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“The USMC/Iraqi team was sluggin’ it out side by side.” (Chlorine Gas Attack Update)


[UPDATE2] The first Afghan Army only operation resulted in 122 Taliban killed and 27 wounded during 6 days of fighting in Helmand province. The Taliban want to exchange captured hospital personnel for captured fighters.


Tehran Outraged By Latest UN Resolution


USS Nimitz aircraft carrier deploying to Persian Gulf

Navy creating two squadrons of sailors for civil affairs


The Arab Press Assesses the Likelihood of a US Strike Against Iran


The Taliban and paramilitary forces battled in Tank after the Taliban conducted an assault on the town. One soldier was killed and eight wounded after a suicide bomber his a military base in Punjab. A secular woman was kidnapped by students of the infamous Taliban supporting Lal Masjid mosque, forced to “apologize for past wrongdoing,” […]

Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah referred to the U.S. mission in Iraq as an “illegitimate foreign occupation” during an address to the Arab summit. Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi, a Saudi al Qaeda member denied he helped finance the 9-11 plot.


Fifteen Ethiopian soldiers and an unknown number of Islamists have been killed during renewed fighting in Mogadishu. Another Ethiopian soldier has been dragged through the streets. Two Ethiopian ‘tanks’ are reported to have been disabled.


The UK denied Iranian claims that British forces have surrounded the Iranian offices in the city of Basra. Iran has withdrawn the offer to release the female British officer. The UK will not negotiate for the release of their servicemen, and has taken their case to the UN. The EU is considering suspending diplomatic ties […]

Taliban, Pakistani security forces battle in Tank

Baitullah Mehsud’s Taliban mass; 25 Taliban, 1 security officer killed after school principal kidnapped NWFP/FATA map. Red agencies are openly controlled by the Taliban; yellow are under threat. Click map to view. The Taliban continue to challenge the Pakistani government’s writ in the Northwest Frontier Province. Taliban forces, estimated at “more than 200 Taliban soldiers” […]


A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed 4 and wounded 12 in an attack in the main market in Kabul. The target was Kamulladeen Khan Echekzai, a powerful Afghan elder from Kandahar with knowledge of Taliban activities in Pakistan. Afghan detainees at Bagram and GITMO will be transferred to the Pul-i-Charkhi jail in Kabul.


Police detained 11 Muslim insurgents and found weapons caches during raids in the Damabuwo village in Narathiwat province. Over 1,700 Rangers trained in counterinsurgency are being sent in to the three southernmost provinces of Songkhla, Yala and Narathiwat. The ruling junta may propose “emergency rule” in Bangkok to help fight the southern insurgency.


The Taliban killed a policeman and kidnapped the principal of the school in Tank were police fought with the Taliban days ago to prevent a recruiting campaign. Waziristan Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud is being brought in to bring a “peace message” to the people of Tank. A bomb was detonated outside an office of the […]

Al Qaeda suicide attacks: cause and effect in Tal Afar

Suicide bombings may have caused a police backlash, however the reporting is still in question Yesterday’s dual suicide strikes in Shia markets in Tal Afar appears to have been a major success for al Qaeda. The largely Shia city, which has been a model of governance and security in Iraq, had at least 63 of […]


Britain has released evidence its sailors and marines were 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters when the IRGC naval force intercepted and captured them. Iran claimed they were 0.5 nautical miles inside Iranian waters. The price of oil has risen to $65 a barrel over the crisis and rumors of a US strike on Iran […]

Fallujah government center struck by chlorine suicide attack

Iraq. Click map to view. Iraq Police, Army stop bomber short of target; dozens wounded, poisoned Al Qaeda in Iraq is conducting a full fledged chemical war in Anbar province. Today, Al Qaeda conducted yet another chlorine gas suicide bombing, this time directed at the Fallujah government center, in the very heart of the city […]


Blair warns Iran standoff could escalate

The Sunni Civil War

A map of al Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq. Al Qaeda ‘s campaign against the Sunni tribal and insurgent leaders who oppose al Qaeda, or are considering it Al Qaeda in Iraq is pressing hard with its assassination, terror and intimidation campaign against Sunni tribal leaders and insurgent groups who refuse to join the Islamic […]

Another chlorine truck bomb found near Ramadi

The ninth attempted chlorine attack, 7 have been successful; Karma Iraq. Click map to view. Al Qaeda in Iraq continues its dirty chemical war in Anbar province. Another truck packed with explosives and chlorine cannisters was found and disarmed in Ramadi. U.S. troops from Multinational Forces West responded to the suicide bombing attack north of […]