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Saudi Arabia

Satirical Saudi show makes mockery of militants, draws fundamentalist ire


Ramadi has ‘Tipped™ to Iraqi Government, Coalition


India says Pakistan’s ISI (intelligence service), Lashkar-e-Toiba and SIMI are behind the Mumbai train bombings that killed over 200. Pakistani calls the charges “baseless” and asks for evidence. Fifteen suspects are currently in Indian custody.


Darfur ex-rebels accuse Sudan army of attacking HQ


Turkey’s Kurdish rebels declare ceasefire


Armed confrontations between Anbar tribes, al Qaeda


Indian Police Blame Pakistan’s ISI in Mumbai Bombings


“Baghdad under curfew” – an update


Basra governor says Iraq police tried to kill him


Reports Army unit abandoned convoy in Iraq incorrect


The Islamic Courts continues its conquest of Somalia. The Lower Shabelle region and the towns of Kalaber and Jawil are now under the control of the ICU. Kenyan troops have been placed on high alert all along the Somali border.


A suicide bomber kills 12 and wounds over 40 in a crowded Kabul market. Two weeks ago, the Kabul police broke up an al Qaeda bombing cell.


Bajaur and South Waziristan are next to be given a truce (see “Future Surrender and the Expansion of Talibanistan“). The Taliban have claimed responsibility for killing a “spy.” The “Taliban captured this spy and gave him punishment according to Shariah (Islamic law)… He had reported that 10 Taliban centres were here,” according to a leaflet […]

Al Qaeda

Global Crisis Watch has the video, a translation, images and analysis of the Ayman al-Zawahiri’s latest videotape, titled “Bush, the Catholic Pope, and Darfur: The Crusader’s Wars.”

The Green Zone Plot and the Baghdad Curfew

Baghdad goes under curfew after a multiple suicide attack plot directed against the Green Zone was uncovered Adnan al-Dulaimi. Click image to view. As the news of a weekend long curfew in Baghdad was announced, Omar from Iraq the Model reported that there are “fierce clashes” in the north and eastern sections of the city. […]

Belgium Rules Sifting of Bank Data [SWIFT] Illegal


Iranian FM: No Reason for Iran to Suspend Nuclear Activities


Two Taliban and one policeman were killed after the Taliban attacked a police checkpoint in Zabul. A Canadian soldier was killed in the Panjwai district of Kandahar after setting off a land mine. Afghan and Coalition forces disable several roadside bombs in Paktika province, which sits across the border from Waziristan.

Al Qaeda

As Sahab Productions has released Ayman al-Zawahiri’s latest videotape, which addresses President Bush, “the Pope of the Vatican, Darfur, and the Crusader Wars.” The capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the planner of 9-11, also plays a prominent role in Zawahiri’s message.


Commander: Iraq insurgents losing ground

Anbar Tribes vs. al Qaeda

Five al Qaeda, including three Yemenis, are captured by a tribal force in Ramadi Iraq. Click map to view. Less than two weeks after 25 of the 31 predominately Sunni tribes in Anbar Province pledged to fight al Qaeda and support the Shiite led government of Prime Minister Maliki, the tribes have taken a shot […]