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Sanaa International Airport has been closed after four blasts destroyed two Yemeni fighter aircraft; the cause of the explosions has not been determined. Four people were killed when government forces shelled villages in Arhab.

Four soldiers were wounded in a bombing outside a security headquarters in Aden. The attack follows another in Aden on Friday, which killed a senior anti-terror security official.

Security forces killed six al Qaeda fighters in attacks in Shaqra and Zinjibar. The government denied it was employing Syrians to battle protesters.

Security forces killed two protesters in Sana'a. Three Syrian technicians and a Yemeni were killed when a military cargo plane crashed in Lahj. Tribesmen kidnapped a Russian doctor.

Two Yemeni fighters and three "Islamist militants" were killed during clashes in the southern port city of Aden. Yemenis have described Aden as being under siege from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Tribesmen said they would attack US citizens and kill French hostages in retaliation for the drone strike that killed Anwar al Awlaki, his son, and other al Qaeda leaders. Tribesmen in Shabwa province claimed that drones are hovering over the area.

President Saleh demanded guarantees from foreign governments if he is to transfer power. The UNSC is preparing to vote on a resolution dealing with the escalating violence in Yemen. Tribesmen blew up an oil pipeline in Marib.

The government claimed 18 people were killed during clashes between pro-government forces and a tribal leader in Sana'a and Taiz. Security forces arrested three "terrorists" in Aden.

An Egyptian named Ibrahim al Bana who served as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's media chief, and Abdul Rahman al Awlaki were among seven AQAP operatives killed in five US airstrikes in Shabwa. AQAP also blew up a gas pipeline in Shabwa.

An Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bomber killed a policeman in an attack on a police vehicle in the Al Tawahi district in Aden. The government claimed two policemen were injured in the attack.

An air force officer was killed when a bomb placed on his car exploded outside a police station in the Al Qawla district in Aden. Officials are blaming al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Security forces arrested "a terrorist group" in the Tawahi district in Aden. The terrorists were manufacturing explosive devices and "Jihadist publications" were also found.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claimed Yemen troops have withdrawn from areas of Zinjibar and abandoned their weapons. The opposition doubts President Saleh will step aside.

President Saleh claimed he will step down over the next several days. The commander of the 25th Mechanized Brigade claimed al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula will be driven from Abyan in the next several days. A policemen was killed in a bombing in Aden.

Twelve Ansar al Sharia fighters were killed in Ja'ar, and four soldiers and three al Qaeda fighters were killed in Zinjibar. The military killed eight civilians during shelling in Taiz.

The Yemeni government denied reports that Yemeni Air Force fighter-bombers killed 30 soldiers during strikes in Abyan province. "Such news is unfounded," the official news service of the state claimed.

The Yemeni air force killed 30 of its own soldiers in a strike outside of Zinjibar. The soldiers were from the 119th Brigade, which is said to support forces opposing President Saleh's regime.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters killed three Yemeni soldiers in the contested city of Zinjibar. A Yemeni official claimed the government provided key intelligence that led to the deaths of Anwar al Awlaki and Samir Khan.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters executed a man in public and chopped off the hand of another in Ja'ar. The military killed 15 AQAP fighters in Zinjibar.

Tribesmen shot down a Russian-made Sukhoi fighter from the Yemeni air force in the Naham area outside of Sana'a. The government accused the Joint Meeting Parties of blowing up a pipeline in Marib.