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AQAP, Houthis clash in central Yemen

On Oct. 15, AQAP fighters checked the Houthi advance in Bayda province and seized the al Adayn directorate in Ibb following the fall of Ibb city at the hands of the Shi’ite rebels.

AQAP calls Sunnis to arms

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s latest statement is a sectarian diatribe intended to galvanize the Sunni community to action in light of recent Houthi actions in Sana’a.

AQAP bomb kills 13 in Lahj

Thirteen people were reported killed today in Yemen’s southern Lahj province as an IED believed to have been planted by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was being defused.

AQAP attacks in 3 southern Yemeni provinces

Fighters from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula staged a string of attacks throughout southern Yemen between July 25 and July 27, including an attempted coordinated attack on military locations in Mahfad.