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'Guantanamo Swede' reportedly arrested in Pakistan

A former Guantanamo detainee named Mehdi Mohammad Ghezali has reportedly been arrested in Pakistan on terrorism charges. According to the Associated Press:

Mehdi-Muhammed Ghezali was arrested with two other Swedes and nine other foreigners close to the country's northwestern tribal regions...

The 12 foreigners were arrested Aug. 28 in the town of Dera Ghazi Khan. Police said at the time they had allegedly sneaked in from Iran and were planning to travel to the tribal areas. One was carrying a laptop computer and $10,000.

There is little information available on the allegations that were levied against Ghezali during his time at Gitmo. He was released prior to the commencement of the combatant status review tribunals, so there are no publicly available U.S. government documents concerning Ghezali's case. He was captured near the Af-Pak border in December 2001, as he reportedly fled the Tora Bora Mountains. The AP reports, "Ghezali reportedly was part of a group of 156 suspected al-Qaida fighters caught while fleeing Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains."

According to Pakistani authorities, Ghezali was working with al Qaeda once again at the time of his arrest.