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A top commander in the Iraqi Abou Fadl el-Abbas brigade, which is fighting in support of the Assad regime, was killed in clashes with rebel forces outside Damascus. After fierce fighting with the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham, Maghaweer Baba Amr, al-Khadra' battalion, and rebels, regime forces took over the Mahin arms depots and the towns of Howarin and al-Hadath in Homs. ISIS, Al Nusrah, and rebel forces withdrew to a stronghold in Tal Hasel in Aleppo and seized the road between Aleppo international airport and al-Safira city. Al Nusrah publicly executed a man in Aleppo, and rebels detained 30 civilians. Islamist and regime forces clashed in Reef Dimashq. ISIS refuted reports it had withdrawn in Raqqah and said rumors that ISIS was disbanding soon were untrue, as "the ISIS is bigger than any other organization on an international scale." Kurdish YPG fighters attacked ISIS, Al Nusrah, and rebels in Raqqah. ISIS released the head of the sharia council in Ma'dan after days of detention. Albania refused to allow the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons on its soil. ISIS released video of a Kurdish suicide bomber and another Kurdish fighter threatening fellow Kurds. Al Nusrah released video of its Sept. 11 suicide truck bombing near Deir al-Zour airport.