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A report from the IAEA said Iran had doubled the capacity at its uranium enrichment plant. Iran has postponed the startup of a nuclear reactor in Akak; the research reactor has the capability of producing plutonium for nuclear arms.

The US, China, Russia, France, the UK, and Germany planned to meet to discuss negotiation strategy over Iran's nuclear program; it is unclear if Iran is ready to participate in negotiations. Iran state TV reported the arrest of people plotting bomb attacks with the support of Western and Israeli spy agencies.

Iran launched a large air defense exercise. The exercise spanned Iran's northeastern, eastern, and southeastern regions.

Iran confirmed that its jets shot at a US reconnaissance drone. Iranian and UN officials plan to meet in Tehran next month to restart talks over Iran's nuclear program.

Iranian air force jets fired at an unarmed US drone. The drone was flying off the coast of Kuwait in international waters. Iran's news agency said the military would hold a "massive" air defense exercise, starting this weekend. Iran banned the importation of luxury goods.

Israel has concluded that Iran has pulled back from building a nuclear weapon. By converting some of its enriched uranium to civilian use, Iran has delayed building a bomb by 8 to 10 months.

Iran completed the installation of uranium enrichment centrifuges in its Fordow plant, which is built inside a mountain to resist air attacks. Iran's supreme leader Khamenei blamed the US and Israel for the civil war in Syria.

Continued concern over Iran's nuclear program prompted the EU to impose a range of new economic sanctions on Iran. Iran said it would cut the imports of nonessential goods as it moves to a resistance economy.

Iran's foreign minister said "Iran is ready to show flexibility" in talks over its nuclear program. Iran would halt further uranium enrichment in exchange for a guaranteed supply and acknowledgment of Iran's right to enrich uranium.

Iran repelled cyberattacks against its communication networks on offshore oil and gas platforms. A think tank estimated Iran could produce enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb within two to four months.

Iran withdrew 275 members of its elite Qods Force from Syria. The force had been supporting the Assad regime.

In a bid to restart nuclear talks, Iran converted a third of its highly enriched uranium into a powder that is difficult to reprocess into weapons. Iran's proposal for a partial suspension of uranium enrichment was rejected by the US. Clerics called the near collapse of the national currency a US-led conspiracy to wage economic war on Iran.

In Tehran, riot police clashed with demonstrators protesting against President Ahmadinejad, blaming him for the plummeting currency. Cyberattacks on Iranian infrastructure and communications companies disrupted internet services.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said Iran would have enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb by next summer and that a "red line" should be drawn to stop it. Iran warned it would retaliate against any attack.

A senior commander of the Republican Guards said a cyber war was more dangerous to Iran than a physical war. President Ahmadinejad railed against Israel and the US in a speech at the UN.

Iran cut off Internet access to Google search, YouTube, and Gmail. A government news agency said the reason was YouTube's refusal to take down an inflammatory movie trailer about the Prophet Mohammed. Others cited the use of social media in anti-government demonstrations.

A senior member of parliament accused the IAEA of passing nuclear secrets to Israel. A senior IRGC commander said Iran could launch a preemptive strike against Israel and that Iran would also target US bases in the region.

Iran accused a German company of attempting to sabotage its nuclear program by planting explosives inside its equipment. An Iranian Republican Guard commander expected Iran to go to war with Israel.

The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization admitted supplying the UN with false information on its nuclear program. Four Western countries accused Iran of supplying arms to the Syrian government.

The EU's foreign policy chief will meet with Iran's chief nuclear negotiator. Britain said Western nations would step up sanctions against Iran if negotiations failed. Iran deployed a Russian-made submarine in the Persian Gulf.