Islamic Emirate of Somalia imminent as Shabaab races to consolidate power


Imagery of a Shabaab fighter from the terror groups’ website.

Leaders of Shabaab, the Young Mujahideen Movement in Somalia, stated Friday that the group is preparing for the establishment of an Islamic Emirate and that an announcement is expected within days. The statement came as the group consolidated power in the Lower Juba region, which borders Kenya, and formed a sharia-based administration in Kismayo.

Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, who is also known as Abu Mansur, and top leader Sheikh Fuad Mohamed Qalaf told a Paltalk forum organized by the radical al Qimmah Forum that fighters “are close to uniting their ranks” and would integrate under the rule of the Islamic Emirate of Somalia. They said that the formation of the emirate is “imminent” and that an announcement would be made “very soon.”

Shabaab also announced on its official Web site that it set up an administration in Kismayo, Lower Juba’s strategic port city. The seven-seat administration will be governed by Sheikh Abubakar Al Zeylici with three seats provided to Shabaab, three seats to the Islamic Courts, and a single seat to clan elders. Shabaab will control the offices of the District Commissioner, Information Secretary and Police Chief, while the Islamic Courts will control the offices of Finance Secretary, Head of Islamic Protocol and Chief Justice, Garowe Online reported.

Although Kismayo remains calm, elders and Islamic Courts commanders who were not included in the administration voiced criticism. “Shabaab appointed its people to top posts without inviting other local people and the ICU that played a military role in taking over Kismayo,” Courts commander Sheikh Ibrahim Shukri, who is also known as Abu Seynab, told AFP today. The process, he said, was “hijacked by elements who met in a small room.”

“The administration should include the local clans,” he told Garowe Online. It is only “composed of al Shabaab and some former members of the Islamic Courts.”

According to the Somaliweyn Media Center, the administration in Kismayo will be broken down as follows:

Provincial Commissioner: Sheikh Abubakar Al Zeylici (Shabaab)

Deputy Commissioner: Abdulqani Mohamed Yussuf (Shabaab)

Head of Security: Abdurahman Ali Ahmed (Shabaab)

Deputy Head of Security: Mohamed Sahal Eidle (Shabaab)

Finance Secretary: Abdiweli Adan Dheriyow (Islamic Courts)

Deputy Finance Secretary: Abraham Ahmed Isse (Islamic Courts)

Head of Islamic Protocol: Khalid Mohamed Adan (Islamic Courts)

Deputy Head of Islamic Protocol: Adurahman Ahmed Adan (Islamic Courts)

Information Secretary: Sheikh Hassan Yacqub Ali (Shabaab)

Deputy Information Secretary: Abdifath Abraham Ali (Shabaab)

It is unknown what position within the administration will be provided to the clan representative.

The administration, according to rebel communiqu



  • Max says:

    We need to have dialogue with the moderate members of the courts over Al-Shabaab.
    Ethiopia should leave somalia ASAP as they only help strengthen the hardcore elements within somali society and are linked with Genocide in somalia.
    The Islamic courts and their Al-Shabaab allies are gaining popularity and major Somali support thanks to the corrupt TFG institution that is seen as nothing more other than a coalition of somali warlords thought to be puppets of ethiopia

  • C. Jordan says:

    New Al-Qaida tape:
    “In them, al-Qaida Number 2, Ayman al-Zawahri accused Iran of working with U.S. forces.”
    ” Al-Qaida leader, Abu Yahia al-Libi, the movement’s commander in Afghanistan, also appeared praising the exploits of Islamist insurgents in Somalia, claiming their numbers were growing.”
    Is their any proof that Al-Zawahri may still be alive in these tapes? Or is this from the rant grab bin?

  • don juice says:

    can somebody tell me if we are still hitting targets in somalia cause i dont here about them like in pakistan?

  • My2Cents says:

    From the complaints, it sounds like the Somali clans are getting ready to give Shabaab the same grief they give everyone else.
    Lets hope both sides lose.

  • J2s says:

    Al Shabab is an Arabic word which means Youths or young men. And obviously whoever fights for his reasoning can be called young man. Or is it Old men, women and children? who fight for their own reasoning.
    It is absolutely wrong to categorise Somali freedom fighters as criminals because they are not. they are fighting bunch of warlords supported propelled by invaders such as Ethiopian Army or rather Tigrenya Militia.

  • rastaman says:

    Can the west leave Somalia alone? Why does it matter to the west who governs Somalia as long as there is a government in Somalia that can resolve lawlessness and despair. May be the ultimate goal of the west is the continuation of the agony and despair in Somalia.
    [Posted from COLUMBUS OHIO]


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