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Fourth Australian possibly arrested in Yemen on terror charge


The cordon around Sadr City has been lifted by the order of PM Maliki. Sadr claims he approved last week’s operation inside Sadr City that led to 10 deaths. Three Mahdi Army militiamen were arrested in a raid today inside Sadr City; 5 al Qaeda killed and one detained in Baghdad. President Talibani said the […]


The Islamic Courts are establishing a chapter in Puntland. The president of semi autonomous Puntland is rushing to the region to prevent the establishment of the courts. Anti-ICU protests broke out in central Somalia after the ICU executed six of Col Hirale’s captured militiamen.

Aftermath of the Bajaur Airstrike

Demonstrations, political maneuvering follows the attack on the Taliban and al Qaeda training camp in the Chingai madrassa Sirajul al-Haq addresses a rally in Bajaur, Pakistan. Click image to view. The aftermath of the destruction of the Taliban madrassa in the town of Chingai in Bajaur agency, Pakistan was predictable. Local tribesmen and Islamist Pakistani […]


Fifty-five Taliban are killed in fighting in Ururgan. A NATO airstrike killed 12 Taliban in Kandahar. Three NATO troops are killed in a bombing in Nurestan.


Yemen is fast becoming a new terrorist training center, according to Australian sources. Eight foreign al Qaeda suspects were arrested for smuggling weapons to Somalia’s Islamic Courts Union. “The men had links to the Islamic Imam university in Sana’a,” the same university John Walker Lindh, the “American Taliban,” attended.


The Israeli Army is planning an extensive operation in Gaza. The IAF conducted a mock air raid over Beirut. Hezbollah is rebuilding its military capacity in southern Lebanon. Two Hamas terrorists were killed in the Gaza Strip.


Top Commander of Hizbul Mujahideen killed in Indian-administered Kashmir


Saudi Envoy Says Dividing Iraq Will Cause Mass Killing


An Iraqi police force under the militias’ sway


NBC: On-scene at blasted Pakistan madrassa – ‘Terror’ school where 80 killed linked to bin Laden and Taliban, locals say


The Muslim riots continue as France considers pasing new anti-vandalism and riot laws. A woman was critically burned by rioters in the city of Marseille. “In the first six months of 2006, some 21,000 cars were burned out and 2,882 attacks on police, fire and ambulance services were recorded.”

A Closer Look at the Chingai Airstrike in Bajaur, Pakistan

Questions over target of strike in Bajaur, who conducted it, and why. Zawahiri may have been a target. Tribesmen gather near the bodies of those killed during a Pakistan army air strike in Chenagai in the Bajaur tribal region bordering Afghanistan, October 30, 2006. (Handout/Reuters). Click image to view. As we reported just this morning, […]


Saudi envoy warns US against abrupt Iraq withdrawal


More Ceasefire Violations in Mindanao, Pressure Mounts as Deadline in Peace Talks Nears


Sadr himself approved Sadr City raid: aide