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Coalition forces captured a senior Special Groups leader in the Rusafa district of Baghdad. Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured two Special Groups cell leaders and seven cell members. Iraqi troops captured 12 Mahdi Army fighters in eastern Baghdad. Two soldiers were wounded when a US helicopter crashed south of Baghdad. Three Iraqis were killed and […]


Al Qaeda chief Abu Suleiman al-Jazairi confirmed killed in missile air strike


Iraqi Military Extends Control in Northern City


The government has initiated negotiations with the local Taliban in Mardan. A bombing in a bazaar in Malakand heavily damaged three CD shops. Sources within the Pakistani Army weighed in on the political debate on impeachment and said Musharraf is considered their supreme commander, as well as the legal and constitutional president of the country.


Iran says its right to enrichment is non-negotiable

Descent into Appeasement

A look at Pakistan’s dangerous deals with terrorists in the Northwest Frontier Province. Written by Bill Roggio and Daveed Gartenstein-Ross for The Weekly Standard magazine.

Al Qaeda suspects go on trial in Azerbaijan

Deal with Taliban should not come at Afghan’s cost: Karzai


Operation Rawa Tander, Pashto for Rolling Thunder, a joint Canada and Afghan military mission, disrupted insurgent activity in one of Kandahar province’s most dangerous areas, Pashmul. Several dozen insurgents were killed or injured during the week-long operation. A suicide car bomber wounded four ISAF troops and four Afghans near Jalalabad. Canada will move helicopters and […]


A gunman opened fire in a mosque in a predominantly Shiite northern town Friday, killing at least eight worshipers and wounding dozens. The attack took place in the town of Kohal in Amran Province, north of the Yemeni capital, Sana. An escalating war between northern rebels and the Yemeni military has recently spread to the […]

Sri Lanka

New fighting between government forces and Tamil Tiger separatists killed 26 rebels and four soldiers in the Vavuniya, Mannar, Welioya and Jaffna areas. Troops killed 19 rebels and lost three soldiers during heavy fighting in Mannar district while other battles in Welioya and Jaffna killed four rebels. Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels condemned government moves […]


Khyber Tribal Agency: A New Hub of Islamist Militancy in Pakistan


Afghan security forces recaptured the town of Rashidan in Ghazni province after the Taliban took it over briefly. The Taliban are still holding the district governor and eight policemen. US forces killed Taliban leader Maulawi Abdul Malik during an operation in Logar province. One child was killed and two civilians were wounded in an IED […]

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar™s Return to the Afghan Insurgency


An estimated 6,000 supporter of Muqtada al Sadr demonstrated nationwide against a long term US presence in Iraq. US troops killed two Mahdi Army fighters in New Baghdad. Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured a Special Groups cell leader and three operatives. Iraqi and US forces detained five Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad. Coalition forces killed […]

Firefights but no Canadian casualties in military sweep west of Kandahar

Poland to take over security in Afghan province

Afghanistan: Senior insurgent leader killed


Baitullah Mehsud spends nearly $45 million a year on weapons, equipment, and payments to fighters. NATO is urging the Pakistani government to conduct operations against the Taliban in the tribal areas. Twenty-five mortars were launched from Afghanistan into South Wazristan. Pakistani NGOs said the peace accord in Swat have harmed the citizens in the region.


Iraq’s Sadrists protest against US military deal