who surrender to you from the enemy side. This process ( of surrendering to Mujhideen) is now continuing.

The ( former) communists formed tribal and unscrupulous groups under the name of tribal militia at a time when they were on the verge of defeat. The aim was to provoke internal conflicts, biases, racial differences and resultantly revenge themselves on (our) Mujahid people. The Americans and their allies too want to repeat the same failed experience. I am of the opinion that the recent efforts launched by the enemy will further malign it and will meet its defeat but you should make every effort to foil this last conspiracy of the enemy with the help of your Mujahid people. Mete out an exemplary punishment to those who are leading these mischief-making activities so that the dark and notorious history of the barbaric militias does not recur anew.

3. To the Ruler’s and Employees of the Puppet Administration of Kabul:

Stop oppressing and torturing your miserable Muslim people as a sign of your service and slavery to the non-believing invaders. The foreign invaders are not benefactors of the Afghan people. They are bent on wiping out the belief and holy places of this people and want to bring under their belly all our material wealth. They use the empty slogans of development and reconstruction of Afghanistan for realization of their illegitimate objectives. They have stashed away thousands of millions of dollars in their pockets which they had collected in the name of reconstruction of Afghanistan.

They want to keep our country entangled in a net of usury and interest according to a calculated conspiracy and are determined to subjugate our distinguished people.

I call on you all as I did last time and as per my responsibility, to put an end to your life of humiliation; shun hostility with your people and join the Mujahideen in the strongholds of pride, honor and belief instead of continuing with your present life of debasement. The enemy want to lay his gun over your shoulder and kill your countrymen but you should try, and by utilizing a proper opportunity, should rescue yourself from the fate of the pro-Britain Shah Shuja, pro-Russian Taraki, Amin , Karmal, Najib and their followers. If you honestly part ways with the evil, you will have success in this world and in the world to come.

You should understand that the epoch of dread of the Western colonialism has reached its end. Ground realities in our beloved country indicate that the invaders are about to escape. The caravan of truth is steadily approaching its rationale destination of victory. Mujahideen gain strength with the passage of time as they obtain good experience in political, media, and social fields. The invaders and their stooges’ moribund efforts are tantamount to erecting a mound of sand in front of the turbulent river of the Jihadic movement. These waves of resistance which have been originated from the midst of the honor-loving nation will wash away the torsos of the arrogant invaders, if God willing.

4.To Islamic Conference and the So-called Human Rights Organizations:

I call on the Islamic Conference and all organizations that have been established under the name of human rights protection to take steps for the prevention of civilian casualties caused by the invading forces of America and the coalition and should raise voice for the punishment of the perpetrators of this crime. Similarly, the invading forces under the leadership of America and the surrogate regime of Kabul have erected prisons under different names in all parts of the country in contravention to international principles. A great number of our miserable and innocent countrymen are brutally tortured there. All human rights organizations who claim being advocates of human rights should promptly and as per their responsibility, take steps to prevent occurrence of such brutal acts. Many of our prisoners have been martyred and maimed as a result of harsh conduct and torture in these prisons. If the human rights organizations are not willing to fulfill their responsibility in order to please America and the West, then they should renounce their title of human rights advocacy as a matter of moral obligation.

5. To Scholars, Writers and Men of Letters.

I urge independent scholars, teachers and statesmen to raise the legitimate cause of their miserable people in every hearing and forum and support it. Inform the countrymen and public of the world about the ground realities in Afghanistan through your write-ups and speeches. By waging a Jihad of words and pen, render thanks for the gift of talents bestowed on you by God. I call on all distinguished writers and journalists to play their due role in this critical juncture of our history when our land is under the blatant aggression. They should struggle in the field of media for the obtainment of independence of our Islamic country and a true Islamic system and, as per their responsibility, portray the impeachable facts so that they reach the ears of the public. With the power of belief and an unflinching ardor, make struggle to tell and unveil the truth.

I also urge the committed and sensible poets to preserve the Jihadic epics and acts of heroism of Mujahideen in their poems and literary pieces and generate emotions for independence, honor , national unity and Islamic resurgence. Not only that but further bolster them.

6. To Regional and Neighboring Countries:

Colonialist plans of expansionism of the West are in full swing in the region. The economic assistance, the mercenaries, the overt and covert ploys of the wicked companies have paved the way for( execution of these plans) and have set off hatred, discrimination and rivalries in the region.

