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Excerpts from the Osama bin Laden Tape

The latest Osama bin Laden tape has focused almost exclusively on the death and lionization of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, with very little deviation on this theme. As Evan Kohlmann indicated last evening, the “intended audience are those primarily supportive of Al Qaeda.” Excerpted below are items of interest in the tape (post will be updated […]

Insurgent Counterproposal to Reconciliation; offer to lay down arms

Evan Kohlmann’s chart of the major Sunni insurgent/terrorist groups. Click to view. Eleven insurgent groups, eight of which are being led by the 1920 Revolution Brigades, have issued a counter proposal to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s plan for national reconciliation. The insurgent groups have offered to quit the battlefield if the following conditions are […]

Maliki clarifies reconciliation; Task Force 145 continues operations

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has provided clarity to the controversial provision of amnesty for insurgents who killed U.S. and Coalition soldiers. “Any amnesty for insurgents will exclude fighters who killed Iraqis or soldiers of the multinational forces because these troops came to Iraq according to international agreements and they are contributing in making the […]

Iraq and National Reconciliation

National Review Online invited me to participate in an online symposium about the Iraqi government’s efforts to end the insurgency by offering a plan for national reconciliation. There has been much criticism of this plan as it is feared insurgents responsible for killing American soldiers will be given a pass for their crimes. But in […]

Taliban losses in Afghanistan, gains in Pakistan

The latest round of fighting in southeastern Afghanistan has claimed over 82 Taliban fighters in two separate engagements in Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces. Security Watchtower provides a breakdown of the estimated casualties of Taliban and Coalition forces in southeastern Afghanistan since the beginning of April. An estimated 600 Taliban have been killed and 22 captured, […]

Kabul to Qalat

Haji, our Afghan driver and guide. Click to view. After arriving back in Kabul on a U.S. Air Force military C-130 transport from Kandahar, I met up with my friend Tim Lynch, the Afghanistan country manager for World Security Initiatives, a private contracting firm. WSI is located off of Jalalabad road, the main artery between […]

Observations from Southeastern Afghanistan

Here are some personal observations, from Kandahar, which are supported by numerous discussions with senior officers and the foot soldiers: Afghan police “on duty” at Patrol Base Wilson in Zari District. Click image to view. – Pakistan’s lawless tribal belts are a major source of Taliban support, including indoctrinating, funding, arming and training Pakistani and […]

Soft Targets

Haji Agha Lalai (left, Director of Kandahar Strengthening Peace) and Mullah Ibrahim (right). Click image to view. Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan: As Coalition and Afghan forces press on with Operation Mountain Thrust in southeastern Afghanistan, the fighting in the Zari and Panjwai has abated. Lieutenant Colonel Ian Hope, the Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion of […]