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The Taliban killed three ISAF soldiers and nine Afghan civilians in bombings in the south and north, and freed 10 Afghan soldiers who were captured in Badakhshan. Video of yesterday's plane crash at Bagram has emerged on the Internet.

A civilian cargo plane crashed shortly after takeoff at Bagram Field, killing all seven people on board. Joint security forces arrested a Haqqani Network leader in Khost, a Taliban leader and Taliban facilitator in Kandahar, and confirmed the death of an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader in Baghlan on April 9.

Four ISAF soldiers were killed when an aircraft crashed in Zabul. A policeman killed two of his colleagues in Paktia. The Taliban announced the start of the Khalid bin Waleed spring offensive. The departing French ambassador had harsh words about the situation in Afghanistan.

The Taliban killed 45 civilians in an IED attack in Kandahar. A policeman killed six of his colleagues in Takhar. A hail storm damaged 50 ISAF helicopters based at Kandahar Air Field.

ISAF commander General Dunford said there is "improved security across the country." Security forces captured eight Pakistani Taliban fighters in Panjwai district in Kandahar.

Civilian casualties have risen by 30 percent over the past three months when compared with last year. Sixteen Taliban fighters and five policemen were killed in Faryab. The Taliban killed five children in a bombing in Kandahar. Turkey will keep some troops in Afghanistan after NATO pulls out at the end of 2014.

An Afghan policeman killed three of colleagues in Faryab, then killed a Taliban commander and himself. The Taliban killed two ISAF soldiers in the east, four civilians in Kandahar, and a prosecutor, his wife, and three civilians in Faryab.

The Taliban captured 11 people, including eight Turks and a Russian pilot, after their helicopter landed in Logar due to bad weather. ISAF killed a senior IMU commander in Balkh and a senior Taliban leader in Kandahar.

The Taliban killed six policemen in Ghazni, and a suicide bomber killed three civilians in Paktika. Security forces killed two "insurgents" while hunting for an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader in Balkh. Fifty-nine schoolgirls were poisoned in Takhar. The Taliban also mutilated two security guards in Herat.

The Afghanistan NGO Safety Office reported that Taliban attacks are up 47% the first quarter of this year as compared to last. Officials claimed 20 Taliban fighters were killed in Ghazni.

The Taliban killed 13 members of a pro-government militia in Ghazni, while a suicide bomber killed five policemen and two civilians in Helmand. Security forces killed two Taliban fighters in Laghman and two more in Helmand. Five would-be suicide bombers, including a woman, were detained in Nangarhar.

The Taliban killed four civilians in an attack on a police checkpoint in Helmand. Seventeen girls were hospitalized after being poisoned at school in Takhar. General Dunford said the Taliban continue to benefit from safe havens in Pakistan.

The Taliban kidnapped and then beheaded four members of the Afghan security forces in Jawzjan. The Red Crescent suspended work in northern Afghanistan after two of its workers were killed and two more injured in an attack in Jawzjan. Joint security forces detained a senior Taliban leader in Helmand and a Haqqani leader in Paktia. Haqqani facilitator Khaliq Mir died in a joint operation in Khost.

Afghan commandos killed a Taliban commander and 21 of his fighters, and captured 17 more during a raid in the Bati Kot district in Nangarhar. General Dunford said that US forces should remain in Afghanistan after 2014.

The kidnapped chief of a university in Balkh was found dead; his son blamed former jihadist leaders in the area for the crime. Afghan commandos killed 22 insurgents in Nangarhar. Seven civilians died in a roadside bombing in Zabul.

The Taliban overran an Afghan Army military post in Kunar, killing 13 soldiers and capturing two more; five Taliban fighters were also killed during the assault. A Taliban judge, 11 fighters, and four civilians were killed during clashes in Sar-i-Pul, Helmand, and Nangarhar.

The Taliban killed four Afghans in two bombings in Helmand and Uruzgan, and two children in a mortar attack in Paktika. Special operations forces killed a relative of an advisor to President Karzai during a raid in Uruzgan.

The Taliban killed four policemen in Nimroz, three civilians in Helmand, and an NDS agent in Kunduz. An Afghan soldier fired an RPG at Lithuanian soldiers in Ghor, wounding two. The governor of Balkh province said the West has failed Afghanistan.

The Taliban killed five civilians in an IED attack in Helmand and two policemen in Nuristan. Two ISAF soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Nangarhar. Two French citizens who were kidnapped months ago have been freed.

Joint Afghan and Coalition forces in Takhar arrested a facilitator "with ties to multiple terrorist organizations," including the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, and killed another IMU facilitator; and detained a known insurgent in Wardak. An insurgent roadside bomb in Wardak detonated under a busload of civilians, killing nine and injuring another 28.