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Ansar al Sharia Egypt in the Sinai

A group calling itself Ansar al Sharia Egypt has announced its formation in the Sinai and has threatened violence in the wake of recent events. It is not clear if the organization is truly a new front, or simply a covert part of an already established group with the same name.

On the Ansar al Sharia Facebook pages

The Ansar al Sharia Facebook pages analyzed by The Long War Journal contain valuable information, in addition to bluster. Two Facebook pages we reported on have been taken down since our articles first appeared.

Ansar al Sharia Egypt releases founding statement

Ashush.jpgAnsar al Sharia Egypt has released a statement outlining its 16 goals. In addition to working toward the implementation of sharia law, the group says it will support the mujahideen opposed to the “Zionist-Crusader” coalition. The group is headed by Ahmed Ashush, a jihadist with longstanding ties to al Qaeda.