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Russian helicopter downed by the Islamic State near Palmyra, Syria

Russia initially denied that a helicopter was downed east of Palmyra, Syria. After the Islamic State posted a video of the attack, the Russians conceded that two pilots were killed when the chopper was struck by Islamic State terrorists. Russian propaganda has blamed an American-made TOW missile for bringing down the helicopter, but the video seems to show anti-aircraft fire hitting the tail rotor of the chopper.

Al Nusrah Front raids villages controlled by rebel group in Homs province

Al Nusrah Front has accused the Shuhadaa Al Baydhaa brigade in the northern part of Homs province of secretly serving Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s Islamic State. The brigade denies this allegation. Al Nusrah raided villages under Shuhadaa Al Baydhaa’s control and claims to have captured “spoils.” The move may be intended to secure a supply route for Al Nusrah into Homs.