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The Islamic State has released media after its conquest of the city of Palmyra. The jihadist group also seized Syria’s last border crossing with Iraq and is estimated to control half the country by SOHR. At least 65 civilians were executed by the Islamic State in northern Syria; 56 of them were Kurds. Al Nusrah and its […]


Leaked audio seems to reveal that Egypt and the UAE have transferred weapons to pro-government forces in Libya. Islamic State affiliates in the Sinai have pledged to murder judges and security personnel after the execution of six jihadists ordered by a military court.


The Tunisian jihadist group Mujahidin of Kairouan has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. The Tunisian government has taken a number of recent steps to fight radicalization.


The defense ministry announced that the army ambushed and killed 22 jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State in Bouira province. Algeria and the US held security talks regarding Libya and North Africa.


A suicide bomber killed at least eight people at a market in Garkida village in Adamawa state. Boko Haram killed three and abducted seven women in the Madagali district of Adamawa. Former female captives of Boko Haram testified to mass rape by the jihadist group.


Malian government officials will sign a proposed peace deal without the cooperation of the main Tuareg-led rebel alliance. Pro-rebel demonstrators marched against the proposed peace deal in Kidal; fighting between the military, pro-governmet militias, and rebels has killed about 55 people in the past two weeks. The jihadist Al Mourabitoune group has pledged allegiance to […]


More than 60 people were killed during clashes between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military around Kayamula village, near Maiduguri. Maiduguri was placed under curfew after the city came under attack on May 12. A female suicide bomber detonated near a military base in the city; 11 are feared dead.


US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi to discuss Syria and other issues. The Assad regime arrested its intelligence chief over suspicions of a coup attempt. “At least 40 rebels and 32 government troops” were killed as regime forces pushed to reinforce 250 government troops besieged near Jisr […]