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Thirteen oil tankers destined for Afghanistan were blown up in Landi Kotal in Khyber agency. Two were wounded in a bombing at a bus station in Peshawar. Security for three ministers has been increased after “intelligence reports that militants in South Waziristan have decided to eliminate them.” President Musharraf stated suicide bombers are hiding in […]


(Iran) Finding a nerve, then pressing it

Half of Baghdad Secured

The Baghdad Order Of Battle as of June 24, 2007. Click map to view. Understanding the numbers behind the Baghdad Security Operation On June 4, The New York Times released partial data from a classified memorandum that stated only 29 percent of Baghdad was secured, and provided little context to the status of the remaining […]

United Kingdom

Glasgow Airport was attacked by “Asian” men driving jeep that was on fire and contained gas canisters. The jeep rammed the main entrance. The airport has been shut down, and two suspects have been arrested.

26 Iranian-Backed “Secret Cell” Operatives Killed, 17 Captured in Sadr City

Qods Force logo, click to view. Major operations targets the Qazali Network Multinational Forces Iraq is pressing on with operations against the Iranian-backed “Secret Cells” of the Qazali Network. Coalition forces conducted two major raids inside Sadr City against the Qazali Network early Saturday morning. After encountering heavy resistance during both operations, which included “significant […]

United Kingdom

Police are hunting Bestun Salim, an al Qaeda recruiting sergeant, for his suspected involvement in the failed double car bomb plot in London. Salim, an Iraq asylum seeker, absconded his “control order” which placed him under house arrest. He is the seventh person to break the control order.