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Coalition forces killed five al Qaeda operatives and detained 22 during raids in central and northern Iraq. US solders captured a senior leader of a Special Groups network during an operation in Baghdad™s Beida neighborhood. Iraqi security forces detained a Special Groups leader and two cell members in separate raids in Baghdad and Fahama.


The Taliban destroyed a cellular tower along the main highway in the Zhari district of Kandahar province one day after the the warning to shut the communications down at night expired. The Talban raided towns in the Arghandab district in Zabul province and conducted kidnappings, beatings, vandalism, and theft.


Gunmen kidnap Iraqi Chaldean Catholic archbishop

Palestinian Territories

Palestinian terrorists fired 16 Qassam rockets and six mortars at Sderot; one Israeli was wounded. The Israeli Air Force targeted rocket sites in Gaza 23 times since mid-week; 29 Palestinians were killed. The IDF prepares for “large-scale incursion into Gaza.” Defense Minister Barack said, “an Israeli response is required and forthcoming.”


‘Chemical Ali’ execution approved in Iraq


The Turkish military has begun to withdraw from northern Iraq, one day after the US Secretary of Defense urged Turkey to end operations. More than 240 terrorists from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and 27 Turkish soldiers were killed in the week-long operation.


Mullen Says Rapid Withdrawal From Iraq Would Negate Security Gains


Mosul should be under control by July


Iran ‘is number one world power’


Mas Selamat Kastari, the former leader of Jemaah Islamiyah in Singapore, escaped from prison. Kastari plotted to bomb the Singapore Changi Airport and conduct attacks in the city-state using seven bomb-filled trucks. He was arrested by Indonesia’s anti-terror squad on the island of Java in Indonesia in January 2006.


Norwegian and Swedish police arrested six suspected terrorists in Oslo and Stockholm who are believed to be financing and planning attacks in a coordinated action. Three Swedish citizens were arrested in Stockholm. Three men “of African origin” were arrested in Oslo.


Thirteen al Qaeda and Taliban operatives were killed in an airstrike in South Waziristan. More than 100 Taliban attacked a police post in on the outskirts of Peshawar and burned the station down. Four Taliban fighters were captured in Swat while 10 suspects were released.


Police killed a senior al Qaeda leader and nine aides in the Thar Thar region. Coalition forces killed two al Qaeda operatives and detained 15 during raids in northern and central Iraq. Two policemen and eight civilians were killed during attacks in Mosul. Muqtada al Sadr is considering converting the Mahdi Army into a “humanitarian” […]


Marine Battalion De-mobilizes, Heads to New Combat Outpost outside Haditha


The US Treasury froze the assets of four Syrians of the Abu Ghadiyah network for facilitating the flow of money, weapons, and terrorists through Syria to al Qaeda in Iraq. “Since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Syria has become a transit station for al Qaeda foreign terrorists on their way to Iraq,” said the […]

Inside Iraqi politics – Part 5. A look at legislative progress: Sunnis’ and states’ rights

“Inside Iraqi Politics” is a special series dedicated to examining political progress in Iraq, with a focus on issues that affect the country’s stability and reconciliation efforts. This fifth installment continues examination of legislation, including the Unified Retirement Law, the Accountability and Justice Law, the General Amnesty Law, review of Article 140 and the status of Kirkuk, and the Provincial Powers Act and Elections Law.


Scholar: MAD doctrine does not apply to Iran


Sunni Forces Losing Patience With US