In fact, this is an act against the humane values, justice, peace, rules of interstate relations and independence. If the regional countries still remain neutral versus the colonialist interventions of America and the vast military presence, the whole regional will be gripped by instability; the process of development will hamper and ultimately( the region) will become powerless.

We emphatically say that the strong determination and unwavering resistance ( of Mujahideen ) has eroded the capability of the enemy; has wiped out ( their) shock and awe era and frustrated their wicked plans. Therefore, as a sign of gratitude for the sacrifices offered by our oppressed people, you should assist us in the cause of freedom of our country. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to take constructive measure together with all countries for mutual cooperation, economic development and good future on the basis of mutual respect.

We consider the whole region as a common home against colonialism and, as a responsible force, want to play our role in stability and peace of the region in future.

7. To the Rulers of the White House and the Belligerent Americans:

The ground realities in Afghanistan indicate, the Americans and other allied invaders will certainly face a route –this is a defeat which can’t be averted by reinforcement and formulation of successive irrational strategies. You should understand that coercion and militarism has lost its splendor. You will not be able to subjugate the brave Afghan people with the power of your military might or the mantra of your devilish ploys.

The people, whom you have chosen for confrontation, have the honor of dismantling the arrogant empires. They have good capability and historical experience. Our believing people will not allow the Western colonialism to make our country a hotbed against our independence and vital values and aggressive designs against regional countries. These are the people who before you, have wiped out two empires – the British and Russians empires– from the map of the world. They are holding the stronghold of honor and Jihad with strong determination and high morale against the demoralized and moribund troops. And on the basis of their belief, they are sure that they will gain victory and you will face defeat.

It is better for you to choose the path of rationale instead of militarism and put an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. You should understand your belligerent and aggressive policy will create for you so many enemies in the world which would make for you this world a bed of thorns. It will make your life harsh because the policy of coercion and tyranny is intolerable to all.

8. To the Public of Europe Particularly To the Freedom-loving People of the West:

Your colonialist rulers have invaded our country under the pretext of terrorism to augment the wealth of a few capitalists and spread the net of neo-colonialism over our country.

Every day, our youths, old men, women and children are martyred by your bombs and rounds of mortars. The invaders raid houses of our people at night. They destroy our green gardens, public properties, educational and commercial centers.

Countering this atrocity and aggression and the defense against it, is our legitimate and national right. We will use this right of ours with all our resources and sacrifices.

You should not fall prey to the misleading assertions of your colonialist rulers as they call this war, a war of necessity. This is a farce weapon in the hands of your rulers under the colonialist pretext of fight against terrorism. Thus they want to throw dust into the eyes of people. It is the demand of your conscience and moral duty to raise your voice for the prevention of this savagery.

We only want establishment of an Islamic system in our country which will protect rights of all individuals of this nation both men and women-a system depending on its own feet, fully independent, its internal and external policy being based on this Islamic principle: not harming others and not allowing others to harm us.

Fight against terrorism is an unjustified colonialist term fabricated by Pentagon and Washington. They want to colonize independent countries by using this proposition and bring under their belly natural riches and economic resources of these countries and trample on belief and religious traditions of these countries.

9. To the Islamic Ummah:

I remind Muslim brothers in every part of the world, of the words of Hazarat Omar Farouq (May Allah be pleased with him), the Great Caliph of Islam who said: “We are people whom Allah exalted by Islam. If we still seek exaltation in things other than Islam, Allah will humiliate us.”

I advise you to fully abide by the sacred rules of Islam in order to achieve the magnanimity and grandeur of Islam. Help (your) oppressed Muslim brothers and use your wisdom, sagacity and sobriety in the cause of Jihad and confrontation with the tyrant aggressors, particularly, the chiefs of the Jihadic movements should ponder over all aspects during performance of affairs of Jihad; avoid disunity and splintering among your ranks and be heedful to the conspiracies being engineered to malign Mujahideen.

Avoid from deeds that cause great losses to Islam and Muslims instead of bringing in benefits to the Muslims. Focus your efforts on beating the invading, usurping enemy; do not engage in purposeless activities, rather turn your attention to the main objective.

All Muslims should remember in their prayers, the Mujahideen– the protectors of Islam and Islamic Ummah– and extend them moral and Islamic support and should defend their cause as a legitimate Islamic cause. The Americans and its allies have been hammering out plans overtly and covertly to destabilize the Islamic world and provoke differences in the Islamic countries. Every Muslim should realize his/her arch enemy and be on guard against the conspiracies of the enemies.

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