THIS is Jihad

As al Qaeda continues to fight in Iraq, it exposes its true nature to the Iraqi people, and to the rest of the world… if only the world would pay attention. Chester points us to an interrogation of Abed, a member of al Qaeda affiliate Ansar al-Islam. Abed’s band of murderers routinely practiced rape and political assassinations. A revolting taste:

Interrogator: “Is this Jihad – raping women? Is this Jihad?”

Abed: “It is because they collaborated with the Americans.”

Interrogator: “That’s why they were raped?”

Abed: “Yes.”

Interrogator: “A student who is simply going to her university is kidnapped, raped, and then slaughtered?! This was an American collaborator?!”

Abed: “Mullah Al-Raikan would give the names to the squad commander.”

Interrogator: “My information says that they were kidnapped and brought to Mullah Al-Raikan’s headquarters. True or false?”

Abed: “He would interrogate them.”

Interrogator: “Were they raped after the interrogation?”

Abed: “Yes. He would give them to the squad, and they would kill them. Some would rape them.”

Interrogator: “You bastards. This is Jihad? You call this Jihad? “

Al Qaeda has nothing to offer but what we see in the interviews of Abed and Adan Elias, another member of Ansar al-Islam. Elias participated in torture, the dismemberment of corpses and booby trapping the dead so their families would be murdered when picking up their loved ones.

Freedom and Jihad cannot coexist, and therefore al Qaeda is forced to turn its weapons on the only ethnic group where it retains some measure sympathy, giving them a taste of Jihad. A sure sign of desperation, as the war is now in al Qaeda’s back yard. In Mosul, three Sunni election workers of the Islamic Party are assassinated attempting to register voters.

They were driven to another neighborhood, shoved against a wall near the Dhi al-Nourein mosque, and shot dead while more masked gunmen blocked a major street, witnesses said. The gunmen then fled in three cars, leaving the bodies.

In Ramadi, Sunnis’ attempts to convince their neighbors to vote is met by violence.

Masked gunmen in the western city of Ramadi responded violently Thursday to recent calls for political participation among Iraq’s Sunni Arab minority, opening fire on local leaders who had gathered to discuss plans to register voters for a nationwide constitutional referendum.

The midmorning attack wounded three people, including the branch heads of the Sunni Endowment, the government agency responsible for Sunni religious affairs, and the Association of Muslim Scholars, Iraq’s most influential Sunni religious group. The hail of machine-gun fire from slow-moving sedans came at the close of the meeting, as tribal leaders and Anbar province’s governor, Mamoun Sami Rashid, were answering reporters’ questions on the steps of the city’s Great Mosque 

Asked about the threats by insurgents, one attendee, Mahdi Salih, a former major general in Hussein’s army, said people would not be scared away from the polls. “We are going to risk our lives for the sake of our children if the Zarqawi group insists on its position,” he said.

Mahdi Salih isn’t exaggerating when he states his children’s future is at risk.

Intimidation. Torture. Rape. Assassination. Murder.

This is the future al Qaeda offers to the Iraqi people, and the rest of the world if given the chance.

Make no mistake, this is Jihad.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • leaddog2 says:

    This Sounds like the typical Demoncrat and moveon meet-up from last year.

  • Karridine says:

    The kind of courage exhibited, day after day, by Iraqis and other freedom-NEEDING people, is awe-inspiring!
    Thank you for posting this story. It reminds me of the ‘times that try men’s souls’, when a band of representatives put THEIR OWN lives and fortunes in jeopardy for an imagined future: the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.
    My Grandpa was there!
    Kerry Dean Hooper (forebear: William Hooper)
    It is no easy thing they do, and the THUGS want to beat them down!

  • Van Helsing says:

    This is what the Sheehanistas want to inflict on the people of Iraq. These terrorists are the same ones Michael Moore can’t distinguish from our Minutemen.

  • Brad says:

    Iraq is in the hands of the Iraqis, only they (backers of the government) can win when they (the insurgency + aQ) screw it up.

  • Enigma says:

    Intimidation. Torture. Rape. Assassination. Murder.
    The Michael Moore anti-war Left must be really proud of their “freedom fighter” heroes.

