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Appeal for calm as markets get jitters over Turkey crisis


(Iraq) Suicide bomber kills 32 at funeral

United Kingdom

Five British Muslims were convicted of plotting terrorist strikes throughout the country, and sentenced to life. The men “were charged with planning to use homemade fertilizer bombs on targets including London nightclubs, trains, and the gas and power network.” Some had links to senior al Qaeda leaders and trained in Pakistan. – The plotters. The […]


Muslim insurgents killed 1 and wounded 25 in a bombing at a market in the suthern province of Pattani. Insurgents also shot and killed a father and son, and beheaded the father. This was the 28th beheading.


President Bashar Assad extolled the virtures of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Iraqi insurgency, and admitted his involvement in terrorism. “To the east there is the resistance in Iraq, to the west there is the resistance in Lebanon and to the south there is the resistance of the Palestinian people,” Assad said at a rally. “We, […]


Iraq & the Americas: 3 GEN Gangs Lessons and Prospects

The Baghdad Security Operation Order of Battle: April 30, 2007

The Baghdad Order Of Battle as of April 30, 2007. Click map to view. The city of Baghdad continues to see a drop in sectarian violence attributed to death squads, while suicide car bombings remain al Qaeda’s most deadly tool. After prior week’s car bomb offensive by al Qaeda, which included 11 major suicide attacks […]


A NATO and Afghan forces killed 136 Taliban in a weekend offensive in the Zerkoh Valley of Herat. U.S. forces killed 14 Taliban in Khost. NATO and Afghan forces launched Operation Silicon in the Sangin district of Helmand province.


The Two Sides of Baghdad Barriers – Walls Save Lives But Also Disrupt Flow of Daily Life

Taliban commander Abdullah Mehsud behind Sherpao assassination attempt

Aftermath of the Sherpao suicide bombing. Click to view. Suicide strikes continue to emanate from Pakistan’s tribal region, a Taliban safe haven As the death toll in Saturday’s suicide assassination attempt against Pakistani Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao in his home district in Charsadda has risen to 31 killed, with 15 of the 60 wounded reported […]


2 ‘US spies™ murdered; Soldier killed in N Waziristan check-post attack


Artillery in Baghdad – Listening to the sounds of shelling in a city at war.


Over 500,000 secularists protested in opposition to Islamist Abdullah Gul’s decision to run for president.Protesters carried banners saying “Sharia shall not rise to the Presidential Palace.” Turkey’s military has vowed to defend secularism.


7 kidnapped Chinese workers in Ethiopia have been released


Islamic Militants Suspected In Attack On Pakistani Minister


US forces storms Sadr’s office, arrest those inside

Saudi Arabia says Al Qaeda threat remains


Iranian barbers warned against Western haircuts


The head of the IDF said a major operation in Gaza is needed to halt the Qassam rocket attacks in the south. He also stated Hezbollah is “attempting to descend south of the Litani River… the smuggling of weapons from Syria to Lebanon continues…”


Yesterday’s suicide attack against Pakistan’s Interior Minister has killed 28 and wounded 60. The former Intelligence Bureau chief said the attack is a reaction to military operations in the tribal areas. Security has been tightened in Islamabad. A Saudi al Qaeda operative was arrested after leaving South Waziristan. Pakistan is proud of its madrassas.


Security forces killed Abu Hamza, a “top” Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist. India is considering Pakistan’s offer to resolve the Kashmir dispute. Terrorism in Kashmir and Jammu has dropped by 40%.


A U.S. raid on a car bomb cell in Nangarhar province resulted in 4 Taliban and 2 women killed. Protests broke out after locals claimed all those killed were civilians. US forces are pressing the attack against the Taliban in Helmand province via the air.