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Details behind the Attack on Arms Smugglers in Sudan


Four militants were killed and two were captured after ambushing a squad of ten soldiers on foot patrol in Narathiwat province. Prime Minister Vejjajiva announced four strategies to resolve violence in the south, including massive spending on projects that will continue until 2012.


The President of the International Committee of the Red Cross made another appeal to Abu Sayyaf hostage takers to release three Red Cross volunteers who were abducted and are held on Jolo island. A senator argued that Abu Sayyaf was testing the government and that the military should not withdraw its forces from Jolo island.


Britain to start Iraq pullout on Tuesday


The Taliban captured 12 policemen in Khyber, freed three policemen in Hangu, and banned unaccompanied women from markets in Malakand. The government blocked seven illegal FM channels in Charsadda. Sufi Mohammed warned of violence in Swat if President Zardari did not sign legislation approving sharia.


Iraqi forces detained 20 insurgents in Baghdad and nine al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, Insurgents killed six Iraqis in Basrah, and wounded 15 Iraqis in Mosul and four more in Baghdad, and eight policemen in Kirkuk.


US envoy: Don’t expect warmer relations with Iran


Afghanistan’s Supreme Court ruled that President Karzai can stay in office until elections are held this summer. Ten Afghan soldiers and policemen and three Taliban fighters were killed during fighting and in IED attacks in Farah, Paktia, and Herat provinces. Afghan soldiers captured an IED facilitator in Farah.


Pakistan: Gates urges ISI to cut ties with Afghan extremists

Taliban capture 12 policemen in Khyber

The policemen were captured after a large Taliban force surrounded a police outpost near the Afghan border. The incident is the latest in a series of major strikes in the Peshawar region.

Abu Sayyaf continues threats against hostages

Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda’s spreading tentacles in West Africa opposed by traditional leaders


How security forces got the message loud and clear from man behind ‘Radio Taliban’


Combined Task Force 151 hunts down pirates in the Gulf of Aden


The Taliban destroyed a vital bridge in Khyber and shut down NATO’s supply route to Afghanistan. Security forces killed 26 Taliban fighters in Mohmand and captured 4 more in Khyber. The government is expressing its displeasure with the new US strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The military’s chief spokesman said claims of ISI links with […]


President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed denounced al Qaeda’s call for his overthrow. “Al Qaeda has not taught us religion and they have nothing for us,” Ahmed said. Seven Somalis were killed after Hizbul Islam attacked a Mogadishu police station and took it over.


President says AMISOM troops will stay until Somalia gets its own forces


Three Iraqis were killed and 15 more were wounded after Iraqi forces detained an Awakening leader and one of his men on a judicial warrant in Baghdad. Five soldiers are said to have been captured. Security forces detained a Special Groups leader in Wasit province. One soldier and one policeman were wounded in clashes in […]

Yemen’s three terror fronts

With al Qaeda active on three fronts in Yemen, a deadly suicide attack on tourists raises questions about the Yemeni government’s involvement.