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“Bandits” killed 2 policemen and kidnapped 4 in rest Zahedan. President Ahmadinejad is in Sudan to discuss Darfur and Iran’s nuclear program. Iran is still considering joining talks inside Iraq.


Israeli commandos kill senior Islamic Jihad commander

US won’t send CIA agents to stand trial in Italy


French Authorities Dismantle Network of Fighters Bound for Iraq


NWFP Governor Aurakazai said Pakistan is deploying more troops to the border in Waziristan, and continued to defend the Waziristan Accord. Britain believes a border fence would help secure the border. Syed Saleem Shahzad claimed Pakistan has cut a deal with Mullah Dadullah and is now giving state backing to the Taliban. The new US […]


Another front on the Sunni-Shiite war


Three civilians were murdered by Muslim insurgents in the south. Three soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in the southern Narathiwat province.


A police station was the target of a grenade attack. A local militia commander and 4 others were killed in Mogadshu. The government announced the beginning of a security operation in the capital.


Sudanese Pair Accused of War Crimes – International Court Names Member of President’s Inner Circle, Darfur Militia Leader


US Set to Join Iran and Syria in Talks on Iraq

Dividing the Mahdi Army

Muqtada al-Sadr. Multinational Forces Iraq is negotiating with elements of the Mahdi Army With Muqtada al-Sadr now in Iran, the Iraqi government and Coalition forces are stepping up efforts to divide and conquer his Mahdi Army. Asharq Alawsat has confirmed that Multinational Forces Iraq (MNF-I) is “holding talks with commanders of Muqtada al-Sadr’s Al-Mahdi Army […]


Iranian intellectuals turning on Ahmadinejad


Eight Abu Sayyaf were killed during fighting on Jolo Island over the weekend. Philippine forces claim Abu Sayyaf leader Albader Parad was killed in Sulu. Security is being increased at US military bases after the weekend fighting.


A Taliban suicide bomber killed 18 outside the main Kabul base where VP Cheney was visiting. A suicide bomber killed 2 civilians during an attack on a provincial official in Kandahar. The Taliban are executing informants after 3 senior commanders were killed in the last 3 months.


Vice President Cheney warned Pakistan to secure the tribal areas. The Deputy Director of the CIA accompanied Cheney to present evidence of al Qaeda in the tribal regions. Canadian Prime Minister Harper said Pakistan must secure its border. Three police were wounded in a grenade attack by Baitullah Mehsud’s Taliban in Tank.


Six were wounded, including 5 police, after a grenade attack in Mogadishu. Ugandan troops have been cleared to deploy to Mogadishu. A US warship is moving to intercept a UN WFP vessel hijacked off the coast of Puntland.


Egypt has stopped state-owned NileSat from broadcasting al-Zawraa, or Muj TV as it is called in Iraq. The US government has pressured Egypt to shut down the station as it broadcast insurgent attacks and promoted Sunni on Shia violence. Also see Al-Zawraa Responds to Muj TV and al-Zawraa vs al Qaeda.


Vice President Mahdi was targeted for assassination; 10 were killed and 42 wounded in the attempt. President Talibani is in Jordan undergoing medical treatment. A large cache of Iranian EFPs was found near Baquba. Fifteen al Qaeda, incuding an emir, were catpured in raids in Baghdad, Ramadi, Mahmudiyah and Samarra. The Iraqi Army arrested 6 […]

Pakistan: A Debate at the Council on Foreign Relations

The Afghan-Pakistan border regions. The Council on Foreign Relations has invited me to participate in a debate on Pakistan. The topic is: Is Pakistan Doing All It Should to Secure Its Afghan Border? I am debating Council on Foreign Relations Fellow Kathy Gannon, author of I is for Infidel and a longtime AP correspondent currently […]


Talabani falls ill, currently in Jordan

The Baghdad Order of Battle: February 26, 2007

The Baghdad Order Of Battle as of February 26, 2007. Click map to view. By DJ Elliott, CJ Radin and Bill Roggio Over the past week, U.S. and Iraqi troops have continued to move into Baghdad, taking up positions for the new Iraq security plan. For its part, al Qaeda in Iraq continues to press […]