  • legion says:

    This is why leftists support the terrorists. They would like a piece of that action themselves.
    “You bastard! This is jihad? You call this jihad?”
    Or in the case of leftists, “You bastard! This is revolution? You call this revolution?”

  • T. Longren says:

    Iraq: The Islamic State

    Reuters is reporting that U.S. diplomats have basically just said screw it and are allowing Islam to be

  • Rodney A Stanton says:

    Why my President needs to find his lost spine. We must win the war. We can not have another “Peace With Honor”. As Dougy said 55 years ago ” There is no substitute for victory.” If we do not kill them there they will kill us and our kin here. It is do or die.

  • vucommodore says:

    Okay, great, Al Qaeda is bad. Is that supposed to be some surprise?
    Now what are we going to do about the fact that we’re stuck in an unrelenting campaign with no end in sight that is costing thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars?
    Senator Hagel, a Republican who represents the reddest of all Red States and has been to Iraq sees that there is a real problem. Unless you all are wearing political blinders, you should see it too.

  • vucommodore says:

    I call Chuck Hagel what he is… a politician with a massive ego who cares ONLY about his personal ambition and DOES NOT give a Damn about America.
    He purchased his Senate seat by out spending his opponent by 3 to 1. Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin are other members of that abhorrent species.
    Kagel is ALSO a known liar. I was there for a year recently. Hagel was there for a few days. Any politician of either party of the “cut and run variety” only wants YOU to die.
    McCain and Hagel, Clinton and Kerry, Moore and Dean…. I see no difference. They are all guilty of TREASON!

  • leaddog2 says:

    I posted the above comment in response to vucommodore’s B.S. I do not normally waste time with anti-American trolls. vucommodore has NOT made a pro-America comment this year, so I do not respect the source.

  • vucommodore says:

    Chuck Hagel has nothing to gain by opposing the War in Iraq and much to lose. By doing so, he is guaranteeing that he will never be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. He is also jeopardizing his chances of re-election in one of the reddest of all of the Red States. He’s either a very stupid politician or he is speaking his mind because that’s what he believes in. Chuck Hagel also served in the military during Vietnam when he was called unlike just about every member of the Bush administratin.
    I’m sorry buddy but if you’re looking for someone anti-American then look in the mirror.
    If you want your country involved in an endless quagmire with no solution that is costing thousands of American lives and hundreds of billions of American dollars, then you definitely do not wish well for your country. You are simply extremely loyal to your partisanship and using attacks on the patriotism of others to justify your opinions because you cannot debate them based on fact. If being against the War in Iraq is “Anti-American”, then the majority must hate their own country.
    I have never suggested to run away but I think it’s time to realize that the current strategy is NOT working and it’s time to change the strategy or end the war. There has to be an end to this soon one way or another because it is inciting anger throughout the Middle East and is providing a rallying cry for terrorists to recruit angry young men.

  • vucommodore says:

    “McCain (War Hero), Kerry (War Hero), Hagel (Vietnam Veteran) are all guilty of treason”
    ……..while chickenhawks who ran away from serving their country like Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, etc. etc. etc. are the patriotic heroes
    Give me a break

  • Blogger Beer says:

    Torture, Rape, and Assassination.

    Are these the actions the left claims to be modeled on the Minuteman? Did George Washington and his lieutenants rape the daughters of their enemies and then kill them? Did the Continental Army and the Minutemen rig the bodies with explosives so their…

  • leaddog2 says:

    Kerry is NOW and always has been a Traitor. His “war-hero” crap is Total B.S. He wrote his own recommendations, you know! McCain was a POW. Look at how he is viewed by those he served with!
    Hagel is not worth discussing. He is a non-entity.
    McCain and Hagel are NOT RESPECTED in the military community and for very good reasons! Check it out! If you believe the Liberal Media polls, then that confirms that you must be a crack-head. There is no other rational explanation.
    Besides, I have been in-country in the last year.
    I know Bull Shit when I see it. You are full of it.

  • What does Hagel have to gain from his opposition to Iraq?
    The undying love of the MSM.


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