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Police issued a terror alert for Kampala regarding an imminent attack. This is the third such alert since September.

The police force issued a red alert and recalled all its officers from leave after warnings that Shabaab is seeking to execute a Westgate-type attack in Uganda. A police spokesman said that "[o]ur intelligence and that of the Americans show an imminent terror attack is likely."

Ugandan authorities beefed up security after receiving warnings that Shabaab may try to execute a Westgate Mall-type attack in Kampala. The US Embassy in Kampala issued a warning on Oct. 15 about the plot. Ugandan police warned on Oct. 2 that wanted Shabaab terrorist Andreas Martin Mueller a.k.a. Ahmed Khaled traveled to Kampala from Limulu, Kenya on Oct. 1. Authorities had looked for Mueller, who is of German origin, when he entered the country in January 2012 along with another Shabaab operative, Emrah Erdogan a.k.a. Imraan Al-Kurdy a.k.a. Salahaddin Al-Kurdy; the two men went to Tanzania, where Erdogan was arrested.

A senior police official said that five Shabaab operatives who entered the country last month are still missing. The five "foreign fighters" are said to be involved in the 2010 suicide attacks in Kampala.

Uganda plans to pull its troops out of the UN-mandated force in Somalia after the UN accused Uganda of supporting the Congolese rebel group M23. Uganda currently supplies over a third of the UN's 17,600 troops in Somalia. Citing a need to focus on domestic security, Uganda will also withdraw its troops from the Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Police released a photo of Muhamed Libani Hajji, a known Shabaab terrorist from Somalia. Hajji is thought to have entered Uganda to conduct attacks.

Police arrested five Pakistanis in an area where militants from the Shabaab-linked Allied Democratic Forces have been based. The suspects, who are thought to have ties to militants, had entered Uganda in the Ntoroko district, which borders the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Police arrested a Somali and a Ugandan in Kisenyi on suspicion of plotting terror attacks. The Somali was identified as Abdula Mohammed.

A court sentenced two Ugandans linked to Shabaab to prison for their involvement in the July 2010 suicide attacked that killed 76 people in Kampala. Edris Nsubuga was sentenced to 25 years after admitting to planting the explosives; Muhamoud Mugisha was sentenced to five years for conspiracy.

Police issued a terror alert after receiving a threat from Shabaab operatives. Police have been instructed to "be on the lookout for any suspicious material and explosive accessories" and to step up patrols at crowded areas and sensitive sites.

Police arrested three Somalis who are suspected of belonging to Shabaab. The Somalis were arrested while crossing the border in Busia. One of the suspects, a woman, had a Swedish passport.

A Ugandan court acquitted 18 men accused of involvement in the July 2010 double suicide bombing in Kampala, which killed 74 people. Seventeen others have been remanded to custody for trial.

Police arrested Omar Awadh Omar, the second in command of the Saleh Ali Nabhan Brigade, the Shabaab cell that carried out the July 11 double suicide attack in Kampala that killed 76 people. Omar, Kenyan national, was detained along with Al Amin Kimathi, a Muslim human rights activist.

Sheikh Fua™d Mohamed Khalaf, a senior Shabaab leader who is from Saudi Arabia, threatened to carry out more attacks in Kampala if Uganda deploys more troops to Somalia. Uganda recently sent 750 additional soldiers to Mogadishu.

Mohammed Mugisha admitted to his involvement in the July 11 suicide attacks in Kampala that killed 76 people. Mugisha said he frequently traveled to Somalia to meet with al Qaeda handlers. Two more suspects, a Somali and a Kenyan, were arrested and charged with involvement in the Kampala attacks.

The government charged 32 suspects in the July 11 dual suicide attacks in Kampala that killed 76 people. Ugandan, Kenyan, and Somali nationals are among those charge. Four suspects have confessed to their involvement in the Shabaab attack.

A court has charged three Kenyan men for their involvement in the July 11 suicide attacks in Kampala that killed 74 people. One of the men, Hussein Hassan Agad, was described as "a preacher of Islam." Shabaab's Saleh Ali Nabhan Brigade claimed the attack.

Five Pakistanis are among more than 20 suspects detained for involvement in the July 11 bombings in Kampala that killed 74 people. One of the Pakistanis was mentioned in an email to a Shabaab spokesman. Police believe the attacks were carried out by Shabaab suicide bombers.

The Ugandan army spokesman said his country is willing to add an additional 2,000 troops to the African Union force in Somalia if other nations fail to fulfill their commitment. Police arrested four unidentified Eritreans and a Somali in connection with the July 11 suicide attacks in Kampala.

Police detained four "foreigners" suspected of being involved in the deadly suicide attacks in Kampala that killed 74 people. Police also found an unexploded suicide vest in a suburb of Kampala.