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Siniora accuses Syria of sending arms to Palestinian camps


Members of the US Congress demanded direct access to A.Q. Khan, the nuclear scientist. Pakistani The Taliban were killed in when the IED they were placing in North Waziristan detonated prematurely. Rangers have deployed near the Lal Masjid in response to reports of suicide bomber in Islamabad. The government denied reports of an operation against […]


The Army killed six members of Fatah al-Islam in Qalamoun, a village south of the port city of Tripoli. Muhammad Khalayla, the brother of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is believed to be hiding out in the Nahr al-Bared with Fatah al-Islam.

The Iraq Offensive

Baghdad and the Belts. Red bordered units identified as active in offensive operations. Click map to view. A status update on Operation Phantom Thunder Iraqi and Coalition forces maintain the pressure against al Qaeda, Sunni insurgents, and the “rogue,” Iranian backed “secret cells” of the Mahdi Army and the Qazali network. Operation Phantom Thunder is […]


Qods Force continues to train Iraqi surrogates and plan attacks in Iraq. Gas rationing has set off a series of riots in Tehran.


President Musharraf addressed the tribal jirga and asked tribal leaders to stop sending fighters into Afghanistan. The Taliban agreed to follow tribal customs in Mohmand agency. Suicide bombers have entered Islamabad, according to the Interior Ministry.

Al Qaeda

(Iraq) There’s more than numbers for those who want to understand

Palestinian Territories

Two incursions in Gaza by the IDF resulted in 12 Palestinian fighters killed and 40 wounded. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades denied that President Abbas ordered them to lay down their weapons.


UN report: Lebanon-Syria border completely porous


The Army arrested over 160 insurgent suspects in southern Thailand. A Muslim insurgent wounded four in a small arms attack on a tea shop in Pattani. Insurgents burned a school and government office in Yala.


Bombs from Iran are being used against British troops, says MoD


(Iraq) Arrest Warrant Issued for Culture Minister


The Minister of Trade escaped an IED attack; five of his guards were wounded. An IED attack at a mosque in Mogadishu’s Bakara market killed five civilians, including women and children.

Operation Fahrad Al Amin: the Anbar Offensive

Baghdad and the Belts. Red bordered units identified as active in offensive operations. Click map to view. An interview with Brigadier General Gurganus on Multinational Forces West’s role in Operation Phantom Thunder As operations north of Baghdad in Baqubah nd south in Babil province have taken center stage, the third theater in eastern Anbar province […]


The government is considering deploying high tech equipment to help stem the Talibanisation of the NWFP. The government in Lakki Marwat is negotiating with the Taliban to curb criminal activity. Police shot a Taliban fighter while he attempted to kidnap a principal at a school in Peshawar.


Iraqi tribal leader shot dead in Baghdad: police


No Significant Spike in Violence Following Latest Askariya Attack


Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report


Understanding Current Operations in Iraq


US: Biased Shiites moved from Iraq force