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Basra Operations Commander: 324 wanted, suspects arrested in Basra


More than 300 commandos attacked and captured an Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah camp on the island of Jolo. The military said the more than 200 fighters in the camp took “heavy casualties.” The military said the Moro National Liberation Front launched mortars at government troops during the assault.


Four Ethiopian troops and two civilians were killed in an attack in Baidoa. Unconfirmed reports state Ethiopian troops killed 12 civilians after the attack. A Somali officer and soldier were killed in an attack in Mogadishu.


Pakistan’s Leaders Hold Last Ditch Talks to Break Deadlock Over Top Judges


Two explosions rocked the customs ministry adjacent to the Italian embassy in Sana’a. Offices had not opened yet. No injuries were reported. The blasts were caused by mortars the defense ministry said, but a security official said two car bombs were left inside the compound. A witness said bombs at the exterior wall caused the […]


Three police were killed in a grenade attack in Kohat. Police in Dera Ismail Khan arrested a man transporting two suicide vests. Three government worker were kidnapped in Mohmand agency. The Chief Minister of the Northwest Frontier Province is urging the central government to negotiate with the Taliban.


Seven Afghans were killed, including three Taliban, three Afghan intelligence officials, and one child, after security forces surrounded the home of terrorists involved in Sunday’s assassination attempt on President Karzai. Coalition forces confirmed the capture of Hajji Abdul Majid Khan, a Taliban financier and IED facilitator in Zabul province.


Algerian officials warned Tunisia that al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is planning “spectacular attacks” to destabilize local governments and strike at industrial installations. Al Qaeda has warned Tunisia on the web of its “approaching punishment” as President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali’s regime “obeys orders of the West and combats the Islamic veil.” French […]


In northern Yemen, six Shiite rebels and two pro-government tribesmen were killed in renewed fighting in the four-year-old Sa’ada war. In southern Yemen, one protester was killed when demonstrators stormed a police station in efforts to free opposition activists imprisoned after recent riots.

Kapisa province: The Taliban’s gateway to Kabul

Kapisa province’s Tag Ab Valley hosts a dangerous Taliban group that has close relations with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Sunday’s assassination attempt against President Karzai has been linked back to the Tag Ab Valley.


US envoy slams Iran’s alleged destabilizing role in Iraq


US troops killed 28 Mahdi fighters during an ambush in Sadr City and killed another four during two engagements in northeastern Baghdad. Coalition forces killed 13 al Qaeda operatives and detained 17 during raids near Baghdad and in the North. A female suicide bomber killed one Iraqi and wounded four in an attack on a […]


Maulana Abdul Aziz, the former leader of the Red Mosque, has been granted bail in four of the 12 charges issued. The Taliban threatened to destroy checkpoints in Mohmand agency if they are not removed in three days. The European Police Office said Pakistan’s tribal areas are the “command and control centre” for Al Qaeda™s […]