Monthly Archives: July 2007


An anonymous Hezbolllah officer said the terror group would have been defeated in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 war had the Israelis pressed the attack for 10 more days. “The cease-fire acted as a life jacket for the organization” as Hezbollah had been running low on food and water and facing rapidly diminishing arms […]


Benmessaoud Abdelkader, a leader in Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, surrendered to Algerian authorities. Abdelkader said there are tensions within the Algerian wing of the North African terror group after the leadership of the GSPC decided to join al Qaeda “unilaterally.”


U.N. approves up to 26,000 troops, police for Darfur

Pakistan: A new Red Mosque is established in the tribal agencies

Red agencies/ districts controlled by the Taliban; purple is defacto control; yellow is under threat. Islamists take over a mosque in Mohmand as attacks against government troops continue in North Waziristan Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province remains a cauldron of violence in the wake of the military assault on the Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, in […]