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My secret talks with Syria, by Israeli envoy


Truck blows up at army base in Diyala, Iraq


US Cites Systematic Repression of Iranian Dissidents, Minorities


Iran is reportedly 2-3 years from building a nuke. Iranian-made EFP IEDs are the most deadly in Iraq. The US is poised to step up air patrols on the Iran-Iraq border. The Pentagon has halted F-14 parts sales to the Islamic Republic.


Chirac Unfazed by Nuclear Iran, Then Backtracks


The international community agreed to increase reconstruction and step up the development of local security forces. The UK is prepared to increase the number of troops in country. Thirty Taliban were killed during fighting in Helmand province. A security contractor was killed several days ago in an attack on a US base in Khost.


US army uniforms found in warehouse east of Baghdad

Saudi Arabia

Kingdom voices concern at murder of national .. reportedly relative of Bin Laden


Report questions military claim US uses soft approach in Muslim Mindanao

Radio Appearance – Washington Post Radio

I am scheduled to be on Washington Post Radio at 1:30 pm Eastern today to discuss Iraq and the possibile Iranian Qods Force involvement in the Karbala attack, which resulted in the death of five U.S. soldiers. To listen online, visit Washinton Post Radio and click LISTEN LIVE.

United Kingdom

British police arrested 9 suspects in a terrorism plot which “involved abducting, videotaping and executing… a Muslim soldier in the British army.” The Telegraph said the beheading would have been broadcast live over the Internet. The soldier “has been placed under protective custody.”


A bomb killed a policeman north of the capital following several weeks of raids that detained over 30 Islamists. Abdur Rahman, Bangla Bhai and other JMB terrorists sentenced to hang ask for clemency.

Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, killed in Madagascar

Mohammed Jamal Khalifa. (CBS Photo). Click photo to view. Khalifa had an extensive history in funding, plotting al Qaeda terrorist activities; Task Force 145 likely scored the kill Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, one of Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-laws with deep roots in al Qaeda as a financier and facilitator, has been killed in his bedroom in […]

Al Qaeda

Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, who mined and traded precious stones in Madagascar, was found murdered his home. Khalifa’s more high profile terror activities included funding Abu Sayyaf and the Islamic Army of Aden, founding Benevolence International, and participating in the Operation Bojinka airline plot.


New US Commander Says Iraq Situation Can Be Salvaged

Pentagon IG’s report says troops downrange still lack critical equipment


(Iran) Rift Emerging Between President And Clerics