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Despite assurances by Islamabad that the recent accords with Taliban forces in NWFP do not empower militants, a two-day ban on newspapers by the Taliban in North Waziristan proves successful and demonstrates the Taliban’s domination. BBC apologizes for sparking the controversy by posting an old story that led to rioting, abduction of a local journalist […]

Al Qaeda

Somalia: Suicide car bomb kills seven people near Govt. base


Thai Militants Claim Border As Religious Conflict Zone


Thousands of Awami League opposition supporters surround presidential palace in Dhaka as allegations grow that the pro-Islamist government is preparing to rig upcoming January 21 elections.


JI fugitive Dulmatin’s wife and two sons have been deported back to Java, Indonesia, as the manhunt continues. Peace negotiations between Manila and MILF, which is suspected to coordinate operations with JI in Mindanao, appears to be back on track.


Islamists blow up Ethiopian truck in Somalia-residents


After Waziristan, it’s now the Talibanization of Bajaur in Pak


Iran and Syria aren’t our friends in Iraq


Baidoa hit by suicide attack as pressure builds for international action against the UIC. Ethiopian parliament authorizes military action. UIC forces appear to be closing in on Baidoa, detonating remote-controlled bomb on Ethiopian lorry 18 km outside of the seat of the TFG. UN moves closer to adopting a draft resolution that will both tighten […]

The Taliban Press

Taliban ban newspaper sales in North Waziristan; free press in Western Pakistan is in danger; North Waziristan Taliban Shura to meet on Friday NWFP/FATA. Click map to view. While many in the western press and various governments continue to debate the results of the Waziristan Accord, which turned North Waziristan over to the Taliban and […]


Key Bush-Maliki summit on Iraq delayed

Embed Update

This post will remain at the top for several days, please scroll down for updates I’m heading to Iraq within the next week. I was able to secure the embed without going through an outside media organization, as I had to do in the past. I established a non-profit, called Public Multimedia, Inc., incorporated as […]


The Islamic Courts will invite “foreign fighters” if the UN arms embargo is lifted (note: al Qaeda is already there.) The Ethiopians and the ICU exchanged mortar fire in Puntland. Ethiopian forces have moved south towards Galkayo. A raido reporter was held for three days by the ICU and beaten.


Morocco arrests imam for recruiting Iraq bombers


Over 7000 al Qaeda in Iraq have been killed or captured over the past 2 years. President Bush and PM Maliki will meet in Jordan today. 36 Sadr politicians are ‘boycotting the government,’ not resigning as they initially threatened. An internal memo cites concerns about PM Maliki’s ability to control the security situation. Insurgent attacks […]


NWFP Governor Jan Orakzai is advising the Pashtun jirga (more on Orakzai.) Interior Minister Sherpao defended the Bajaur strike to parliament but did not say who actually fired the shot (we said the U.S. did on the day the news broke.) Pakistan has successfully test fired the Hataf-IV ballistic missile, with a range of 420 […]


NATO pledged about 500 more troops for Afghanistan. About 2,500 are needed. NATO claims the Afghan security forces will be ready to begin taking control by 2008. The U.S. is donating helicopters and planes to the Ministry of Defense.

Al Qaeda

First Issue of the Technical Mujahid, a New Periodic Magazine Related to Technology and Internet Security Published by al-Fajr Information Center

Muslim Cleric Warns Pope Of ‘Islamophobia’


Bush to focus on Iraqi troops in Maliki talks