Monthly Archives: February 2008


Coalition forces killed five al Qaeda operatives and detained 22 during raids in central and northern Iraq. US solders captured a senior leader of a Special Groups network during an operation in Baghdad™s Beida neighborhood. Iraqi security forces detained a Special Groups leader and two cell members in separate raids in Baghdad and Fahama.


The Taliban destroyed a cellular tower along the main highway in the Zhari district of Kandahar province one day after the the warning to shut the communications down at night expired. The Talban raided towns in the Arghandab district in Zabul province and conducted kidnappings, beatings, vandalism, and theft.


Gunmen kidnap Iraqi Chaldean Catholic archbishop

Palestinian Territories

Palestinian terrorists fired 16 Qassam rockets and six mortars at Sderot; one Israeli was wounded. The Israeli Air Force targeted rocket sites in Gaza 23 times since mid-week; 29 Palestinians were killed. The IDF prepares for “large-scale incursion into Gaza.” Defense Minister Barack said, “an Israeli response is required and forthcoming.”


‘Chemical Ali’ execution approved in Iraq