About The Long War Journal


The Long War Journal is dedicated to providing original and accurate reporting and analysis of the Long War (also known as the Global War on Terror). This is accomplished through its programs of embedded reporters, news and news aggregation, maps, podcasts, and other multimedia formats.

The Long War Journal is published by Public Multimedia Inc., a nonprofit media company.

The Long War Journal is a project of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The Long War Journal publishes five sections daily: Featured Articles, Threat Matrix, Today In, News links, and News Videos. The Special Features section is updated as the features are published.

Featured Articles:

The main entries at The Long War Journal are written by the staff, and focus on the major news of the day in the Long War. The entries include reports from reporters in the field, existing news and wire reports, and confidential and public sources.

Threat Matrix:

Threat Matrix is the blog of The Long War Journal. At Threat Matrix, the contributors provide pointers to interesting articles, quick analysis, or opinions on hot or overlooked topics of the day.

Special Reports:

The Special Reports section consists of original reporting and analysis, multimedia presentations, and compiled embedded reports produced by the Staff of The Long War Journal.

Today In:

The Today In section is a roundup of the important news of the day in the major theaters or related to existing terror groups. The section is updated throughout the day.


The News consists of open source reporting, analysis, opinion, and commentary from news organizations, think tanks, blogs, and other sources. These are articles of interest; the staff of The Long War Journal does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the reporting, analysis, opinion, and commentary. The News section is updated throughout the day.