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Security forces killed eight Taliban fighters in Arakzai. The Taliban killed a policeman in an attack on polio vaccination teams in Mardan. Five people, including two policemen, were killed in attacks in Karachi.

The military claimed that 100 militants and 13 soldiers were killed in clashes in the Tirah Valley. A deputy superintendent of police and his guard were gunned down in Quetta; the police official had been awaiting transfer to Islamabad because he had received death threats for cracking down on terrorist groups.

Three French jihadists from Orleans were deported to France; they had been held in Pakistan since May 28, 2012 after entering the country illegally from Iran. They were detained with al Qaeda operative Naamen Meziche, whose arrest was announced in June 2012. Pakistani officials said at the time he was likely going to Somalia, but Western officials believe he was headed for Pakistan's tribal areas near the Afghan border.

The Taliban killed three policemen and five electrical workers in an attack on a power substation in Peshawar; four workers are missing. The military killed five Taliban fighters in airstrikes in North Waziristan.

The Taliban claimed credit for bombings in Bannu and Mardan that killed three people. A policemen was killed in a suicide attack in Mardan, while two people were killed in an IED attack at a political rally in Bannu.

Security forces killed three Taliban fighters as they attacked an outpost in Bajaur. Two security personnel were killed in a bombing in Bajaur. Pakistani security officials claimed that 9,000, including more than 3,000 security personnel, people have been killed in terrorist attacks in the past five years.

US drones killed four "militants" in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan. Eight people were killed in a bombing in Jaffarabad. The Taliban attacked US supply containers in Peshawar and Khyber.

Two suicide bombers attacked a court in Peshawar, killing two people and wounding 30 more. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan suspended peace talks with the government.

Five people were killed in a bombing inside of a mosque in Peshawar. A Muslim mob torched dozens of homes in a Christian neighborhood in Karachi after a Christian man was accused of committing blasphemy.

Security forces killed 11 Taliban fighters in operations in Arakzai and Khyber. Eleven Taliban and Ansarul Islam fighters were killed in clashes in Khyber's Tirah Valley. The US said Pakistan may face sanctions if it completes a gas pipeline with Iran.

Five Taliban fighters and one security official were killed in fighting in Arakzai. The Taliban released a video of a university chancellor who was kidnapped in Peshawar two years ago. Pakistan will build a gas line to Iran despite US objections.

A UN Human Rights Council report said a "sense of impunity" surrounds the hundreds, if not thousands, of forced disappearances in Pakistan which, according to the report, became widespread after 9/11. Although the cases typically involved a person's arrest by law enforcement authorities working in conjunction with intelligence agencies, the UN Working Group "was unable to obtain information on any conviction of State agents in relation to acts of enforced disappearance."

The military killed eight "militants" in airstrikes in Arakzai. "Gunmen" killed a journalist in North Waziristan. The Taliban bombed four schools in Mohmand.

Security forces killed four Taliban fighters and three Lashar-e-Islam members in operations in Khyber. One security official was killed in a blast at a paramilitary camp in Khyber.

Police arrested a Taliban fundraiser and four "militants" in Karachi. Pakistan requested that Afghanistan extradite former Taliban commander Faqir Mohammed. Police have initiated a blasphemy probe against Sherry Rehman, Pakistan's Ambassador to the US.

The military killed eight Taliban fighters in Arakzai. The government postponed polio vaccinations in Quetta after yesterday's deadly bombing that killed scores of Shiites.

A bombing in Quetta killed 79 Pakistani Shiites and wounded more than 170. Security forces killed a Taliban fighter and detained 12 more during operations in Bannu and Taxila.

Pakistani jets killed eight "militants" in Arakzai. The chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa dodged a suicide bombing in Mardan. The fate of the Taliban commander Tariq Afridi is still unknown. The Taliban rejected peace talks.

A suicide bomber killed seven people in an attack on a police station in Bannu. Upwards of six members of a Taliban suicide assault team were killed in a separate attack on a police station in Bannu. The Taliban killed nine people in two bombings in Arakzai. Two Taliban commanders were gunned down in Khyber.

US drones killed two Arab al Qaeda operatives, including an explosives expert, four Uzbeks, and a Taliban fighter in a strike in South Waziristan. Pakistan's foreign secretary claimed al Qaeda has been eliminated in his country.