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Musharraf admits US aid diverted to nuke program


Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has admitted to what many of us have known for some time: Pakistan has diverted US aid - money that was intended to be used to fight al Qaeda and the Taliban - to programs designed to strengthen the military against India. From The Times of India:

Musharraf admitted that he had violated rules governing the use of the military aid, and justified his actions by saying he had "acted in the best interest of Pakistan."

In an interview with a news channel, he said he "did not care" whether the US would be angered by his disclosure.

The former military ruler, who resigned as President in August last year to avoid impeachment, said he was not ready to compromise on Pakistan's interests.

And although Musharraf doesn't explicitly say so, US money was used to fund and advance Pakistan's nuclear program:

Musharraf said Pakistan's nuclear programme was so advanced during his tenure that scientists had not only begun enriching uranium but had also developed plutonium-based weapons.

Pakistan is demanding that the US release $1.6 billion under the Coalition Support Fund. "Pakistan needs the funds to cater to its deteriorating economy and to fulfill the requirements of its defence and armed forces," Dawn reported on Sept. 10. The government has insisted the money be given directly to Pakistan, with no checks on the spending.