Monthly Archives: October 2008


Al Qaeda operative Abu Kasha was killed and Taliban leader Mullah Nazir was wounded during US strikes that killed 28 people in North and South Waziristan. Four police and five civilians were killed in a suicide attack at a police station in Mardan. The Taliban freed 19 soldiers and two civilians captured in South Waziristan […]


Iraq says to show US troops pact to neighbors


Taliban’s New Super-Bombs Threaten US Troops, Even in Pricey MRAPs


Iraq wants details of US raid in Syria-spokesman


Insurgents blow up Baghdad water pipeline: US


Islamist leaders are up in arms over a fatwa issued by influential clerics. Somali forces detained a prominent cleric in Mogadishu. Shabaab is funding militias in Kenya. NATO ships are moving to rescue the hijacked Turkish freighter.


Iraqi forces arrested 220 suspected al Qaeda fighters in Owesat. Iraqi and US troops searched the home of a female Sadrist lawmaker. Iraqi forces captured an Islamic State of Iraq financier in Baghdad and an insurgent in Tikrit. Three Iraqi soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in Mosul.